Vacation careers

Answer: We offer Mark Ewing’s travel course “How to Get Paid to Plan and Take Luxury Vacations with People” for free as a way to introduce you to the booming leisure group travel industry. We want to show you all the opportunities and the travel lifestyle that can be achieved following the career path of being a Professional Group Travel Organizer. We also are giving you this course with the hopes of developing a long term relationship with you. We hope that someday you will become our customer, and invest in our other products and services. We use this intro course as a way to introduce you to the quality of the training and services that Travel Pro Resources can provide you, should you want to follow through on this and achieve your travel goals and dreams. It should be noted that the course has an abundance of excellent information about the industry.

Over 98% of the course is just solid information on how to get paid to travel the world on your terms. No purchase is ever necessary or required to become a professional group travel organizer, and to follow the advice and information that is given in this intro travel course. You will be pleasently suprised in the quality and quanity of information that is contained in this course. Even though we have been told that we are “giving away the farm” here, and that should charge for the information in this travel course, at this time, we choose to offer it for free. We reserve the right to change this policy in the future. More questions? You can call us at 303-589-6868 (We are located in Colorado).

This is not about being a conventional travel agent, and you are not a tour guide. Fact is, that most travel agents can’t afford to do much traveling (ironic isn’t it). In addition, many of them cannot take time away from their businesses and/or jobs to go anywhere…and tour guides make little or no money. Not to mention that they are working 24 hours a day during the trip, so when you add up all the hours that they are on the job, they are basically working for less than minimum wage! Strange enough, very few people in the travel industry know or understand how to do this.

This pays much better, is more relaxed…and much more consistent than being a Travel Writer or and Air Courier. If you are into journalism, and you want to be a travel writer… this is a great way to go, because you can do it on your terms. As far as being an Air Courier, you are always at the mercy of the demand and the timing of the client. And… any more, air couriers are asked to cover some of the costs of their ticket. So it is not a free ride anymore.

You will learn how to have a travel career that actually allows you to travel the world on YOUR terms. So many people that get involved with some of the different online travel businesses out there, do it in hopes of being able to travel…. Not to just sell travel or recruit other members. I am talking about companies like YTB (Your Travel Biz or Your Travel Business), Coastal Vacations, World Ventures, Global Travel Trends (GTT) and (PRT) …. I’m not saying that these companies are bad… they just aren’t focused on letting YOU travel. You DO NOT get paid to travel with these companies. You get paid to sell travel and mainly to recruit or sponsor people. We don’t do that.