The ultimate bucket list of things to do in new zealand

Hey loved this list! I live here in NZ and thought you really captured a good overall glimpse of our country 🙂 definitely had a smile when you mentioned Rotorua! Just for those planning their trip here I thought of a couple more must-see’s that you may or may not have done yourself 🙂 Haumarana springs- where A LOT OF rotorua lake water comes from (all 11 lakes), the spring is 15 meters deep and the scenery is unparalleled! Walking around the blue and green lakes ( smaller walks for the amateur hiker- you could do the blue like walk in Jandel’s!), Bridal veil falls, Huka falls (in taupo- intense waterfall fueling the country’s longest river. Lauri museum in northland- so stunning! On a blustery day/stormy as hell day, the waves crashing wildly on the rocks of Muriwai beach is a stunning sight- a natural blowhole there is quite a majestic performance!

Possibly one of my favorite things– the west coast beaches here are particularly wild so not encouraged to swim as its pretty dangerous but the sights are simply stunning. I’ll stop blabbering on now! Hope this has helped a wee bit 🙂

Yes nzers are racist …sorry but true . They are human too. .. Both Maori vs White vs Maori ,everyone hates Chinese . And some hate Americans in general, but not you … just say your from California ,you’ll be ALL Right.Everyone wants talk about Trump regardless whether you pro or not ,move on , ask how’s fishing? .. any good markets? Move on don’t take bait, most polite enough to stop , just move on , or joke everyone has crazy uncle … but don’t talk politics or how much you have or make ,even if asked.

Great coffee , wine and bakeries .. Restaurant quality has improved greatly with expansion tourist industry . Kiwis are frugal by nature so quality restaurants couldn’t survive until tourism grew , Restaurant spending until recently frugal in part because Kiwis tied to less money oriented culture. As tourist you will see more of NZ than Nzers do . North island doesn’t go to south and South despise Aucklanders and blame for most their problems.

They would rather do without , than work more days . But not lazy just opposite. This is both admirable and frustrating for Americans who are jealous of the months of vacation and paid time off , but frustrated country doesn’t make anything ,so everything from electronics to Building materials are expensive and careers are so non existent ,that it is expected smartest and best young people will leave work in OZ or Britian . Resulting in brain drain for quality educated work force.

You’ll be asked a lot questions ,keep answers short and turn it around ,and instead ask questions about NZ ( why you are there ) . Understand , NZers don’t see middle America , Only students and very very wealthy Americans ( top 5 percent) , who are surprised by how cheap everything is with 30 percent currency discount ( don’t bring it up source pain and embrassment to “ frugal” kiwis)

and never ever mention , what a deal housing price is ( as most kiwis can’t afford average house) or quality of the building of the housing construction. Most existing Kiwi housing quality is poor and Kiwis are sensitive about it , they can talk about, just don’t agree and join that conversation . They stating obvious your looking down on them.