The easiest ways for teens to make money tips for mom

The United States is a blessing for teenagers. How well you use this blessing depends on your potential. It is rare to have countries permit a 13-year old to get a job. Why not take advantage of this rarity? Not only will this increase your earnings but also enhance your job skills. Here are the many ways for teens to make money. Whether you are 13 or 19, you can have a job of your choice.

Working has also become a source of a lot of inspiration and new ideas for the teens. Some start their own business at a young age as they acquire enough experience from these jobs. Just to make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity, we have created a list of several ways for teens to make money, depending on their ages. Have a look: Different ways for teens to make money Jobs for 13-year olds: 1.

Car Washing

Awaken your creative skills and start creating something people would love to buy. Whether you are an artisan or a painter, channel your energies to create something beautiful from your art. You can also start selling the products on Etsy and increase your bank balance. If your parents allow, you could also start taking craft/painting classes for kids (starting with those in the neighborhood).

Amusement parks employ teens for cleaning their grounds, selling and distributing tickets, grooming the field, operating scoreboards, etc. What you might fancy in this job is the access to the ground and witnessing the matches, performances, and all this for free. This is another way of earning cash while having a lot of fun. Even movie theatres hire teens as concession stand attendants or ticket takers. 5. Safeway

Safeway is a super teen-friendly way for teens to get work. They hire teens starting from 14 years of age for different positions. If you think you have enough patience to handle multiple products-related questions by shoppers, this may be a good job for you. If you are 14, they may designate you as a bagger or courtesy clerk at any one of their stores. 6. McDonald’s

There are many ways for teens to make money at McDonald’s. You could be hired as a crew person or a kitchen help staff. Working as a crew person will help you build your teamwork skills and also make you habitual to always wearing a pleasant smile. You are getting free burgers and fries if you are working at McDonald’s. Their uniform, of course, also comes free with the job offer. Jobs for 15-year olds: 1. Baskin Robbins

Walmart is a consistent recruiter for teens. Walmart’s job opening for teens is for positions like Retail Associates, Fresh Food Associates, Stockers, Cart Attendant, Cashiers, etc. As for freebies for employees, Walmart offers a 10% discount for nonperishable items. Additionally, you could become a recipient of quarterly bonuses based on your performance.

Kentucky Fried Chickens hires teens for performing basic restaurant jobs. It doesn’t employ teens below 18 years of age for any position except that of a team member. A team member may help with food preparation or be directly involved with customers for taking orders and serving them. KFC employees get free food and food coupons. This means that you can have any KFC meal worth $5 with a drink for free. 5. Dunkin’ Donuts

For each of its new stores, Dunkin’ Donuts is always looking for teens to fill up the vacancies. They usually employ teens as the crew member, cake decorator, baker, shift leader, etc. Just like Wendy’s, DD also treats its employees with 50% discount on meals during a shift, apart from getting donuts, coffee and their uniform for free. 6. Dairy Queen

Every state in the USA has different child labor laws. Keeping your paperwork ready is as important as looking for a job. In most states, no paperwork means no job. Paperwork is often called ‘working papers’ and includes employment and age certificates. These certificates save the employer from being prosecuted for employing an under-aged worker. Here is a quick guide on work permits for teens

You’d have to fill out a work permit online if you are a residing in states like Georgia, Virginia, etc. In some other states like Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Maryland, etc., both parents and employer are involved in the process of preparing a permit. The process may sound tedious but once you have decided to start working, getting a permit looks will start looking like an easy task.

It is quite possible that being a teenager, you are not aware of what you want to do in life. Nonetheless, before you start looking for a job, decide what type of job suits you, your personality and timings. Your first job could be something you love or something you’d never want to do again. What is important is that you enjoy each and every job while you are in your teens.