Team abyssus malaysia major deck guide – questing miracle rogue – team abyssus

HeyGuys heisnotaxel is back again. All legendary cards hearthstone Team Abyssus has put up a good showing at the recently concluded Hearthstone Malaysia Major, and Questing Miracle Rogue had been the star of the lineup. Basic cards hearthstone The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSoG) expansion was released days before the Malaysia Major, and the finalized list for the tournament was as followed:

Counterfeit Coin x2 : Rogue’s biggest problem is that its power level differs significantly depending on whether it goes first or second, since the Coin enables combos and allows cycling with Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Hearthstone cards to disenchant MSoG introduces a new Rogue card which has the same effect as the Coin, allowing you to do crazy stuff like playing a turn 1 6/6 Vancleef if going second.

Hearthstone which cards to disenchant This card is super flexible, think of it as half an Innervate and Innervate is pretty busted isn’t it? Rather than using the coin to go all in early, you can also use it to smooth out your curve, for instance T2 coin Edwin VanCleef into T3 coin Tomb Pillager.

Patches the Pirate : One of the strongest legendaries in MSoG, this little guy does so much work for this Rogue deck. Hearthstone heroes of the storm card back Playing a pirate allows Patches to be played for free from the deck itself, thinning the deck and allowing you to draw into better cards on later turns. Hearthstone recruiter Patches even has charge which means you have the option to go full aggro with Cold Blood on it or simply use him to trade with opponent’s minion. Hearthstone rewards list Even if you are unfortunate enough to draw him, he is still a 1 mana card which enables combo easily and buffs your Questing Adventurer or Edwin VanCleef.

Backstab x2 : 0 mana 2 damage on a minion, enables combo easily and cycles efficiently with Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Hearthstone reward cards A staple in any Miracle Rogue deck for sure.

Preparation x2 : Druid is strong because Innervate gives 2 mana for a card, just think of Preparation as an Innervate which gives up to 3 mana when you play it along with a spell. Hearthstone rewards ranked The tempo swing can be insane when paired with a Sap and a decent sized minion like Tomb Pillager or Edwin VanCleef is dropped after that. Hearthstone matchmaking Another great cycle card when Gadgetzan Auctioneer is on the board.

Cold Blood x2 : Sometimes you simply want to race or push face damage hard, and what is better than 1 mana 4 damage? Comboing Cold Blood with Patches or Southsea Deckhand allows you to trade up with annoying minions while keeping your other beefy minions alive, so don’t be afraid to use Cold Blood to trade.

Conceal x2 : Giving your big threats stealth for 1 turn can outright win you the game against certain classes, not to mention a stealthed Gadgetzan Auctioneer in Miracle Rogue. Hearthstone backs Not to mention that the blowout potential of a stealthed Questing Adventurer is so huge that a game is simply instantly over for the opponent.

Southsea Deckhand : A cheap pirate with charge in a deck with tons of combo cards, including Cold Blood, serves to be very useful as a combo enabler or face rush mechanic. Hearthstone backstab Just remember to always attack with him first before swinging with your dagger so that he doesn’t lose charge.

Swashburglar x2 : A tango? This guy is another cheap pirate which gives you a potentially useful card to play later. Redeem code hearthstone An obtained cheap spell can also be saved to cycle with Gadgetzan Auctioneer on later turns. Reward cards hearthstone Did I mention that this guy is a pirate as well? Yes he also pulls out Patches from your deck if you play him down on turn 1.

Eviscerate x2 : 2 mana 4 damage which can hit opponent’s face for burst lethal damage, it also serves as a super efficient removal spell during mid game.

Sap x2 : Instantly sends an annoying minion like taunt or anything high cost back to opponent’s hand, Sap is the old school king of tempo swing for Rogue.

Edwin VanCleef : With so many cheap spells in the deck, Edwin VanCleef is at least a vanilla 6/6 most of the time. Hearthstone control In a meta with close to no silence effect, playing a big vanilla minion along with removal spells is simply too strong.

Fan of Knives : The only AOE option in the deck, a 3 mana 1 damage AOE sounds underwhelming. Hearthstone concede The most important part is that it cycles itself, and it can get really sick if you have at least a spell power minion on board.

Questing Adventurer x2 : The finisher of the deck, play him down and cast a few spells on the same turn. Hearthstone slow Your opponent will definitely start panicking and try his best to remove the Adventurer, and good luck doing so since he gains both attack and health as you play more cards. Hearthstone shaman legendary Once he gets stealthed he is simply immune to most AOE, allowing you to hit hard and close out the game.

SI:7 Agent : Playing a 3/3 minion which deals 2 damage instantly, the mascot of Toast is another source of tempo swing. Hearthstone shadowform I choose to only run 1 copy since he is kinda underwhelming when you don’t have the coin or Backstab to activate his combo effect.

Tomb Pillager x2 : The 5/4 body is very aggressive and trades well with most mid game minions. Hearthstone shade Coining him out on T3 is a very strong play since he will refund you the coin even if he gets removed instantly, which allows you to go for a T4 coin Azure Drake play to maintain tempo.

