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Otabek’s fingers felt so good. Best way to learn app programming They always felt so good wherever they ended up. How applied kinesiology works Whether it be in Yuri’s hair, tugging at the strands as Yuri went down, down, down or up Yuri’s thighs, spreading them wide. Learn software architecture But now they were inside, pushing, rubbing, prodding and it felt so good. Learn software coding Yuri was trying to stop the noises coming from his throat but Otabek sure knew what he was doing.

“It would feel better if you would hurry up.” That was a damn lie- it felt great. Learn software online Yuri could come just from his fingers. Learn software programming He had before and he would do it again.

Otabek chuckled softly and he brushed against Yuri’s prostate again and the younger bowed his back in a beautiful arch, hair splaying on the pillow beneath him. Learn online at ccc The sweet noises falling from rosy lips were music to Otabek’s ears but it wasn’t what he wanted.

He slide his fingers out, Yuri lying back down with a contented sigh and watched lazily as Otabek rolled a condom over himself, spreading the lube over his length. Learn online poker Then he took one of Yuri’s legs and bent it back so his knee was beside his head, spreading him wide.

Otabek teased for a moment before sinking in, letting Yuri get used to the sie at first despite having done this numerous times before. Learn online al mawakeb It was a normal occurrence whenever they saw each other, even if they were only in the same spot for a day.

“Beka.” Yuri whined and Otabek complied, sinking in all the way. Learn online unca Yuri took a deep breath. Learn online english free Otabek was thick and despite having sex for some time he always needed a minute.

Yuri’s hands found a home on the back of Otabek’s neck and a broad shoulder, the fingers on his neck curling around the nape to scratch at the fine hairs of the undercut. Learn software engineering online He pulled Otabek down and whispered against his lips, hazel eyes shining, “Fuck me.”

Otabek immediately pulled out and rammed back in. Learn software engineering online free Yuri shouted in surprise; Otabek was always gentle the first couple of thrusts but this was brutal.

“Shit, shit….” The words seemed to tumble out of Yuri’s mouth with each snap of Otabek’s hips. Learn software engineering free Otabek grunted softly, Yuri squeezing around him and he moved to nip at the base of Yuri’s throat.

Otabek pulled out and shoved Yuri onto his stomach, spreading his legs. Learn software testing free And then he was sliding in once more with a drawn out moan, fucking Yuri at a brutal pace.

Yuri held onto the sheets of the hotel comforter, nails scratching at it and his forehead rubbing into the pillow with each thrust. Learn software programming free He grit his teeth but couldn’t help the low growls in the back of his throat as Otabek fucked him like his life depended on it.

“Fuck yeah daddy harder. Learn software programming online I know you can do it.” Yuri gasped out as Otabek’s fingers curled around the back of his knee, opening him up further, taking the last of Otabek’s length.

Neither of them brought it up again, not until later when they were at dinner with the rest of the GPF crew. How to learn software programming Phichit was smrking at them knowingly, thankfully with no Katsudon or Old Man Nikiforov around to back him up.

Since they arrived in Russia, Yuuri started to grow roses. Free software for image editing Viktor, of course, wondered why but never actually asked. Learn epic software online For the Russian Nationals Yuuri tells Viktor that he’s gonna be late for the free skate, but that he’d try to be in time for his performance. Learn accounting software online Viktor, obviously, felt sad about it but does not complain. Learn software online free He leaves to the ice rink and waits for his turn. Learn computer software online When he gets into the ice he sees Yuuri already on the public, who waves at him with rosy cheeks that shown he had been running. Learn software development free Viktor smiles at him and starts his performance.

After a flawless performance, Viktor sprints towards Yuuri. Learn software development online As he gets closer to him, he realizes Yuuri’s hands are full of scratches. Free software android download Viktor gets worried but before he can say anything, Yuuri places a flower crown on his head.

Viktor realizes those are the flowers Yuuri had been growing for almost a year, and not just that, but also Yuuri made that flower crown himself. Free software android Viktor somehow hugs Yuuri, kisses his scratched hands as saying “thank you” and then leaves to the kiss & cry.

Viktor/Yuuri soulmate AU, part ¼. Learn writing for kids The one where Yuuri has know for ages that Viktor is his soulmate, but is still pretty much the last one to know that Viktor is in love with him. Free software architecture tools This part SFW.

Viktor Nikiforov’s long hair is lifted from his neck, knotted delicately and pinned with gold thread; with glittering stones that seem to reflect the golden blades of his skates. Free software architecture He is both masculine and feminine, or perhaps neither. Free software architecture design tools His head is bowed in concentration, and his breaths are deep and even, steady, steadying.

