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“Someone Please Help Me.” I purchased a new 2007 convertible SE (white with tan top) in November of 2006 and had it fixed for leaks in December of 2006 after rain entered my vehicle. Hearthstone shaman overload deck Once again I am having the same problem in May of 2007. Hearthstone shaman cards I have a good amount of water leaking into my vehicle underneath both rearview mirrors when there are heavy rain storms and the carpet is getting wet. Hearthstone troll The first time I had this problem the dealer reaplaced both parts of the rearview mirror that they thought was causing the leak, and now I have to bring it back in for the same problem. Hearthstone troll deck I must say that this is definitely not an issue of a few drops of water entering the vehicle when I am washing it, and I am quite upset about the entire matter. Funny hearthstone moments I am bringing my car back this week (May 14 2007)to see if the problem can be resolved. Rogue cards hearthstone I would greately appreciate any feedback on this problem and would like to know if anyone else has experienced it???? Thanks.

Have you resolved your water leak issue? I am having the same problem; I am talking with the dealership and Toyota headquarters in California, but not getting anywhere productive at this point. Hearthstone world championship standings Having had four repair attempts already, Toyota has said all they can do is to repair it because it is a warranty issue and the dealership has promised to replace the car but I have yet to receive one. Hunter cards hearthstone I’m quite frustrated and disappointed by the way everything has been handled. Golden cards hearthstone I had just 200 miles when I noticed the leaks. Shaman cards hearthstone I defintely feel like a David facing a Goliath.

Hearthstone new cards revealed Any body else have suggestions for us?

Thanks for replying to my question. Hearthstone invite a friend I have not yet resolved the issue with Toyota. Hearthstone funny and lucky moments I have had my vehicle fixed 3 times for the water leak and I just recently had the regulator in the drivers side door replaced because my automatic window kept tearing the weather stripping around the door off. Hearthstone down I could not roll my window up or down without the weather stripping coming off. Hearthstone championship They finally got that issue resolved, but I am still having water enter my vehicle in heavy rain. Hearthstone update I filed a Lemon Lawsuit in June and I am just waiting for my lawyer to be contacted by Toyota. Hearthstone battlenet He told me it typically takes about 8 weeks for car company’s to respond. Hearthstone cartas Since you have had your vehicle fixed 4 times during 1 year you should look into filing a Lemon Lawsuit. Hearthstone quiz We definitely have to stick together on this issue. Hearthstone paladin I probably had the same amount of miles on my vehicle when I noticed water coming in at the side view mirrors. Mazos hearthstone At least the dealership you purchased your car from offered to give you a new car, I just got the run around from my dealership. Hearthstone expansion release date Toyota needs to stand behind their product. Hearthstone announcement I am sure the two of us are not the only ones with the same issue. Hearthstone standard format Maybe we can force Toyota into doing what they should have done in the first place, which is fix the problem or give us a new vehicle.

A little water leaking inside of any convertible is unacceptable. Hearthstone standard mode I actually know someone with the same 2007 Toyota Solara Convertible, and they have never had problems with water leaks. Hearthstone priest I think Toyota needs to go back to the drawing board and design a better convertible top. Hearthstone naxxramas I have one friend with a BMW Z4 Roadster convertible and another friend with a Mercedes CLK convertible and they have never had a drop of water enter their vehicle. Hearthstone redeem code I was told by my service advisor at Toyota that it is probably a design error, but who actually know what the problem is. Hearthstone recruit a friend I also wanted a replacement vehicle, but Toyota decided to do a buy back. Hearthstone shaman I loved the style of my convertible, but I did not want to be stuck with another leaky car, so I took the check and purchased something else. Hearthstone heroic Good luck to you.

:lemon: Everytime I hand wash my convertible, or drive thru the rain, water comes in the front windows and also had it come in at the area where the side mirrors are. Hearthstone shaman deck I had one Toyota dealership tell me that all convertibles leak and they couldn’t do anything about it. Hearthstone heroic rewards However, they ‘water tested’ the vehicle and stated that no water leaked – rubbish. Hearthstone shadow priest I took it to a different dealership to see what they could do. Hearthstone ranked chest rewards The first two attempts at fixing the leak did not succeed. Hearthstone control warrior On the third attempt, they replaced the weather stripping and it still leaks. Hearthstone control priest What do I need to do to get the dealership to buy the car back? Seek legal advise? Help…..