Uhh2 winner interview – mattiasanderson

*** Spoiler – click to reveal *** Ok whatever the rules will change to! Whatever happens! If you don’t allow any game removal or just some % of your game collection it will be so unfair. Hearthstone app store Some people have a lot in their backlog and game collection but with 0 achievements. Cards hearthstone They can still choose if they want to play the game or not. Hearthstone cards revealed But people like me who bean dived over 600 games we will be screwed. Hearthstone google play There is no way to go back on that one. Hearthstone adventure cards That’s why I think it is totally unfair and very bad. Hearthstone ios We would see many new accounts that sign up and use very easy games only and will totally crush someone like me. Hearthstone back cards I wont stand a chance, others won’t either.

Hearthstone release Also people that rent games or just don’t own them would be screwed. Adventure hearthstone I also don’t want to see a change that will complicate things. Hearthstone play store I think it is a level playing field when you need to have X locked achievements and X amount of games with at least 1000 people who played them to count. Make hearthstone cards You may increase the number to 3000 locked but I think 2500 as it was is a good number. Hearthstone forum us But maybe force people to keep adding more so instead of forcing people to always be above 1500 locked achievements it should possibly be 2000. Hearthstone unlock cards I do have an idea but not sure if it’s a good one. Starting hearthstone But I think that it could make it more fair! Let’s say the minimum is 2500 achievements to enter. Hearthstone card reveal Someone starts with 3000. Hearthstone adventures cards They face an opponent with 3000. Hearthstone us forum Both get 20 achievements that they need to target. Play store hearthstone But the rules are that if you have 3000 or more and face someone that started with less than 3000 you get two random achievements less. Hearthstone standard release date Luck of the draw which ones from the 20. Update hearthstone So for each 500 games you have more in collection when you face each other the less achievements you need to do in your match. Hearthstone mobile requirements I think that is very fair as some people enter with 5000. Hearthstone upcoming patch To sum it up! 2500 = 20 achievements needed 3000 = 2 handicap (2 achievements less needed) 3500 = 4 handicap 4000 = 6 handicap 4500 = 8 handicap 5000 = 10 handicap which should be the max. Hearthstone app size That way pre loaders will struggle more! Also people that remove games and don’t use all they own will be struggling a bit more. Hearthstone tablet requirements It should be some advantage if you use more games than your opponent because you are already a bit behind. Hearthstone expansion release This also solves a lot of problems but not all of them. Hearthstone mobile size We all have to remember that this form of contest can’t be fair to everyone as we all have different progress in each game. Battlenet hearthstone download I got many other ideas how to improve the contest but this is one of them! I also think it could be fun to have a team based one! 2 vs 2! However I do prefer to run solo but just to mix it up for once that could be awesome. Hearthstone latest patch Now that you’ve won UHH, do you see yourself attempting to win a different competition?

It depends on what type of competition it is! GTASC is too long and when you win it there is nothing to show for it after on your profile in form of a badge and that is something important I think as without it there is nothing to reflect back on. Hearthstone next update There are no trophies and nothing to gain really. When did hearthstone come out A simple badge don’t mean so much for most people but I always want at least something to reflect back upon. How to start hearthstone Just like achievements! We collect them and perhaps reflect back upon our completions. When was hearthstone released Gaming in General What’s your favorite game of all time on any console? What makes it special?

Do I have to just mention one? What if I refuse? I refuse! I would like to say The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo! I remember when I wanted the game as a kid and didn’t get it but a few days after I am walking home from school and see my mother drive by me holding up the game in her hands NOT PICKING ME UP. Hearthstone adventure cost I’m like shit have to run home! I was sold on this game. Can t log into hearthstone I was like 7 years old or something and it wasn’t easy to beat that game at that age without any guides. Hearthstone packs amazon The Internet did not exist and I remember at school when me and the other kids discussed the game together and when one would be so proud for figuring out how to advance. Hearthstone pc requirements And if you love Zelda and have an Xbox 360. Hearthstone application Please do yourself a favor and get Sega Mega drive ultimate collection. Hearthstone appleton Unlock the easter egg in the game called Golden Axe Warrior. Hearthstone for ps4 That game took me by surprise when I realized it was a Zelda 1 game. Hearthstone adventure rewards I Google’d it and it appears that the makers of this game got legal problems after making this game as it is obvious they just made a game that was exactly like Zelda. Hearthstone adventure guide Do you remember the first game you played? What’s your fondest memory of it?

I have a thing going on were I let people vote what game I should play next! You can find it in my last blog. Hearthstone shop closed It has been a bit on hold because of UHH but I will get back to that now. Hearthstone cards list It makes me play games I would not have picked next and it is interesting to see what games other people liked and recommend for me to play. Hearthstone stealth However it seems that I don’t like most of the games they recommend for me. Hearthstone pack cost It’s a bummer! Example would be Spelunky which is a game I really don’t like and have to get back to! People have complained how I rate games! Many games I give half a star because honestly most games aren’t any good. Hearthstone 2016 world championship Some games like Final fantasy and Lost Odyssey, that’s a different story. Hearthstone buy packs What game are you most proud of completing? Why?

I despise games that have multiplayer in them! The new trend that all games have it really takes away lot of the fun for me. Buy hearthstone packs amazon I want to play JRPGs and games like Skyrim without other people in them. Hearthstone packs amazon coins I am very social but when it comes to a games I like to explore it on my own. Buy hearthstone packs with amazon coins The only time I like multiplayer games are games like Magic The Gathering and of course sports games unless they add boring achievements related to the multiplayer. Amazon app store hearthstone I have by the way hosted a lot of Magic The Gathering tournaments here on TA. Hearthstone decks warrior They were great fun. Hearthstone decks hunter Plan to maybe make another one in the future for Xbox One but I guess I am a little late to the party for that. Hearthstone amazon app store Do you have a favorite group of friends you like to play with? If so, how did you meet?

Again! I really want to thank my good friends I have here on TA that cheered me on throughout UHH. Hearthstone chromebook I want to give an extra thanks to Darkling1542, A Banned Cribb, AndreFlash83, Cakau, MasterJoaoFelip, RunningFreak204, Srfsmurf, Samarin6, The Fury I84I, MRZombieChicken, I BlackBrian7 I, bogle1, lfcjohn, FadGadget, Eric From Cali, Slugpellets1979, Creptor5291 Orange Man and and the whole community. Hearthstone adventure cards list Thank you all! I also want to bring up that it would be nice if everyone always were more friendly with each other!And that’s it! It’s been a wonderful competition. Hearthstone shop closed android I want to give a personal thanks to both finalists for coming and giving and interview and a personal congrats to Mattias for getting the win. Hearthstone karazhan new cards You were both seriously impressive. Hearthstone card rarity I hope to see everyone at the next TA competition. Hearthstone card list excel Who knows, maybe you will get an interview out of it!?