Top 10 legitimate jobs you can work from home

Graphic design, especially in designing posters and advertising banners, card visit are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The salary of this job is rather high and it usually depends on the percentage of the project value or per view of such things. Not everyone, however, is able to take this job since it requires a good sense of creative flair. Although you work independently at home, you need to be open to feedbacks and willing to make changes to your designs. 3. Teacher

Not always do you have to have class and go to school every day to become a teacher. Teaching online or providing the educating services to support students at home is also another way to become a teacher and earn a lot of money. By this way, not only can you earn a living, but you can also help students in their study and save your time. 4.


In this busy world, there are more and more people have no time for cooking. If you are good at cooking and have a good sense of taste, this job is a good idea to earn some extra money. This job requires the cleverness and a big love in cooking to make the delicious and convenient dishes such as noodles, yogurt, sushi and so on for busy people. 5. Typing

For those who are used to typing and are able to type fast and exactly, this job is an ideal idea. You will need a laptop or a pc to help some company tying the documents. Such documents usually have the template so it is fairly easy to handle. In addition, if you are better and want to take harder job, there are also some other suggestions such as compiling the job application, or some popular forms as required. 6. Review Products

A lot of companies nowadays are looking for the positive review for their products to build the trust and gain the reputation. They therefore will need a large number of people who know about their products and help them review them positively. If you are a blogger, for example a beauty blogger, this job is perfectly for you. 7. Website Designer

It is interesting to do this job as there is no need to meet each other. Instead, you can exchange all of the information via email or telephone. This job, however, requires the knowledge about code and how to build an effective and professional code as well as create an eye-catching appearance for the website to access easily to the customers. 8. Selling online

E-commerce is becoming more and more popular nowadays as there are a lot of advantages and benefit from this sector. The number of people searching products’ information and willing to buy necessary things online. Thus, you can definitely create a Facebook or Instagram account to sell some products without having to build any stores. 9. Guiding Video Maker

Instead of going to the record room to make some guiding video, you can flexibly do it through a lot of device available at home and submit them to the company requiring it. If you have a nice voice and the ability to work effectively in an independent way, by taking this job, you can complete the task at home and save a lot of time to enjoy your day. 10. Customer Consultant

In this fast changing world where the demands of the customers are higher and higher, besides having good quality products, every company needs to have the good customers’ services to become more competitive. To take care of the customers and answer all the questions of them via email or telephone, the employees of the company can absolutely work at home without coming to the office.