Rape and beyond lyflikedat

I don’t know from where to begin. While writing this there were zillions of thoughts running in my mind, from fear, to numbness, to amazement, endless. She looked at him as a father, trusted him as a brother, confided in him as friend, ignored him as a stranger would. She didn’t give any hints. She didn’t ask for it, no provocation. Nothing at all. Still she was looked not as women, as a girl or as human. They saw just two breast and one vagina. I guess nothing beyond that.

Just few days ago while I was having my elixir, sip by sip, enjoying it to the fullest my little munchkin came and asked me what rape is. I was zapped for a minute, clueless what to say. So, I changed the topic and started asking from where he heard this word, all giggling he told me, he read it in the newspaper in his school library.

Later I realized my mistake. I should have explained him there and then instead of ignoring the subject because partial knowledge is a dangerous thing. With the amount of information available to them at the palm of their hand, it’s difficult to understand how much they filter. We too have become a breed of informative parents. We are now more open in talking, educating our kids about good touch and bad touch. Schools have also got aggressive in their approach about teaching sensitive issues like rape, sexual harassment, molestation. Still we are failing somewhere. Incidents like rape of 12 years old in Chennai { here is the link} or the rape of seven months old in Rajasthan ( here is the link)

You might find this post of mine conflicting, dealing with too many issues at the same time, there are sea of emotions creating a tsunami inside me. That mother surely have taught her daughter about the safety measures and all of us , parents these days are teaching kids as young as 3 years about good touch, bad touch . We are aware about the changing scenario. No more we trust our relatives, let alone our neighbors. NO more our kids can play freely like the way we use to play. We are failing repeatedly in providing a healthy atmosphere. We are scared to send our kids to creche, we are hell worried to send them school , we are constantly guiding them not to go alone, not to trust , not to smile, not to look , not to live freely. Even though we are making them more aware, more literate, endless candle march, metoo campaigns still we are failing.

Tired and exhausted I thought will legalizing prostitution will help? I don’t know I am too young to raise a finger on our failing system or on our society. But still I believe that this problem can be curbed when subjects like sexual harassment and sexual orientation become the compulsory part of our education system from the time when they began their education. When the education becomes as compulsory as our Aadhar card, as relevant as passport to travel internationally. When we start having workshops in villages, slums, and every possible place to educate them. Then perhaps we can erase a part of it. We can’t shake off by saying it’s happening since ages, we can’t always play a political blame game as in Kathua case. It should be stopped, it must stop somewhere. And that can only be done by educating them every day every single day, educating the educated as well.