Stark county political report

Executive editor Rich Desrosiers apparently was assigned the task by Porter to reassure (?) the print newspaper reading public (a vastly diminishing breed these days) that the official relationship would not affect the thoroughness (i.e. reporting the whole story and not just "cherry picked" matter) and objectivity of Repository publisher (Porter) approved articles/stories appearing in The Rep on the HOF-VP, to wit (an excerpt):

On Thursday, the unofficial became official. The Canton Repository and the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced a three-year partnership to designate the paper as the “Official Newspaper of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” The agreement calls for enhanced marketing and advertising opportunities between the entities and special content generated about the Hall.

No questions at all from the likes of Desrosiers and Porter and quite of number of other Stark County leaders (having places on the HOF Board of Trustees) all the while that they, the trustees, have steadily increased Baker’s annual income to "at least" $675,000 and probably considerably higher than that as will be eventually revealed with the publication of Internal Revenue Service Forms 990s for 2017, 2018 and beyond as the become due.

In addition to his political history as a Marlboro Township trustee, John P. Hagan served as state representative in the 50th Ohio House District (which includes Marlboro Township) from 2001 through 2008. Like many bitten by the political bug, Hagan after being term limited out of the Ohio House after 2008 ran for Stark County commissioner in the 2008 general election but lost by a surprising margin to Democratic Party political neophyte Pete Ferguson. In 2009 Hagan ran to return to the Marlboro Township trustee board (from whence he came in 2000) and was elected in the context of two incumbent trustees (Wise, defeated; Wolf, did not run) providing a pathway for Hagan’s return.

All of this corresponded with his daughter Christina at father John’s lobbying the Republican Ohio House Caucus getting appointed in March, 2011 to his former 50th District seat when incumbent and recently re-elected Republican Todd Snitchler resigned to become the director of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (a position which John P. Hagan himself applied for).

On the heels of John P. Hagan losing his trustee seat, daughter Christina got the crazy idea of running for the United States Congress for the 16th District in light of current representative Jim Renacci opting to drop out of Congress and run for governor which in the light of other political developments became his current run for the U.S. Senate against Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown.

It is looking more and more that Republican general election candidate Anthony Gonzalez may be on the same track as Goodrich if not in a more accentuated way. He and 7th Congressional District Republican incumbent Bob Gibbs appear to hiding from anyone (i.e. from the media) who might put them on the spot on the issues. Both seem bent of putting their personal political welfare about their district’s voters right to know their positions on all the issues Congress in now facing and will be dealing with in the next session of Congress.

While both Congressional Democrats play partisan politics with the public interest, at least "for now" in light of Republican Devin Nunes’s recent recorded fundraiser remarks that Congressional Republicans need to control the House in order to protect Donald J. Trump and some of his and the Republican side of the House Intelligence Committee demonstrate that only a Democratic takeover of the House will place that body in a Constitutionally provided for stance of a co-equal branch of government that operates as a check and balance with the executive and judicial branch of government.