Remove permanent marker stains – sharpie stain removal mess

Here are 8 ways to remove permanent marker stains! Lil’ Duck and his friends have found the Sharpie permanent markers on occasion and boy can those make a mess! Thankfully, it can be removed, although I still need to work on the carpet. With this list, be careful as to the surface, as some of these things will ruin certain surfaces. I’d suggest spot-testing and using common sense (i.e. not putting bleach on carpet, not using chemicals on skin, etc. ;)). Now I need to get the red kool-aid out of my carpet…

Eagles Wings suggested acetone for taking sharpies right off of plastic or hard surfaces (keep away from children, of course). Emily said that she got Sharpie on her plastic table, and used nail polish remover to get it off, so there is another vote for that method.

I would carefully test that in an inconspicuous area first though, as acetone might damage your surface (yikes!).

My daughter got her hands on a thick black permanent marker (sharpie) she drew on paper but quite alot of it got on the kitchen table that has a wood finish on top. I used toothpaste and a toothbrush and it removed all the marker on the table! I let the toothpaste sit on all the marks for about 5 minutes and got an old toothbrush and scrubbed away! My table does not have any marker left on it, and the best part is that the toothpaste did not ruin my wood table or the finish that’s on it. I would suggest using the white toothpaste rather than the gel types that are on the market.

Yes, goof off works amazingly for stains I luv that stuff but hate the smell. I have a 2 yr old who has decided to decorate my walls with a red sharpie and my door etc. Ive been scrubbing with mr clean sponges and I still cant et it off. It was worked so well with crayons, pencil and pen marks but so far not on the permanant marker by sharpie and its red! the joys of 2 yr olds. My oldest son never pulled this stunthis 22 now however, my 12 yr old son did but only in his room thank God for that and now I have a 2 yr old daughter who is fire compare to my boys lol. She has had a blast decorating. she was trying so hard to help clean the walls with a paper towel but as you can imagine my carpet go more than the walls. So, i put it all up and decided to look here and see what ideas i can get. Im sure the bleach will work but not with her awake. I havent heard of the wd-40 for walls or the nail poilish remover. ,my walls have wall paper on them in a trailer but at this point im willing to try these other ideas everyone has posted. I really need my walls cleaned before family comes in for christmas. Ill post updates when i get it done. thank you so much for posting information for ppl like myself and others who have artist in our families lol. Glenna

We are professional Carpet & Upholstery cleaners in Philadelphia, PA. I saw some people asked about urine stains in carpet and what you can use for that. We suggest using some Vinegar & Water to take out the yellowing and some Lysol for the smell. Also, most stains can be removed from the carpet with just a drop or two of dish liquid to a gallon of warm water and dab it with a sponge. Most over the counter spot removers are no good, due to the fact that they are so thick. If you have over the counter spot removers, we suggest diluting them considerably before use. Any soap left over in the carpet becomes a magnet to dirt and will only make the spot worse. If nothing else works, the dollar store sells a product called “Awesome” which we use for a lot of hard to treat stains. Again, we dilute it with water first and test in an inconspicuous spot. Most of the time, 3M Scotchgard or some type of Teflon coating can be used to seal a stain in, so it doesn’t resurface later. This is a great method for treating oil based stains or baby formula. Hope this helps!

This is a secret my mom shared with me – she is constantly dealing with prices written in permanent marker directly on various items… OFF Bug Spray will remove the marker immediately but only on hard surfaces – glass, plastics, metals etc…. I have removed marks from books and some softer surfaces by spraying a little bit of OFF! on a paper towel and quickly wiping very lightly – I usually have to repeat it a couple of times when done this way. It will remove marks from counter tops so well that I don’t get too concerned about bleed through when we use the markers….. Make sure to use common sense and check in an inconspicuous area and make sure it won’t damage the surface, and don’t leave it sitting on the surface as soon as you spray it wipe it & if needed repeat. I have not tried other brands of bug spray so I don’t know if the result would be the same but I stand firmly by OFF! brand for my family’s bug repellent and stain remover !!!

I have a Dark Green recliner that I am giving to my mom cuz I got a nicer tan one…. Instead of storing it I just moved it and kept it in the living room it had a little age on it and the fabric is like a crushed velvet or something similar. My 2 yr. old got her hands on a black dry erase marker and left her mark all over the arm of the recliner – I have been trying to figure out how to remove it without messing up the fabric, then last night she somehow found a big red sharpie and added to her artwork on the same arm of the recliner so now I have black dry erase under red sharpie !!! I have no idea where to begin!!! HELP!!