The 1934 turkish pogrom against jews ~ elder of ziyon – israel news

Nearly all of the “analysts” from Europe, but also from a part of the United States, unanimously attribute the “current” situation in Turkey, connected with the Turkish-Islamic ideology in relation to other kinds of religion, to Erdogan, which is a fatal mistake stemming from lack of knowledge of modern Turkish history. On top of that the ignorance is also caused by more than a half of a century of massive propaganda of the West regarding Turkey, but exclusively for the sake of the Turkish membership in Western political and military institutions.

It is impossible to believe that European and US experts really do not know much about the uncompromising and often inhumane attitude of Turkey towards their minorities of different confessions, which has been practiced since the establishing the Turkish “republic” up to the present.

To understand the current Erdogan’s policy aimed against the transatlantic civilization, it is sufficient to have look at the modern history of the country and their discriminatory policy of persecution against non-Islamic, non-Turkish minorities.

The main ideologist of Turkish Islamists in Turkey of those days, dominated demonstratively by one party, one nation, one language, one religion and one leader, Cevat Rifat Atilhan. With the aim of attracting greater favour of Nazi Germany, he distributed the Hitlerian Crosses to all students of the University of Istanbul, he passed them out himself, together with his followers, and ordered all of the students to wear them. You should not forget that the University of Istanbul was the most important Turkish university of those days.

All minorities living in Turkey were obliged to accept the Turkish surnames they were assigned etc. They were the Jews, Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Roma, simply all of them. A new wave of forcing minorities to become Turks began and it continues until now. Just exceptionally, a member of such a minority succeeds in making the Turkish authorities to approve the change to the original surname. Well, in recent years some of them may have succeeded in claiming the original surnames back but it happened only due to bribes, but the ban is still in force. The order was not related just to peoples’ names but also to the names of mountains, rocks, streams, animals, plants or even flowers.

In the City of Dardanelles, where nearly 1500 Jews lived at that time, attacks were started against Jewish shops. “Unofficial” guards were standing in front of the shops and did not let citizens enter. They placed notices on Jewish house doors, with a threatening appeal saying that the people must leave the city immediately to avoid being murdered.

All of the Jews of Dardanelles and the city of Gelibol left the cities and they were allowed to take just personal belongings with them… On the same day, “purely by coincidence”, the city was visited by the Turkish President Atatürk, the Father of all Turks, accompanied by the Iranian Shah Riza Pehlevi… they came as conquerors. And they were greeted by applause and cheering by the fanaticized crowds…

“… the crowd cheered at Atatürk’s arrival, shouting “May he live forever!” and Atatürk’s car stopped among the cheering crowds, he got out of the car, more self-confident than ever, his appearing put the crowd to the top of ecstasy. Atatürk enjoyed the feeling of being admired, as the person giving wealth to his pears, he walked among them, stopped for a while, and at that moment a citizen broke away and ran towards him. The guards tried to stop him but Atatürk, believing that the man is one of his admirers, ordered the guards to let him come and they had to obey.

The US Ambassador Robert P. Skinner reported to his Minister’s office in Washington saying, “all of the Jewish residents of Dardanelles, Silivri and the European parts of Turkey have been expelled to places outside their region, the Turkish Government keeps giving no respond to our inquiries regarding the exile, Turkey is probably also ready to send troops to the area.

The Jews were expelled from the Cities of Dardanelles and Silivri, on June 25, 1934. On June 28 the expulsion continued. They were being expelled from cities in the European part of Turkey, having high Jewish population, the cities Edirne, Keşan, Uzunköprü, Babaeski, Lüleburgaz and Kırıklareli (they are Turkish names for towns that used to be ancient in the past).

They had to leave some cities within 24 hours, somewhere within two days, and, exceptionally, in the case of Uzunkprü, they had three days available… They were leaving with personal belongings only and they left behind everything that many generations had built up, hoping that their lives, their existence would be tolerated in exchange for the superhuman devoted work…

The hysterical crowd in the city of Edirne where the Jews used to live for centuries, attacked the Jewish shops, workshops, doctors’ offices and they beat up everyone they met. The ones who were rich and owned cars set for a journey immediately, in the direction to Istanbul, those who were less well-off walked towards the Greek or Bulgarian borders… And what about the ones who were not strong or courageous enough to leave the city? The bakeries stopped selling bread to them, they could not buy food even if they had money, they could not get water, and some of them tried to contact the authorities after all, but they were driven away and got a frightful advice to leave the city like the other had done…

The crowd, goaded by the state, motivated by robbing “wealthy Jews”, attacked all of the Jewish shops, including many doctors’ offices, and then even the house of the local Rabbi Moshe Finza. They stripped him naked, shaved him with a razor, tied him to a rope and walked with him around the square through the crazy crowd, whoever could beat him. In the meantime, a part of the state-controlled bandits raped his wife and daughter and stole everything the Rabbi had at home and they left him somewhere on the ground when he could not walk after all the beating. And they caught some Jewish girls in the streets and cut off their fingers to get gold rings. In the evening all of the 400 Jews that were still left there were sent to the station. They found out that there was a train with 16 carriages waiting for them since the morning to deport them to Istanbul. And the city was finally “clean”… Let me add the information that trains for Istanbul used to have only four carriages at that time but on that day there were 16 carriages and the train was even waiting from morning till late evening at the station…