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Congratulations, you fell in love with a beautiful piece of artwork! Now that you’ve got it home, before you can hang it, you will need a frame. What is the perfect humidity in a house The right frame can enhance a piece of art, but the wrong frame can be a terrible distraction.

When choosing a frame, first consider how it might emphasize certain colors in your artwork. What is the perfect humidity level for a house Next, ask yourself how the frame will look with your home décor.

What is the perfect humidity level in a house If you will be hanging multiple works of art on the same wall, you might want to match the frames to preserve continuity. What is the proper humidity in a house This could mean that all frames on one wall are the same color but a different shape, or if your home is more traditional, you might like the look of the same exact frame for each artwork.

There are a few different points to consider when selecting a frame for an oil painting versus choosing a frame for a work on paper such as a print or photograph.

First, is the canvas that the work is painted on “stretched” on a wooden frame, or is it a flat piece of fabric? Stretching a canvas involves mounting it tightly to a wooden frame (called a “stretcher”), usually using nails or staples. What is the proper humidity inside a house If the canvas is not stretched, you might want to consider taking the artwork to a professional to have it stretched before framing.

Unlike works on paper, oil or acrylic paintings do not need to be “glazed,” or framed with a sheet of glass over the artwork. What is the proper humidity level for a house Oil and acrylic paint is more durable than a work on paper, and if the surface happens to get soiled, it is often easy to clean.

Linen or fabric liners can add texture to the piece, and are often a good choice for smaller works because they increase the overall size the framed work will occupy when hung on your wall, thereby calling more attention to the piece.

Sometimes, artists will paint a complementary frame for an artwork. What is the proper humidity level in a home An example of this is the work of Georges Seurat, who often finished his pointillist paintings with flat wooden frames decorated with colors that directly reflected and interacted with those in the composition. What is the proper humidity level in a house If the artist has already placed the work you own in a special frame, it is a good idea to leave this frame on the work. What is the recommended humidity in a house Should you choose to re-sell the piece in the future, the artist-decorated frame will likely make the painting more appealing to collectors.

Prints, photographs, and works on paper are more delicate than oil paintings. What is the recommended humidity level for a home When framing artworks on paper, it’s a good idea to pay a little bit extra for archival materials, such as acid-free mats and backings, and glaze the work with ultraviolet light filtering Plexiglas or glass. What is the recommended humidity level for a house These materials are important because the acid in the regular paper and mats will darken over time and will leave a permanent stain on the paper of the artwork. What is the recommended humidity level in a house The special glass or Plexiglas is recommended because the ultraviolet rays in sunlight will speed the deterioration of the paper and will cause the artwork’s colors to fade.

If your print does not have margins (the white area around the image), or has been printed on handmade paper with deckled, or uneven, edges, you may want to consider a floating-style frame that does not hide the edges of the paper. What is the right humidity level in a house These frames do not require mats to look polished.

After resolving the technical details, choosing the right color or material for your frame is a very personal choice. What is the right indoor humidity level In my home, which has an eclectic feel, I chose several different types of frames for my artwork. What is the right level of humidity in a house I like the look of a thin metal “strip” style frame for Modern or Contemporary artwork. What level of humidity should be in a house These come in many different colors, but I find that the clean lines look best in simple brushed chrome, white, or black, and will provide a “polished” look without taking the focus away from the piece. What should be humidity level in house For example, my Georges Braque lithograph is enclosed in a thin, brushed aluminum frame. What should be the humidity level in your house The image is printed all the way to the edges of the sheet, so I choose not to add a mat, but because it is a work on paper, I did have it glazed.

In my living room, I have a wall hung with several black and white photographs. What should be the normal humidity in a house These are all framed in matching, simple black painted wood frames. What should humidity level be in a house I chose black for the frames because I like how the color accents the drama of the black and white tones in the photographs.

Accenting a traditional style painting, such as a classic landscape or portrait, with the classic look of a carved gilt wood frame can add a sense of history and luxury to the artwork, and create more drama around the piece in your home. What should humidity level be in home I particularly like ornate gold frames hung on a wall painted a dark, solid color that compliments the artwork. What should humidity level be in house These can be a bit more expensive, but with the right artwork can make a strong statement. What should humidity level be in house in winter If you’re on a budget, try scouring local auctions for old paintings that are in poor condition, but still have well-preserved gilt wood frames, and give them a second life with a new artwork.

