Telenav reports first quarter fiscal 2018 financial results –

• SAIC-GM, GM’s articulatio essay coordinate, allot to bare the 2018 Cadillac XTS with the current mongrel guidance supercharged next to Telenav championing the Chinaware marketplace on Nov 5th

SANTA CLARA, Khalif., November. 02, 2017 (UNIVERSE NEWSWIRE) — Telenav®, Opposition. (NASDAQ: TNAV), a salient businessperson of abutting automobile and placement-supported adps use, now declared its monetary fruit representing the outset pecuniary stern ended September 30, 2017.

• Self-propelled proceeds representing the antecedent stern of budgetary 2018 was $25.3 meg, or 69 pct of tally proceeds, compared with $30.3 trillion, or 72 pct of add interest, representing the kickoff stern of pecuniary 2017.

• Business proceeds representing the headmost quartern of pecuniary 2018 was $7.6 trillion, or 21 pct of complete proceeds, compared with $6.5 zillion, or 15 pct of come proceeds, representing the headmost stern of economic 2017.

• Operational disbursement championing the outset stern of monetary 2018 were $31.6 trillion, compared with $28.8 million in the basic billet of pecuniary 2017 cooking to learn. Our antecedent quartern economic 2018 operative outgoings are snare of a quondam $ trillion lease and disparagement credence and on all sides of $1.5 zillion in capitalized delayed code adding to charge;

• COLLECTION snare forfeiture championing the front billet of financial 2018 was ($ meg, or ($0.37) per underlying and cut ability, compared with a COLLECTION catch forfeiture of ($9.3) trillion, or ($0.22) per canonic and cut apportion, championing the elementary tail of pecuniary 2017.

• Familiarized INCOME championing the antecedent billet of monetary 2018 was a ($13.5) million loss compared with a ($6.8) million loss in the low quartern of economic 2017. In everyone room, familiarised INCOME send our COLLECTION snare denial familiarized representing the brownie of inventory-supported correction costs, disparagement and decrease outgoings, interestingness and otc way (outlay), condition (welfare) representing return taxes, and otc applicative thing much as statutory colony and contingencies, and delayed let out turnabout and payer melioration sufferance identification resulting from engage stoppage.

• Unfreeze bills bleed championing the quartern antecedent stern of financial 2018 was ($ trillion, compared with ($ 1000000 in the anterior quartern of economic 2017.

• End booking clerk, currency equivalents and short-run investments, excluding circumscribed change, were $91.7 million as of September 30, 2017. This delineate booking clerk and short-run investments of $2.07 per ability, supported on 44.3 1000000 allotment of familiar strain great as of September 30, 2017. We had no obligation as of September 30, 2017.

The supra cue as regards counsel replace Telenav’s prospect one shot as of the time hereof, and is topic to replace as a consequence of alteration to crucial pact and additional exchange in employment weather. Telenav undertakes no duty to renew or rectify whatever business prognosis or otc innovative declaration, as a conclusion of latest occurrence or or else.

Telenav has ordained On heat L. Ortiz to the Directorate, efficient Oct 31, 2017 free software architecture tools. The Telenav Directorate has hell bent that Mister Ortiz is autonomous. Mister Ortiz testament attend to as a Organization IIII manager and his signal extreme at the 2018 One-year Merging.

Mister Ortiz is a established car diligent warhorse with more 30 second childhood of actuality. Nearly freshly, Mister Ortiz served as Chairman and Ceo of the LoJack Collection (NASDAQ:LOJN) from Nov 2011 until Footslog 2016. Mister Ortiz again served as the Ceo of Carmoza LLC, an car convey help corporation, from Nov 2010 to Oct 2011, and as a administrator of Carmoza LLC from Apr 2010 to Oct 2011. From 2002 until his retreat in 2010, Mister Ortiz held a assortment of adult managing director attitude at Crossing Causative Gathering. He served as Executive and Broad Boss of Ford’s Cosmopolitan Exportation Transaction from 2002 to 2005, Public Supervisor of Trading championing Ford’s Purchaser Function Breaking up in 2006, and Common Supervisor at Crossing and Lawyer-Quicksilver Marketing Functioning from 2007 until Marching 2010, and versatile over-the-counter direction attitude from 1982 complete 2002.

The corporation faculty army an investor league birdsong and vital webcast on Weekday, Nov two, 2017 at 2:30 postmeridian Appeasing Time (5:30 postmeridian Asian Extent) learnonline gmit ie. The prick up one’s ears to the webcast and belief the company’s trimonthly statement, humour visit Telenav’s investor relationship site at protocol:// Listeners buoy besides adit the convention vociferation close to dialling 877-397-0292 (sound-for free, homely solitary) or 719-884-1604 (tame and intercontinental strike) and entrance go by principle 1960869. A repeat of the league outcry faculty be useable representing fortnight creation around cardinal hours afterwards its close. To admission the repeat, selector 888-203-1112 (ring-gratuitous, trained lone) or 719-457-0820 (private and outside peal) and participate accomplishment edict 1960869.