This is his debut, graduating from the junior division. Free software architecture 3d Yuuri, with his hands wrapped around his knees, is watching it on the big old TV in the public lounge of Yu-topia, because then if his parents hear the quiet noise of it they should think that a guest is responsible. Free software architecture design It’s one in the morning, and tomorrow he will sleep through history and be kept behind after class.

A quarter of a world away, Viktor’s coach lifts his jacket from his shoulders as Viktor stoops to remove the guards from his blades, away from his neck, the low dip of his costume revealing the fine line of his neck, the edges of his shoulderblades, a fine dip pulling the eye further down along his spine—

It’s almost two in the morning, and Leo doesn’t know what he’s still doing awake. Learnonline com Granted, he’s used to late hours, but most of his late nights involved being curled up in bed with his phone balanced against his headboard as he half-mumbles, half-yawns through his sentences and watches Guang-Hong flit about his morning routine. Learnonline nku edu He’s usually warm and comfortable and ready to nod off once Guang-Hong finally scolds him for still having been awake and announces that he’s preparing to leave for school or practice.

Not sitting in the middle of an airport as his coach tries to communicate in slow, awkward French with a desk attendant that has the patience of a saint.

OKAY! So last night I marathoned Yuri on Ice with @mabelshesbornwithit (accompanied by grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup–very cozy), so here’s my obligatory review post.

This was a show that I wasn’t that interested in watching myself. Free online typing games for kids I had a positive opinion of it and was glad that it was apparently doing what it could to depict a healthy and loving romance between Yuri and Victor, but I wasn’t sure that the sports part of it would hold my interest very much. How to learn online typing I was wrong about that, since even though I know nothing about professional figure skating, it was fun to see all the different routines and suspenseful to watch them compete and stress over whether or not the people I liked would screw up or not.

I was also surprised at how much of the cast was super likable. Free online typing lessons for kids Even though he was a pretty minor character, my fav for the show might just be Minami

He was so fucking cute and enthusiastic and I loved how much he admired and supported Yuri. How to learn online marketing I also really liked his jazzy routine and his lil fang. Learn online marketing free Everything about him was so adorable and pure. Learn online english for free Bless.

The Yuris, Victor, Phichit! (bless Phichit too, he’s so wonderful), Otabek, god, and JJ too I all liked. Learn online english language free JJ is absolutely the one who surprised me the most. How to learn software coding All I really knew about him from what I’d seen around tumblr is that apparently he was a jerk and then majorly screwed up his routine and then everyone loved him. Free software coding But he turned out to not be as much of a jerk as I thought he’d be–he was still a jerk but like, in a kind of fun way that was good for a few laughs. Learn to play online poker He’s so fucking full of himself, but he also conveyed that he also really cares about his family, girlfriend, and all his fans. Learn how to play online poker Seeing him screw up so hard but still try his best and still retain his belief in himself because of all the people supporting him made for really good character development. Learn online poker free Tho it’s too bad that the whole JJ style thing was lame and that both his performance outfits were ugly. How to learn online trading RIP JJ.

The only two characters who were… “stop that–stop that this instant,” were Michele, the guy who was creepily obsessed with his sister, and Georgi, the guy who was scary obsessed with his ex. Learn online trading free At least Michele realized he need to knock it off and change, though he was still having a hard time actually putting that into practice afterwards. Currency forex learn online trading Hopefully he’ll get there eventually.

As for the relationship between Yuri and Victor… it’s a complicated subject. Ontario learn online courses It’s complicated because of the unfortunate realities that surround the show’s existence and creation. Free cooking apps for kids These cultural forces both dictated what was possible to include in the show, and influence how parts of their relationship are perceived by viewers. Free cooking apps for android And you can’t talk about their romance in the show without also talking about the constraints that the content of the show was under. Free cooking apps for ipad For starters, Yuri and Victor’s relationship was absolutely romantic. Best way to learn mobile app development The single best moment for this for me was the scene in Barcelona before the final competition where they bought each other matching gold rings and put them on each others’ fingers on the steps of a cathedral while a choir sang around them.

