Possum sensualitease

He leaned in close, holding his breath until he was millimetres from her ear. Exhaling gently, his cock grew harder when she shivered. His breath, heat turned to ice crystals in the chill air, condensed on her lobe. Running a hand along her flank, the skin pale and smooth, he could feel the tremor under the skin. She was trying so desperately not to move, her effort was exquisite. He knew her well enough to know she was scared, because she just wasn’t completely sure. She hoped it was him, but there was always the possibility that he had found someone to do his dirty work, while he watched her writhe. What if she liked it? What if she loved it, only to discover she had moaned while a stranger was buried inside her. She’d be racked with guilt.

He smiled, thinking of it.

She’d been picked up and tossed like a rag doll into the side door of a van on a deserted street. While he leapt into the van and straddled her, smothering her mouth and nose with a chloroform rag, his partner ensured that no one had seen. She fought, his perfect hellcat, but the thing about trying to scream means that she had no defence against the rag he held against her face. Before long, her fine and sexy form was limp in his arms. They wasted no time in bringing her to this warehouse they’d scoped for just such an adventure. It had a large walk in freezer they’d outfitted the weekend before. A long table, covered in a drop sheet to keep the cold metal from sticking to her bare skin, but not much else to protect her.

She came to with a gasp, breath forming mist, arms wrapping her breasts, which were already a blue colour from the cold, nipples erect. He longed to take them between his lips and teeth, warming her just enough to make it ache, to make her moan. She tried in vain to cover her nakedness, sitting up and looking around with wild eyes in an attempt to determine where she was or who had put her there. An envelope lay on a table next to the one she sat upon, surrounded by various implements. As she reached for it, large tears welled up and slid down her pale cheeks.

He watched as she let the note drop, drifting a bit on it’s way to the floor, forgotten as she glanced toward the glass where she had to know she was being observed from. Saw her frame shudder as she struggled to gain control of her breathing and lay back. She calmed herself much faster than he expected. Even her shivering subsided to an extent, though he could still see the subtlest of tremors under that soft skin. He smiled and touched the shoulder of his companion, wanting to smooth his furrowed brow. He shared the concern for her safety, checking the digital thermometer they’d set up. It was cold, but not unreasonable yet.

He opened the door lightly, having practiced unlatching many times over the past week with barely a detectable sound. Did she twitch? Of course, she would sense a change in the air pressure, how could he have not thought of that? Shaking his head with a smile, he slammed the door, his partner whirling with a question in his dark eyes. With a shrug, he gestured to the girl on the table, pointing out that she hadn’t moved. His partner smiled. This might not be exactly his cup of tea, but her ability to follow orders, even under such extreme conditions as this, made him proud.

He knew keeping the gloves on would be difficult. He wanted, no, needed to feel her. That soft skin, cool with the illusion that she wasn’t there anymore. He stroked his hand down the length of her leg, waiting for the familiar tensing of her muscles, but to her credit, there was none. His fingers walked up her thighs, pinching as they went, the blood moving to the surface, as though trying to find a source of heat. Still no reaction. He thought he could see the hint of a smile playing about her pale lips and decided she was entirely too smug. He gestured to the cooler next to the table. His partner raised an eyebrow before opening it and handing over the contents.

A large glass dildo that had been sitting on a bed of ice, the fine sheen of it dulled by the cold. He nodded, signalling for her legs to be spread as wide as the table would allow. He teased her cunt lips, feeling how much cooler they were than his fingers, even through the gloves. Seeing that she was already wet, he smirked and looked at the other, who smiled before tapping his watch.

Wasting no more time, he rested the tip of the dildo against her lips, twirling it gently to find entry. He watched her fingers, knowing it was taking everything she had not to clench her hands into fists, torn between the discomfort of the icy dildo and the pleasure she felt. Before she could decide, he pushed the thick shaft all the way inside her and left it there, allowing her to become accustomed to both the size and the cool temperature.

It was utterly amazing how still she managed to stay, and he couldn’t resist any more. Climbing on the table, he freed his cock from the confines of his jeans, delighting in the near pain of being so hard for so long. Pushing against those soft lips, the coolness of them a shock on his hot flesh, he groaned and couldn’t hold back any more, driving himself into her cold, wet cunt. The way she gripped him, the cool of her skin against the warmth of his hands as he held her hips, sliding his hands under her ass to pull her further onto his cock. Even now, she kept playing, though she must know it was him, familiar with certain parts of him as he knew her to be.

Lifting her legs to wrap around him, he rocked back onto his knees and his partner deftly slid into place behind her, his hand slick with lube to enable entry into her tight cold ass. As she felt the pressure of the second cock, she couldn’t maintain her passive role and moaned out loud, the heat of their bodies against hers a delectable mix of pleasure and pain.