Silence (9) – story

"Uh… firstly, there’s Leighton Venturi. Even though he’s the oldest brother, he’s the most irresponsible. He’s been doing shady things behind my back – criminal shit. Gang fights, theft, scamming – you name it. There are no limits to his dangerous and illegal ways. And all for what? Money. At first, he was doing it for the family, but now he’s just doing it to fuel his own greed. He’s making a lot of enemies and attracting the wrong crowds. Every day I’m worried about his life and I fear for our family’s safety."

"Yep. Leighton is from my mom’s side, while the twins are from my dad’s. Luke is the serious and invisible twin, while Jake is very childish for his age. Jake lands himself in sticky situations, and so I’m often babying him more than the other brothers.

Unfortunately, Luke has been acting out a lot because he hates being the invisible one. Recently, he’s been getting into fights and unnecessary drama – I’m worried that he’ll be kicked out of his college."

"Then there’s Mitch Venturi. He’s a high achiever in school, especially excelling at Science and Maths – his personal interests. He’s inspired by his favorite inventor – you know, the guy who’s famous for the Rocky Products? Yeah, like that. Mitch hopes to create products that contribute to the advancement of technology and science. Unfortunately, his bizarre, explosive inventions drive me crazy! The other day he set the kitchen on fire! He didn’t mean to, but it’s just his typical experiment that went wrong… like always!"

"The last Venturi brother is Zorro," Mia continued. "Biologically, he’s not my brother at all and he’s the half-brother of Leighton and Mitch. However, since the death of his mother, I raised Zorro when he was five years old and I view him wholeheartedly as my own brother. He has a condition that makes him look older than he really is. So, he’s twelve now, but he looks freaking eighteen! He uses this to his advantage, mainly to engage in adult activities that drives me absolutely bonkers. You can already guess what I mean."

"Mmh… lastly, the baby of the family is Rylo Jones. He’s my only full brother. He doesn’t like being seen and treated like a baby – especially by me! He insists that he is ‘a man’, despite being nine years old. He’s heavily influenced by our scheming older brothers and their risky party lifestyles. At first, I was merely amused by Rylo’s desire for manhood, but then I learned about the horrible activities he’s been doing behind my back. And stupid Leighton and Zorro support his crap!"

Mia slammed the desk in front of her angrily. "For me, every day is a new challenge with my brothers and their idiotic and downright illegal ways. I’m trying to be the best carer I can be, but it’s hard, you know? I’m only a high school girl. It’s hard enough trying to juggle school life, but my reckless brothers aren’t making things easy for me."

"Looks we made it, little guy," she whispered, her green eyes brimming with tears. "I almost thought I’d lost you back there. But you’re a toughie, just like your old mama." She brought him closer to her chest. "I’m never letting anyone hurt you. I will protect you with my life. You are my everything… Everything that I have and everything I am is yours… forever." She kissed his forehead softly.

Mitch stepped forward, as he pushed his glasses up. "I think you’ll find that Zac is rather intelligent and he has a thirst for knowledge – despite his external appearance suggesting otherwise," he spoke in a serious tone. "He has quite the passion for astronomy and he wants to study the cosmos beyond our own planet. He desires to observe the universe, the distant galaxies and the-"

"Aww thank you!" Aiko replies warmly. "I don’t know why I was so worried about the whole pregnancy thing. It flew by in no time and the birth was easier than I imagined! I’m gonna miss my baby bump." She strokes her daughter’s healthy, chubby cheek. "You were right about my hair, though. It grew so fast and thick! I love it. I feel like Rapunzel."