Vwvortex.com – limp mode can’t resolve help

Hey there noelstone…Good work getting to the module and having a look at the connections…Well done…!!! …if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend pulling up the carpet to the back, (on the passenger side), and airing out the wiring loom….the under padding of the carpet will hold a LOT of water…it can feel dry from the top, but the insulation material is quite absorbent and can be wet for weeks if not dried out properly, (ask me how I know)…I would also suggest that you try to get a can of DeOxit; wicked stuff for just this application, though, it is usually used by Audio Technicians to keep guitar/amp/component/speaker connections corrosion free….I found mine at a Long & McQuade music store; had to prepay to order, but worth every penny and then so much more for what it can do…take some pics of your progress and keep us posted…I hope your TCMs are okay and the wiring harness can be repaired; if you had a look at the pics I posted, I would like to state that I had absolutely NO experience in repairing the harness in my RELIC before I began….I just did what I thought would be the next logical step in solving my issue; and I must’ve done something right, because it’s now my daily driver…so, if I can do it; You Can Too…..Best of Success…!!!

Hey there noelstone…glad you could source some DeOxit; apparently not so easy to find… arnoldcp suggested I get some; SO Glad I took his advice…while you are waiting for your pins ‘n’ such to arrive; you might want to try to fashion yourself some sort of pin removal tool…did you get the EXACT size pin replacement…? …I think the part number is 000-979-021 EA…you’ll want the exact replacement pin as nothing else will fit into the designated space on the block….to make my pin removal tool, I used a cheap pair of needle nose pliers that I ground down on a bench grinder…I only had to return to the grinder once before I was satisfied that it would be able to get inside the block to depress the tab on the pin, so that the wire can be withdrawn from the block…I should have practiced on a terminal that wasn’t the one I repaired; but, once you do a few of them, you’ll develop a technique that will move things along…just be patient and remember that you don’t ever want to have to do this again; so take your time…do it right…do it once….and be confident that you will get through this rather daunting task….I work at a dealership where a number of the Teks that think I’m insane for having done all that work, "…just buy a Toyota…!!", they taunt me with; screw that…!!! …I wouldn’t trade my learning experience and all the "fun" that I had along the way…take some pics of the wiring locations before you begin, it could prove to be helpful upon reassembly…perhaps tick each block that has a wire in it…some do not…each wire only has enough slack to go into its’ respective spot; but, better to err on the side of caution……Best of Success…!!!

Did you take any pics…? I would have kept the wiring loom from the vehicle intact…without a schematic, that tangle of wires would be next to impossible to solder properly to make the TCM come to life again….have you shaken your TCM at all…? I shook mine around and heard something rattling about inside of it…the shop foreman said I had better take it apart and see what’s rattling about within the module…there are six metal tabs which hold the cover to the TCM…looking back; a very slight bit of heat may have made the tabs bend a little more easily without breaking…I broke 2 of the 6….with the cover off; I was able to see that the MAIN POWER connection was what had corroded away from its’ moorings, at which point I realized a new module was in order….I offered you the part number for the connection wires for the module (000-979-021 EA); they are part specific, and must be ordered & prepaid in advance from your local VW Stealership….my wire was $12.50 CDN, but I got a connector on each end with about a foot of wire between….maybe take some pics of your efforts and post them…what method did you use to ‘splice’ the module in…? …I soldered my wire into the loom to replace the burnt connection and managed to get power to the TCM, checked that it all worked, sealed up the box with silicone, and put everything back together…(that was almost a year ago, I should do a follow-up investigation when I go about fixing my defrost issue…)…I have a Bentley manual which has schematics; but, I would advise against picking and choosing the "important" tracks to connect…these German engineers have a tendency to ‘piggyback’ auxiliary functions on mandatory functions to guard against tampering…..(I remember removing my door chime/seat belt buzzer on one of my Sciroccos; later on tried the same with one of my Foxes, only to find out they wired it to the fuel pump relay so I couldn’t mess about; same $H!t on the Passat, ABS relay connected to fuel pump track, car won’t start without ABS relay in place…)…apologies for my ‘threadjacking’ behaviour, I need to update my own thread…heheh…… Best of Success…!!!