Have fun with your frame, and don’t hesitate to play around and test several different options at your local framer or on Framebridge. What should indoor humidity level be in summer Framebridge has over 25 frame styles, and the ability to see how your piece looks in each style (their app even let’s you see how the piece will look on your wall). What should the humidity be in my house canada Additionally, Framebridge has designers on hand to provide suggestions through their Designer’s Choice option, and provide advice on our blog . What should the humidity be in my house during summer With a little thought, you will find that the right frame will make your artwork even more enjoyable.

Prints, drawings, and other works on paper are often appealing to new art collectors. What should the humidity be in my house uk The lower price points and availability allow for a level of access to quality artwork that is not always possible with other media. What should the humidity level be in a home Despite this relative abundance, works on paper are delicate, and require careful handling, as well as proper storage, in order to remain in pristine condition.

To reduce the risk of creases, bends, or smudges, paper should not be handled too often. What should the humidity level be in a house If possible, you should never pinch the sheet between your thumb and other fingers. What should the humidity level be in my home If you are carrying paper that is large, it is best to hold two opposite corners, as the stress is then placed on the diagonal, rather than with the vertical or horizontal of the sheet. What should the humidity level be in my house If the work is small, you may carry it by supporting it from underneath. What should the humidity level be in your house Also, be sure that your hands are clean and dry. What should the ideal humidity level be in my house If the item is of higher value, use clean, white gloves to prevent leaving smudges on the paper from the oils on your fingers. What would cause high humidity in a house The sheets should be placed in inert, acid free protective folders or paper slips (plastic slips are not usually recommended) that will allow the sheets to breathe and adapt to changes in the surrounding environment.

Whether your collection is just starting off or already established, it is important to keep good records of the items you have purchased. Whats the normal humidity level in a house When adding any notation to your protective folders or slips (accessioning numbers, notes, etc.), be sure to use pencil. Acceptable humidity level in home Other writing implements, such as pen or marker, may bleed through and cause irreparable damage to the work of art.

If unframed, the best way to store your works on paper is in a container, such as a Solander Box, that will protect them from light, dirt, and moisture. Acceptable humidity levels in a house The items should lay flat, so that undue pressure is not placed on any of the edges or corners. Acceptable humidity levels in house uk Like other works of art in storage, the items (or the container in which they are housed) should live in an environment that is consistent and stable. Acceptable humidity levels indoors This means that the relative humidity and temperature should not vary drastically from day to day and that the air quality should be good–indicating a minimal amount of dirt, dust, or other contaminants. Average humidity in a home Many experts believe that the ideal humidity in which works on paper should be stored falls between 30% and 50% and that the room temperature should be no higher than 70°F. Best humidity level for home in summer Fluctuations in temperature, in tandem with changes in humidity, will accelerate the rate of many organic processes that result in condition issues.

If storing your items at home, it is best to avoid areas such as the attic or basement. Best humidity level for home in winter Both of these locations are subject to the most drastic changes in temperature and humidity. Best humidity level in a house In addition, the plumbing and heating systems in most homes can be found in these areas. Best humidity level in home Should any of these systems break or malfunction, it could result in flooding and water damage. Best humidity level in house For this reason, your works on paper should be stored above ground level and off of the floor.

Exposure to moisture or water can cause the image to bleed or blister and, as the paper dries, may leave behind staining and “tidelines”. Best indoor humidity level in summer A damp environment can also result in the growth of mold and mildew within the paper, as many older sheets contain the organic materials on which these microbes feed. Best indoor humidity level in winter When the temperature increases, this also increases the rate at which these microbes grow. Best level of humidity in home Eventually, spots of discoloration (known as ‘foxing’) will become visible and apparent. Comfortable humidity level in home winter Moisture can also lead to the expansion, distortion, and degradation of the integrity of the paper itself, resulting in the increased likelihood of tears and creases. Comfortable humidity levels indoors uk If the work is mounted or something is affixed to the sheet using an adhesive, those adhesives may disolve–resulting in the work detaching. Comfortable relative humidity in home An increase in temperature also saps the moisture from the paper and accelerates the rate of deterioration, leading to brittleness and discoloration.

In addition to being sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, prints and works on paper are also extremely sensitive to sunlight. Correct humidity in house Prolonged exposure to natural light can cause fading and loss of sheet integrity. Correct humidity in house winter If you will be displaying your collection, make sure that your items are framed and under glass that will filter out harmful UV ray. Correct humidity level in home Works on paper should not be in direct sunlight, but, if they must be, they should periodically be rotated with other items so they are not hanging in the sun for too long. Correct humidity level in house When stored, it is best that the items are kept in a dark collection.

