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Imperfect Produce – a produce delivery service that fights food waste – recently launched in Indianapolis. We were shocked when we learned that 1 in 5 fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. doesn’t fit the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores, often causing it to go to waste, and that over six billion pounds of produce is wasted annually nationwide. To solve this problem, Imperfect works directly with farmers to find a home for this “ugly” produce through a subscription service to customers in Indy. How does Imperfect Produce work?

You first can check to see if Imperfect Produce delivers to your neighborhood here! If they aren’t, stay tuned because they are working efficiently to deliver to more neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs soon.

Sign-up is simple. You select which box option you would like which includes organic, mixed fruits and vegetables, all fruit or all vegetable. The best part? Imperfect gives you the option to customize your order so you only receive the fruits and veggies you want each week. Then, select which size box you prefer — options include small through extra-large, and the price varies between $11 and $27, and all the produce is 30-50% cheaper than grocery store prices! After creating an account, you are good to go and you can pause your deliveries at any time.

Imperfect is also dedicated to ending hunger in local communities. In Indy, Imperfect recently partnered with Second Helpings – an organization that uses prepared and perishable food from wholesalers, retailers and restaurants – to prevent unnecessary waste. They turn the rescued food into 4,000 meals each day which get distributed to social service agencies that feed people in need. Other FAQs Imperfect is ready to answer:

We are able to offer such affordable prices because we only work with “ugly” produce that traditional produce companies don’t source. This produce currently goes to waste on farms because of minor cosmetic imperfections, such as being the wrong shape, size, or color. By sourcing this produce straight from farmers, we can pass on the savings to consumers.

While we deliver weekly or biweekly boxes just like a CSA would, there are some differences between Imperfect and a traditional CSA. CSA’s source from one farm/area and are not focused on ”ugly” produce. We source from a wide range of farms and focus only on “ugly” and excess produce. Fighting food waste is our number one goal, so we source a wide range of produce from a wide range of regions to make this happen. On Food Waste…

20% of the produce grown in the US never makes it off the farm, often going to waste, because it doesn’t meet the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores. Over 6 billion pounds of produce is wasted nationwide every year and food is the second largest contributor to U.S. landfills. Food waste ends up wasting nearly a quarter of our water supply in the form of uneaten food. As a country, we spend over 220 billion dollars growing, transporting, and processing over 60 million tons of food that goes to waste.

Food waste is the low-hanging fruit of environmentalism. We have more than enough food and resources to feed everyone in the U.S. and beyond, so an easy way to fight hunger and help the environment is by wasting less food By using everything that our farmers grow, even the “ugly” fruits and vegetables, we can feed more people with less land, fossil fuels, and water. On the individual, the average family of four throws out $1500 of food every year, so by wasting less of what we buy we end up stretching our grocery dollars further as well as helping the environment. Everyone from the farmer to the consumer to the planet wins when we waste less food. Want a discount?