The happy detox chocolate dream recipe

Most of the chocolate that is found at the stores these days (including health stores) has changed quite a bit from the original 2 ingredient drink made by the Mayans. Modern chocolate is a highly processed food, usually made with a high percentage of sugars, processed fats, artificial ingredients, and other chemicals making it a very unhealthy junk food. Many chocolate products have very little cacao in them and include large amount of dairy or milk derived by-products. According to research, dairy may inhibit the absorption of cacao’s healthy nutrients in the body, especially antioxidants and minerals.

Lastly, there are the chocolates that are labeled as healthy – all natural – organic – raw and dairy free that usually contain more natural unprocessed cacao which is a good thing.

The problem is usually with the amount of sugars…these natural chocolates are often very high in sugars such as honey, agave, maple syrup and others. All of these are indeed natural, but it is still highly questionable whether any of these chocolate products can be considered as a healthy source of nutrients. The Best Way to Consume Our Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe

Some of the naturally occurring ingredients found in cacao have a stimulant effect; it is best to enjoy this natural increase in mental energy at times when you feel down (but not sick!), have brain fog, need a little mental boost, or would like to increase your clarity, inspiration, focus or concentration. Good examples are before social events, speeches, tests, when making art, writing, playing music and others; just like the ancient Mayans !

• • Tip: Our Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe is in fact a complete meal that is very healthy, potent and packed with super healthy nutrients. This recipe is very potent, little goes a long way ! Watch for the serving size and start with half a serving to see how you feel. To optimize the absorption and the effect, chew well, let it melt in your mouth turning it into a liquid consistency before swallowing

• make sure it is 100% pure organic, raw (heating can alter the fatty acids composition and nutrients) and that nothing but coconut is added. Our favorite brand is Sacred Foods coconut butter which is raw, organic and also stone-ground. The stone-ground process preserves the nutrients and provides a very smooth texture with a very sweet taste. It is much sweeter than any other coconut butter products we have tested, which is one of the keys in making a great chocolate a “true culinary experience”. It is also very helpful in satisfying craving for sweets in a safe and healthy way.

This is a “live” raw whole-foods natural recipe, and as such, your experience (taste & feel) may differ per the source of the ingredients. One example is the source of the cacao; the cacao variety, the way it was grown, its location, time of the year it was harvested, its freshness and many other factors can impact its nutrients content. It can also affect the flavor, the way it makes you feel, and also the quantities used. For this reason, when making the recipe, it is important to adjust accordingly so you will have the best happy experience. Congrats ! You just made your own unique Happy Detox Chocolate Dream !