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In a preferred embodiment of the invention, a drain stopper assembly for a bathtub having a drain aperture is provided, having a top cover, a gasket, a guide slide attached to the top cover, and a guide rod with proximal and distal ends, capable of sliding within the guide slide. Replace bathroom sink pipes A plurality of magnets may also be provided, including at least a first magnet located at the proximal end of the guide rod, and a second magnet located in the guide slide. How to unclog sink home remedy Alternatively, instead of or in addition to magnets, a spring-loaded assembly may be used.

How to fix my sink drain When downward pressure is applied to the top cover, the gasket is enabled to seal against the drain aperture, and the guide rod slides upwardly within the guide slide to a second position; the guide rod may be facilitated in being maintained in the second position by the first and second magnets.

A method of providing a drain stopper assembly for a bathtub having a drain aperture, also forms a part of the present invention. How to replace bathroom sink pipes The method includes providing a top cover, a gasket, a guide slide attached to the top cover, a gasket capable of being sealed to and unsealed from the drain aperture, and a guide rod having proximal and distal ends, wherein the guide rod slides within the guide slide. How do you unclog your kitchen sink Pushing down on the top cover causes the guide rod to slide relative to the guide slide, enabling the gasket to be sealed against the drain aperture. How do you unclog the kitchen sink Raising the top cover causes the guide rod to slide relative to the guide slide, enabling the gasket to be unsealed from the drain aperture. How do i unclog the kitchen sink Magnetic or spring-loaded means may be used to facilitate the sealing and unsealing of the gasket relative to the drain aperture. How to use an auger to unclog a kitchen sink A filter may be mounted within the drain aperture.

Top cover 20 may include a top portion 20 a and a bottom portion 20 b, as shown. How much to unclog a kitchen sink (Alternatively, cover 20 may consist of a single cylindrical-shaped portion 20 b as is more conventional.) Top portion 20 a may have a smaller diameter and have knurled side surfaces 21, for easier gripping. How much does it cost to unclog a sink (Top portion 20 a need not be used, and only bottom portion 20 b may be used, if desired.) Bottom portion 20 b may include a cylindrical ring 23 with male/female threads 24 designed to mate with corresponding female/male threads 41 on guide slide 40 (see FIG. How can i unclog a sink 3). How much does it cost to unclog a kitchen sink Gasket 30, which may be made of rubber or another suitable material, may include an inner ring surface 31 sized to fit over guide slide threads 41, and may be fixed in place adjacent guide slide shelf 42, between the guide slide and top cover, when the guide slide and the top cover are threadably attached. Tips to unclog kitchen sink (Alternatively, the inner surface of ring 23 of top cover 20 may be connected in a frictional press-fit manner to the outer surface of the upper portion 40 a of guide slide 40, obviating the need for threads 24 and 41.) Gasket 30 is designed to provide a water-resistant seal over drain aperture 7 when drain plug assembly 10 is inserted into the drain aperture.

In the preferred embodiment, while the upper portion 40 a of guide slide 40 may be removably attached to cover 20, the lower portion 40 b of the guide slide may be adapted to allow guide rod 50 to slide within the guide slide. Unclog bathroom sink drain For this purpose, a retaining clip 50 b with any suitable cross-section may be used to press-fit into and cover the upper opening of guide slide 40, covering magnet 62. Best way to unclog a sink The guide rod 50 may be permitted to slide within guide slide 40, but is preferably prevented from dropping out of the guide slide (and thus potentially being lost down the drain opening), such as by forming channel 83 with step 83 a, such that the upper end of guide rod 50 with retaining clip 50 b will catch on step 83 a.

Filter basket 60 is preferably made of a magnetized metal to insure attraction to magnet 63. Best way to unclog kitchen sink Filter basket may include apertures 61 on sidewalls 62 and bottom wall 63, preferably roughly evenly-spaced and sized as shown, to catch objects which may clog the drain, such as hair and other detritus, while allowing water and smaller particles such as dirt which will not clog the drain to pass through the screen. Best way to unclog bathroom sink An upwardly-standing locating nub 64 may be located on the upper surface of bottom wall 63, for receiving a like-sized aperture 57 at the bottom of guide rod 50, providing a frictional engagement that facilitates the user’s proper location and attachment of the guide rod to the screen. Best way to unclog sink Nub 64 may be a separate attachment or may be integrally made with filter basket 60. Natural way to unclog sink Referring to FIG. Unclog sink naturally 3, the distal end of nub 64 that protrudes from the lower end of the basket may terminate in a small dimple or raised area 64 a. Naturally unclog sink If nub 64 is integrally made with the basket, this obviates the need for dimple 64 a.

It will also be appreciated that the bathtub drain plug assembly of the present invention need not be fixed to any other fixture or fixed object, and is easy to use. How to unclog a bathroom sink drain To plug the tub, the user simply pushes down on the top cover, causing the magnet at the distal end of the guide rod to be attracted to the filter basket, allowing gravity to keep the top cover down in the plugged/lowered position shown in FIG. What can i use to unclog my kitchen sink 2 a, and inducing a water-resistant seal between the gasket and the upper bathtub surface 6 around drain aperture 7. How to unclog a kitchen sink drain (As water fills the tub, this water-head pressure acts as an additional force tending to seal the gasket down against the bathtub bottom wall surface, insuring a water-tight seal.)

The top portion of the drain plug assembly is easily separated from the filter basket for easy cleaning. How do you unclog a sink First, the user may simply grab hold of the top cover and lift the entire device out of the drain hole. How to unclog bathroom sink drain Next, the basket and top portion of the drain plug assembly can be easily separated by pulling in opposite directions. How to unclog the kitchen sink Preferably, to insure the force required to remove the entire assembly 10 from drain aperture 7 less than the force required to separate the upper half of assembly 10 from filter basket 60, aperture 57 on the distal end of guide rod 50 and upstanding nub 64 on basket 60 are precision-machined male and female ends that slide into each other with a tight tolerance, providing a frictional connection that will hold in place when desired, but will easily separate when pulled apart by a user, as needed.

The above description is not intended to limit the meaning of the words used in the following claims that define the invention. How to unclog kitchen sink with disposal Persons of ordinary skill in the art will understand that a variety of other designs still falling within the scope of the following claims may be envisioned and used. How to unclog your sink For example, while preferred embodiments involving a top cover threadably attached to a guide slide have been disclosed, in other embodiments the top cover could be frictionally press-fit to the guide slide. How do you unclog a kitchen sink Also, while the filter basket has been disclosed as removably engaged to the slide rod, it could be permanently attached instead. How to unclog a kitchen sink with standing water It is contemplated that these additional examples, as well as future modifications in structure, function, or result to that disclosed here, will exist that are not substantial changes to what is claimed here, and that all such insubstantial changes in what is claimed are intended to be covered by the claims.