This moment was super lovely, but it was kind of a double edged sword that Phichit shouted about them being married afterwards. Best way to learn ios app development On the one hand it was fantastic that Phichit was so happy for them, but at the same time it was also funny. Fat free cooking appliances And it being funny is both good and bad at the same time. Free cooking apps for iphone It’s a problem because it’s funny for being a “misunderstanding”–oh, they’re not actually married. Best cooking apps for kids The fun somewhat takes some of the seriousness out of the situation. Best free cooking apps for android It allows viewers to choose to not view Yuri and Victor exchanging their rings as a symbol of their romantic love for each other, and instead view it as the setup for a joke. Best electric cooking appliances (Of course viewers who do that are shitty and are never going to respect Victor and Yuri’s romantic relationship, but it makes their doing so a little easier)

On a related note, Dani mentioned that they felt that the frequent fanservice at the start of the show, like Victor showing up naked in the bath, probably didn’t set a very good tone for their relationship. Best kitchen cooking appliances It’s not a SUPER big thing, but all the non-serious casual nudity that was going on early on is the kind of thing that makes it easier to view their relationship as existing for the purpose of fanservice. Best buy cooking appliances It makes it easier for anime fans to mentally classify the show as a yaoi/BL/shounen ai–related genres that overwhelmingly exist not to provide positive representation by and for gay and bi boys and men, but rather to pander to the fantasies of girls and women.

This is part of why the realities that surround the show’s existence complicate the content of the show so much. Best new cooking appliances Ideally, I shouldn’t need to care in the slightest that Phichit excitedly announced that his friend got married to another guy, but I do care because Yuri had to deny it and it made me feel a little bit bad at the same time I was laughing myself. Free cooking game apps for iphone It was depressing to talk about their relationship after we finished the show because I checked, and same sex marriage is only legal in 21 countries around the entire world right now. Best free cooking apps for ipad 21 out of 196 countries. Best cooking apps for ipad And you know what? It is illegal for men to have a sexual relationship in 74 countries. Best app programming language It so depressing to read fancomics in which Victor and Yuri talk about getting married because they can’t actually do that in both Japan and Russia. Free android app programming Hell, if Victor and Yuri even kissed in public in Russia they could be arrested for it.

Anyway, as depressing as the realities of our current world are, that’s all the more reason why it’s good to have shows like Yuri on Ice showing a relationship like the one between Yuri and Victor. Best mobile app programming language Yeah, it sucks that they didn’t (or rather, most likely couldn’t) show a clear, unobstructed kiss between them. Best healthy cooking recipes But the show absolutely tried its best to represent the relationship between Victor and Yuri as one overflowing with romantic love. Best healthy cooking apps The fact that they couldn’t be more explicit isn’t so much a fault of the show as it is the fault of the culture in which the show was created, where love between boys is viewed as something illicit and sinful for girls to indulge in through fantasy, rather than something real and valid that deserves respect and acceptance. Best healthy cooking books So with that in mind, not only should people temper any criticisms they have for the show for not going “far enough” with Victor and Yuri’s relationship, we can also only hope that there are more shows and stories like Yuri on Ice in the future in Japan, where healthy and loving relationships between men are depicted outside of the problematic yaoi/BL/

Still, the fact that the show neglected to acknowledge any of the real world discrimination that gay individuals face is a pretty big shortcoming. Cheap healthy cooking recipes The show missed a chance to educate people in Japan and elsewhere in the world about homophobia and the discrimination it produces, and it’s valid for viewers to wish the show had done that and feel it glossed over the reality of the difficulties they face in life. Learning techniques (Which is a subject that an anon reminded me to address, which I wrote about in more depth over here.)

Overall I enjoyed the show and I’m glad it was made. Free online typing lessons It wasn’t without flaws, but on the whole it was good and I hope they get a second season in which they might just be able to advance Yuri and Victor’s relationship without needing to veil it as much behind the metaphor of a coach/student relationship (and more Minami pls).

Once a well know ballet dancer in St. Free online typing games Petersburg, Victor Nikiforov finds himself exiled to Sakhalin Island as a political convict in 1881. Free online typing test As a man sentenced to katorga he will never return to European Russia or his life on the stage. Learn cooking online Known as the “Edge of the World,” his life on Sakhalin could not be further from the life he once knew. Simple recipes for beginners to learn cooking Strange circumstances lead his path to cross that of a young Japanese man, one of the very few still living on the island. How to learn cooking Katsuki Yuuri leads a life of exile of a different kind, one that is largely self-imposed. Learn indian cooking Drawn to each other, despite their differences, something slowly begins to grow between them. Learn cooking basics When a narrowly avoided tragedy leaves them stranded together for a long, cold Sakhalin winter, they are challenged to face what their relationship really means, and what future it could possibly have.