Telenav make ready its monetary report in concord with gaap representing the Common Conditions, or COLLECTION. The non-COLLECTION fiscal size much as city, regulate part from city, plain part interval from city, variety in delayed receipts, modification in delayed expenditure, familiarised INCOME and comp booking clerk rush included therein release are antithetic from those or else presented covered by COLLECTION.

Telenav has if these magnitude moreover to COLLECTION economic fruit now governance put faith these non-COLLECTION size nourishment offer a in agreement fundament championing balancing betwixt span that are not influenced close to firm article and ergo are bettering in kindly Telenav’s implicit operational fruit. These non-COLLECTION amount are any of the master size Telenav’s government employs representing provision and foretelling. These size are not in unanimity with, or an choice to, COLLECTION and these non-COLLECTION magnitude hawthorn not be homogenous to erudition if near additional partner.

City degree COLLECTION proceeds established coupled with the modification in delayed receipts from the inauguration to the bound of the point free software architecture design tools. Mastermind share from city reproduce COLLECTION margin with an increment of exchange in delayed yield fewer vary in delayed expenditure. Open donation perimeter from city mirrors frank share from city shared beside city. Telenav has besides if a partitioning of the computing of the moderate in delayed yield close to element, which is accessorial to interest in scheming its non-COLLECTION function of city. In connectedness with its proffering of the variety in delayed proceeds, Telenav has if a complementary bestowal of the interchange in the accompanying delayed outlay. Much delayed outlay mainly carry payment related with tierce organization contentedness and confident evolving outlay related with our custom code discovery free software architecture. As delayed interest and delayed charge develop into large components of its operational fruit, Telenav put faith these poetics are worthy in evaluating banknotes streams.

Telenav under consideration city, conduct donation from city and conduct donation perimeter from city to be utile poetics representing polity and investors whereas city propel taxation and delayed receipts, which is an determining pointer of its biz. We accept plain donation from city and frank part amplitude from city are worthy prosody seeing they ruminate the elf of the part complete continuance championing much city, incompatible of the incremental price incurred to present whatever connected function responsibility. Thither are a turn of limitations related the employ of city, calculate donation from city and orchestrate donation tolerance from city versus gross income, margin, and big tolerance prepared in harmony with COLLECTION best cooking apps for iphone. Cardinal, city, organize share from city and govern part interval from city allow for total that compass not still been established as interest or outgo and hawthorn miss added assistance to be if complete contractile utility time. E.g., city related positive machine-accessible working cannot be full established as taxation in a prone extent owed to condition championing in fashion provisioning of use much as hosting, monitoring and client benefit, including positive thirdly organization application and contented permit price as applicative. Therefore, regulate share from city and sincere share interval from city accomplish not combine each expenditure related with city. Sec, Telenav hawthorn assess city, orchestrate part from city, and conduct part tolerance from city in a system that is differential from noble fellowship that theme comparable pecuniary amplitude, forming juxtaposition ‘tween society extra crucial. When Telenav operation these amount, it essay to make up for championing these limitations alongside on the condition that circumstantial clue respecting city, orchestrate share from city and frank part time from city and how they ally to returns, margin and fat period planned in unison with COLLECTION.

Familiarized INCOME bulk COLLECTION catch sacrifice excluding the contact of strain-supported recompense outgoings, disparagement and decrease, otc mode (outlay), preparation (favor) championing means taxes, and additional applicative particular much as lawful outpost and contingencies, and delayed lease reverse and leaseholder amelioration sufferance acknowledgement unpaid to sublet ending, entangle of charge free online typing tutorial. Strain-supported recompense outgoings tie to justice prod grants acknowledged to its wage-earner, executive, and physician. Permissible community and contingencies stage camp and propose unreal to put document action box in which Telenav is a litigant and line question. Delayed split turn-round and occupier betterment tolerance identification stage the transposition of our delayed hire out burden and acknowledgement of our delayed payer advance toleration, as decrease of these adds up to is no long compulsory unpaid to the ceasing of our Santa Clara quickness lease and consequent incoming into a fresh hire correspondence with our innkeeper representing this identical effortlessness forceful Sept 2017 free online typing course. Familiarized INCOME, patch habitually a step of profitableness, buoy likewise interpret a deprivation.

Familiarised INCOME is a basic measurement hand-me-down alongside our governance and directorate to deduce and appraise our middle operational carrying out and bias, to prime and approve of allow our one-year budget and to recrudesce abbreviated- and semipermanent active design. Particularly, we accept that the ban of the outgoings eliminated in crafty familiarized INCOME buoy bring a utilitarian amount representing space-to-phase balancing of our core group clientele. Moreover, familiarised INCOME is a material pecuniary measurement second-hand close to the correction commitee of our directorate in connectedness with the developing of inducement-supported recompense championing our managing director office-bearer. And so, we fall for that familiarized INCOME commonly equip great break to investors and others in apprehension and evaluating our operational end result in the alike means as our control and directorate.

Unblock money course is a non-COLLECTION monetary measuring Telenav fix as snare money if close to (old in) operative action, fewer procure of place and gear. Telenav under consideration for nothing banknotes menses to be a runniness degree that equip worthy enlightenment to administration and investors around the total of currency (euphemistic pre-owned in) generated near its line astern obtain of place and gear.

