Training coalition of refuge friends

Building and maintaining your professional network is akin to planting the seeds of career success. Equally as important is developing a networking strategy and refining your targeted communication for different touchpoints. Your personal brand is the impression you leave with people. All of your interactions serve to reinforce this brand, so why not be thoughtful and deliberate about the impression you are leaving behind?

Join us August 23 as we explore the innovative Compass to Nature approach to teaching in the outdoor classroom. Just as a navigational compass enables us to guide our way outside, the Compass to Nature provides unfailing direction for all who seek to lead others in the development of a caring relationship with the world we live in.

During this introductory presentation, you will find out more about how you can use your local environment, a study of naturalists, regular field journaling, phenology, and the sense of wonder to effectively connect people with nature. It works anywhere, any time of year, with children and adults.

Does your faith-focused organization struggle to engage young supporters? You have a powerful story to tell—one that will resonate with millennials and younger community members. Building a pipeline to reach them will help you raise more funds today and ensure that your organization is supported for years to come. Learn how by joining us in this webinar, where you’ll discover:

Did you know, according to Blackbaud, 75% of your first-time donors don’t make a second gift? This means you’re losing more donors than you’re gaining. Don’t be a sufferer of this statistic any longer! Join us as guide you through proven steps for making first-time donors happy, dramatically improving your donor retention rates. We will teach you how to nurture new donor relationships with email and social media, how to boost retention with monthly giving and even how to get your board members involved.

Description: Thelma Redick will discuss the business case for support monarch conservation, exploring how businesses work with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) to incorporate conservation into business operations, corporate citizenship initiatives and business management targets. Several quick-fire case studies will introduce the breadth of project types implemented by WHC members, across sectors and with varying resource availability. Susan Kelsey, will then take a deep dive into how GM, a long-time member of the Wildlife Habitat Council, monarch habitat a priority among their suite of pollinator projects in North America. With more than seventy certified programs world-wide, GM has used very effectively used monarch habitat as one way to engage employees and community, enhance habitat, and link to local, regional and national ecological initiatives. Iris Caldwell will then provide an overview of how organizations in the Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group are approaching monarch habitat conservation, also featuring a couple of industry case studies.

#GivingTuesday is the biggest giving day of the year and just 12 weeks away! The best way to have a successful Giving Tuesday is to build momentum online and offline. Join Kristal M. Johnson as she shares five components in cultivating a community of connected and engaged donors. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will receive a #GivingTuesday 12-week timeline.

Nonprofit organization leaders and managers need a clear understanding of financial management to help their organization serve its constituents. Join us and we’ll help your organization be more accountable to funding sources, provide proper transparency to your constituents, demonstrate proper stewardship of your donor funds and build a foundation that will help your organization be more sustainable to fulfill your mission.

Corporate matching gifts are the most important source of revenue you’re probably missing out on. It’s not personal — overall, between $6 and $10 billion in matched donations are left unclaimed by nonprofits every year. So what can you do to change that? In this educational webinar, the presenter will take attendees through everything they need to know about matching gifts. This crash course in corporate matching gifts will include breakdowns of the matching gift process, an overview of popular corporate matching gift programs, and techniques for marketing matching gifts to donors, all with real examples from nonprofits.

In this free live webinar, we will go through ten tips that all grant professionals can use to help implement a successful grant seeking strategy. We will look at specific examples of how these tips can and have been successfully used so you can consider how to best utilize the information within your own organization. Click to learn more.

Nonprofit overhead is not a piece of the budget pie we should try to make smaller, but rather it is core mission support critical to program and mission success. How can we reflect this in our financial charts? We’ll show you the tool we’ve created to transform the conversation from overhead to core mission support and demonstrate how you can use this new re-visioning template at your nonprofit.