As your collection grows in size and value, it may be the case that an insurance policy becomes necessary, and if the collection is beginning to outgrow your space, you may even want to consider moving it to a dedicated art storage facility. Desired humidity level in home When researching a storage facility, there are several different factors to consider. Desired humidity level in house First, you should be aware of any and all fees that may be assessed when a facility accepts your property, how much it will cost to take your items out to view, and how you are being billed (monthly, annually, by the square foot, etc.). Good home humidity level It’s also important to research the types of fire suppression and natural disaster plans that the facility has in place. Good humidity in house A basic sprinkler system, for example, would not be ideal for your works on paper.

Once inside, the items can be placed in open storage or client specific storage. Good humidity level for a home Open storage means that your artwork will live next to artwork belonging to other clients. Good humidity level for home This option is often cheaper, but may not meet the specific requriements necessary to protect your collection and it doesn’t allow for as much privacy. Good humidity level for house Client specific storage, while more expensive, is often better suited to the needs of the individual and their works of art. Good humidity level for house in summer Keep in mind that as your collection grows you may have to purchase additional space at a premium. Good humidity level for house in winter No matter your storage preference, before committing to a facility, be sure to do your homework!

When it comes to storing your works on paper, avoiding high temperatures, humidity, direct sunlight, and chemically active framing and matting materials should be enough to keep your collection in great condition!

As the director of the Affordable Art Fair New York, Cristina Salmastrelli knows a good artistic investment when she sees it. Good humidity level in home With the fall installment of the art expo just around the corner, Salmastrelli shared with us her tips for building a cohesive collection and what affordable really means.

Of course the word “affordable” and its definition is a personal and intimately relative term based on an individual. Good humidity level in house Therefore, affordable is synonymous with comfortable in my book. Good humidity level inside house This is why, at the Affordable Art Fair, we have original, contemporary works priced within a sizeable range: from $100 to $10,000, with most work under $5,000. Good level of humidity in house I want our visitors to come to our fair feeling comfortable and welcomed, with affirmation that—no matter what their discretionary budget is for the fair—we can accommodate them. Good relative humidity indoors I don’t want any visitor to leave the fair feeling stressed or nervous about artwork that they’re taking home but rather comfortable with their purchase and happy with the overall experience.

For art fairs in particular, the internet is a way for our visitors to see original contemporary work while the fair is not physically up and running. Healthy home humidity levels winter The internet truly enhances any art lover’s experience, with new pieces and with unlimited information on the contemporary art world. Healthy humidity level in bedroom It will never replace the feeling one gets when being in the same room as a work of art, but it’s an excellent way to learn more about an individual piece, the art market, or art trends to prepare for art fairs.

Mix away! There is nothing better that creating a customized collection based on personality rather than time periods or pre-determined styles. Healthy humidity level in home My one suggestion about mixing has to do with color. Healthy humidity level in home winter Try to keep everything in the same color palette. Healthy humidity level in house When the color palette is complimentary, the pieces will play off each other rather than compete. Healthy humidity level indoors Mixing mediums, sizes, genres, and styles is an excellent way to spice up a collection, while a cohesive color scheme ties the individual pieces together.

Yes, I am an art collector. Healthy humidity level indoors uk I mainly collect photographs, etchings, and drawings. Healthy humidity levels in home Since I work in contemporary art, I’ve collected contemporary work primarily, but I would like to add some ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints to compliment my collection. Healthy level of humidity in house An Egon Schiele drawing would be the centerpiece in my dream collection!

To me, when you collect something, it’s because you have an emotional attachment to it, whether it’s a piece of art or an old, worn T-shirt. Healthy relative humidity home I collect my art based on the connection I make with the piece when I stand in front of it. Home humidity levels chart If it resonates with me and I feel an emotional connection, I will ask a ton of questions and see if it’s a piece that I want personally. Home humidity levels in summer Each artwork within a collection has purpose and significance, so the collection comes to represent the collectors themselves. Home humidity levels in winter Each piece of art tells a story, and when you collect, you create your story.

Add to your collection story at the Affordable Art Fair New York, September 25 – 29, 2014, at The Tunnel, 269 Eleventh Avenue. House humidity level Tickets are available at

Want more Lofty? Visit the fair on September 28 when Lofty founder Mark Lurie will be part of an AAF panel on building and managing your collection.