Azure Drake x2 : Just like Bloodmage Thalnos, spell power and card draw in 1 card. Hearthstone shaman guide The 4/4 statline is not super impressive for a 5 drop, but it serves its purpose of digging deeper into your deck for your key cards. Hearthstone heroic mode Playing a Backstab along with it to remove a 3hp minion is 1 of the most standard tempo plays since forever.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2 : This guy is the main draw engine of the deck, giving it the ‘Miracle’ name. Hearthstone heroic chromaggus You would want to cycle a bunch of cheap spells when you play down the Auctioneer, and the best outcome is to play Conceal on the same turn, allowing you to cycle even more the next turn. Hearthstone shadowcaster Once you draw at least half your deck, you are in a prime position to win against any slow deck which doesn’t threaten to kill you within a turn or 2. Hearthstone shadow towers General game plan

Control the board, remove any major threat from your opponent with your efficient removal and play your mid game minions to force your opponent into a reactive stance. Hearthstone shaman hero Find a good spot to go off with your Gadgetzan Auctioneer and draw your entire deck and finish your opponent with burst from hand or a big Questing Adventurer or minion with Cold Blood.

There will be games in which your hand is stuck with a bunch of useless spells like Preparation and Counterfeit Coin and Conceal. Hearthstone shaman build You have to evaluate and decide if it will be a good gamble to dump your hand and build a huge Edwin VanCleef or Questing Adventurer. Hearthstone hellfire After all, the most straightforward way to win the game is to reduce your opponent’s health to zero, and hitting your opponent’s face 2-3 times with a 12/12 VanCleef should get the job done. Heroes of the storm hearthstone mount Mulligans

Going second : Swashburglar, Tomb Pillager, Counterfeit Coin and Azure Drake if you have Tomb Pillager, Edwin VanCleef if you have Counterfeit Coin Matchups

This deck is built to beat a predicted tournament meta of Jade Druid, Dragon Priest and Renolock, and Aggro Shaman or Pirate Warrior will be banned out during the series. Heroes of the storm hearthstone card mount I will simply talk about the 4 matchups in mind.

Dragon Priest : Even though Dragon Priest can play oversized minions every turn, Rogue can still out-tempo the opponent with efficient removals and the ability to cycle through the entire deck to set up a Concealed Auctioneer, growing Questing Adventurer and huge minions. Cabal shadow priest hearthstone Try to play around Dragonfire Potion on T6, keeping in mind that our own Azure Drake is immune to it so you can stick a Cold Blood to push some face damage before playing Conceal on your board.

Another strong play is a T3 Questing Adventurer into Preparation Eviscerate or Sap to remove an opponent’s minion. Hearthstone shade of naxxramas This buffs the Adventurer to a 4/4 which cannot be removed by Priest, and he should be able to take out another played minion while surviving to tell the tale. Hearthstone new shaman hero The matchup should be extremely favored as long as both your Gadgetzan Auctioneer are not at the bottom of your deck.

Jade Druid : From what we scouted, most Jade Druid lists cut Mulch completely. Hearthstone connection issues In an open decklist format, as long as no Mulch is teched, going big on Edwin VanCleef or Questing Adventurer even without Conceal can outright win you the game when Druid is still trying to play ramp cards.

You are the beatdown in this matchup, so just keep playing minions like Tomb Pillager and Azure Drake and apply pressure. Hearthstone connection problems If you have the extra mana, don’t be afraid to stick a Cold Blood to accelerate the clock and end the game fast before Druid can start getting the infinite Jade Golem train going. Hearthstone control rogue Overall an extremely favored matchup since Jade Druid is usually quite slow to get things going.

Pirate Warrior : The matchup which we wanted to avoid, but Aggro Shaman became a thing and we were forced to play against Pirate Warrior at times. Hearthstone control paladin The only way to beat Pirate Warrior is to get a huge Edwin VanCleef on board as early as T1 or T2, or a Questing Adventurer down with Conceal on T2. Hearthstone conquest format Rogue actually has 1 of the best abilities to race since Cold Blood is a thing, plus cards like Backstab, Sap and Eviscerate allow you to remove opponent’s minions while your big boys keep pounding the opponent.

The early pirate package allows you to stem a bit of bleeding, but most often Pirate Warrior simply has a more consistent and aggressive early game to chip away your health consistently. Hearthstone formats Definitely an unfavored matchup, so just accept the loss and move on to the next match.

Renolock : Another popular but slow control deck which our Miracle Rogue aims to farm. Hearthstone forsen The biggest problems are T4 Twilight Drake or Mountain Giant since both challenge our on-curve Tomb Pillager very well. Shaman build hearthstone We can try to Preparation Sap the opponent’s minion while developing our own Tomb Pillager, since it forces the opponent to either make a mana-inefficient play of replaying the Drake or Giant, or playing a 5 mana Second Rate Bruiser to contest our Pillager. Hearthstone useless cards As long as we draw our Gadgetzan Auctioneer fast and dig through our entire deck, we will be in a good position since a Concealed Auctioneer is not easy to remove even for Renolock.

Do watch out for opponent’s Sylvanas Power Overwhelming to steal your Auctioneer, but this isn’t a really big deal since he can’t really get much value from the stolen Auctioneer and we don’t have to worry about the 20 damage Leeroy Faceless burst anymore. Hearthstone control warrior deck A stealthed Questing Adventurer can also win us games as long as we buff it to a point which even huge AOE like Felfire Potion cannot clear it. Karazhan hearthstone release date Leaving it open isn’t really advisable since Siphon Soul is a thing, albeit only 1 copy. Hearthstone control priest deck As long as we keep applying pressure and play around AOE smartly, we should be able to grind out the Renolock, rendering the burst heal of Reno Jackson useless.