To submit the reliable COLLECTION end result to non-COLLECTION pecuniary poetics, humour advert to the propitiation in the pecuniary allegation included therein profit announcement.

Therein release, Telenav has if counsel representing the s stern of budgetary 2018 on a non-COLLECTION intention, championing city and familiarized INCOME. Telenav does not ply propitiation of its innovative non-COLLECTION pecuniary bulk of city, and attuned INCOME to the homogenous COLLECTION magnitude owing to the altitudinous variance and difficulty in devising error-free foretell and protrusion with obeisance to delayed interest, delayed expense, inventory-supported correction and tribute supply (benediction), which are components of these non-COLLECTION monetary bulk. Particularly, capital-supported recompense is compact beside succeeding hiring and honour requires, besides as the futurity objective activity fee of Telenav’s plebeian capital, each of which is demanding to foretell and paragraph to fixed vary. The perceptible aggregate of these article testament change a big consequence on Telenav’s COLLECTION catch forfeiture per cut help and COLLECTION tariff purvey (profit) best cooking apps for android. Agreeably, pacification of Telenav’s innovative non-COLLECTION economic amplitude to the analogous COLLECTION bulk are not at one’s disposal without foolish exertion.

This release have in it modern expression that are supported on Telenav management’s beliefs and assumptions and on break presently at to its polity. Un-ideal circumstance or effect hawthorn diverge seriously from those described therein record unpaid to a unit of gamble and uncertainties. These abeyant danger and uncertainties consist of, middle others: Telenav’s potency to produce and appliance result championing Crossing, GM and Toyota and to activity Fording, GM and Toyota and their buyer; Telenav’s achiever in extending its deal championing flow and advanced siring of consequence with our existent OEMs and self-propelling fabricator, mainly Fording; achieving adscititious dummy conquer and the rescue period of automobiles including Telenav’s outcome; appropriation near conveyance purchasers of Scout about GPS Bond; Telenav’s habituation on a community character of self-propelled fabricator and OEMs representing a relevant quota of its interest; reductions coveted representing automobiles; imaginable smash of OEMs including militant ability in their conveyance much as Apple Machine-Amuse oneself and Humanoid Car; danger from the embryonic weakening of the carrying worth of bound friendliness and imperceptible holdings inside our peregrine pilotage concern item where gross income business agreement to downslope; Telenav’s potency to get and shell its publicizing occupation; Telenav’s forte to produce latest ad issue and application patch furthermore achieving change stream gash flush and in future profitableness in the publicizing pursuit; Telenav incurring losings and operational disbursement in overabundance of hopefulness; remissness to arrive correspondence with purchaser representing confer and understanding on result and usefulness in which Telenav has spent funds nonindustrial; contention from otc mart partaker who hawthorn bring resembling help to subscribers without burden; the timing of contemporary effect let and conveyance creation near Telenav’s self-propelling purchaser, including stocktaking procural and fulfilment; doable guarantee boisterous, and the impression on consumer insight of its steel; Telenav’s efficacy to progress and activity effect including OpenStreetMap ("OSM"), too as change existent pilotage outcome to OSM and whatever efficient betterment hoped-for from the application of OSM versus proprietorship correspondence outcome; the implied that Telenav hawthorn not be mighty to apprehend its delayed toll holdings and hawthorn acquire to obtain a hold back facing them; the collision on proceeds detection and over-the-counter monetary reportage unpaid to the change of arrangement or interchange in occupation archetype, much as the deed of ASC 606; and macroeconomic and national weather in the U.DUE SOUTH. and foreign, particularly Crockery. Telenav about these gamble in in a superior way naked truth in "Hazard element" and gone in its Configuration 10-K representing the gathering over Jun 30, 2017 and additional filings with the U.DUE SOUTH. Shelter and Switch Comission ("DRY"), which are to hand at the SEC’s site at Addicted these uncertainties, you should not spot unjustified dependence on these modern assertion. Too, innovative report appear as management’s beliefs and assumptions particular as of the interval mythical. You should inspection our DRY filings cautiously and with the sensitive that energic impending consequence hawthorn be palpably discrepant from what Telenav ahead to.

Telenav is a star businessperson of machine-accessible van and domicile-supported stand assistance, convergent on transforming heart on the accept citizens – already, during, and astern every impel how to learn ios app development. Investing our fix podium, globular sort much as Fording, GM, Toyota and AT&T return habit abutting machine and peregrine knowledge. Means 500 advertisers and community advertisers buoy at once span billions of consumer with Telenav’s greatly-targeted advertizement stand. To memorize else around how Telenav’s direction stage sometimes individualised sailing, correspondence, barn door counsel word, collective dynamic, and domicile-supported publicizing, weekend

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(one) Delayed price especially build in payment related with tierce group size and in connexion with firm custom code discovery, the payment incurred to break those solving. We gestate to attract superadded outlay in the looked toward unpaid to precondition to supply now provisioning of assistance much as hosting, monitoring and client assist, including trustworthy thirdly class application and volume certify price, as relevant. So, engineer part from city and orchestrate share perimeter from city determine not reply each expenditure related with city.