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Refrigerators in The Sims 2 ship with a full food supply. As the food in a refrigerator is used, a family member must top up its contents manually, either at a grocery store or by home delivery. Home delivery can be initiated by phone, computer, or by clicking on the refrigerator and checking the amount of supplies left. In The Sims 2, each unit of food costs §2, though food bought from a Sim-owned business [ OFB] may cost more. Sims will usually put groceries in the refrigerator, but may put them on a counter or other surface. If this happens, the player can click on the basket and select "Put Away". If a Sim bought groceries from more than one display, whether in a business or on a normal community lot, there will be a basket for each display the Sim bought from.

However, only the first basket will automatically be put away or put down; others will have to be removed from the Sim’s inventory and put away. While buying from multiple displays, especially in a business, adds a touch of realism, there is no other reason to do it.

In The Sims 2: Open for Business, refrigerators on owned community lots do not need to be stocked, but the business will be charged every time a Sim takes food from them. Likewise, in The Sims 2: University, a secret society will be charged whenever its refrigerator is used, but the refrigerator will always be fully stocked. Also, the food supply of a refrigerator in a dormitory cafeteria will not diminish when food is made by the cafeteria attendant, but will diminish when dorm residents take food from it.

Bust out the juice and cookies! This tiny "MMM" mini fridge turns any dorm room into an instant fast food joint as it meets the monstrous-midnight-munchies head-on. With 5 cooling levels and refillable ice-cube tray, although you might miss a real kitchen, the mini-fridge is enough to satisfy your Sim’s snack cravings. And, the next party is just a short door away!

Notes: Half-height. Can be placed under a counter, but does not have to be. If not placed under a counter, its top serves as a counter, and can be used to hold objects or for food prep. Can prepare a TV Dinner and Cup o’ Ramen if a microwave is available; otherwise can only prepare snacks and cold foods, even though TV Dinners can be prepared in toaster ovens and regular ovens. Sims cannot get baby bottles from a mini fridge.

In The Sims 3, ingredients can be bought, caught, or grown, and stored in a refrigerator for the household to use. If an ingredient that’s needed to cook a meal is missing from both the refrigerator and the Sim’s inventory, the Sim will be charged for the ingredient at a higher cost and of lower quality than if they purchased it from the grocery store.

Unlike The Sims 2, in which leftovers never spoil, leftovers will eventually spoil in The Sims 3, and the quality/price of the refrigerator has an impact on how long leftovers can be stored before spoiling. Spoiled meals can be cleaned out of the refrigerator by Sims or the maid. Spoiled food in a refrigerator will give Sims the "Disgusted" moodlet.

Unlike The Sims 2, food stored in the fridges are shared across all fridges on the lot and are not tied to each individual fridge. For example, if the player first deletes a fridge and then buys a new one, the new fridge will have all the food that was in the old fridge. Also, if there are multiple fridges on the lot, they all have the same contents; removing one item from one fridge removes it from all of the other fridges. The rate that food spoils depends on the fridge with the lowest quality. With patch 55, if a household owns multiple homes in one world, fridges on these lots share the same food inventory as well.