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A grinder for walnut and other nut segments which have been removed from the shell, which grinder resembles a physical configuration of a grinder for peppercorns. biro 6642 meat grinder for sale The grinder features a crank rotatable shaft connected to a grinding element disposed within a lower portion of a generally cylindrical housing. how to assemble kitchenaid meat grinder A series of spaced flutes is mounted on the interior surface of the lower portion of the apparatus to direct nut segments to the cutter.

how to use kitchenaid food grinder The grinder element is a rounded trapezoidal in elevation cutter having a series of bulging protrusions each with a sharp edge for mincing a nut segment. how to sharpen a meat grinder blade Each protrusion is adjacent an opening such that minced pieces pass through an opening to the center of the cutter which is open at the bottom. meat grinder spare parts The grinding element top is closed off by a cutter holder and the cutter is connected to the aforementioned rotatable shaft.

Grinders for peppercorns have been known for many years. cuisinart waring pro meat grinder review Indeed in the last 15 years there have been numerous improvements in grinders for peppercorns. kitchenaid mixer meat grinder review There have been improvements specifically in the grinding element for the peppercorns. uses for kitchenaid meat grinder There has NEVER, however, been a grinder specifically designed for the particle size reduction of segments of walnuts and other edible nuts that have been removed from the shell. kitchenaid with meat grinder attachment Walnuts, almonds, and pecans are known to be highly nutritious for humans of all ages, due to high protein content, except of course to those who suffer from a specific food allergy to nuts. breville meat grinder spare parts This number however is small compared to the total population. waring pro meat grinder replacement parts Thus, there is a real need to be filed by this device.

A nut meat grinder apparatus, configured physically similarly to a grinder for peppercorns, in that the nut meats, similar to the peppercorns, are put in at the top of the apparatus, moved to the bottom zone by gravity and reduced in size by a handle operated rotating shaft attached to a grinder element. meat grinder that can grind chicken bones Here, however, the segments of nut are allowed to settle between the cone shaped grinding element and the interior wall of the base of the apparatus. cuisinart waring pro meat grinder reviews The grinder element is of a circular trapezoid shape with a smaller covered top surface and a larger open bottom surface. kitchenaid stand mixer food grinder attachment reviews The nut meats are forced between the interior wall of the housing and the grinder. kitchenaid meat grinder cleaning Wall mounted flutes direct the meats toward the grinder and its bladed openings. uses for kitchenaid food grinder As the grinder is rotated by movement of the shaft in conjunction with the handle, the grinder reduces the particle size, while forcing the reduced in size segments through a series of elliptical openings in the cone shaped grinding element for delivery.

The apparatus 10 has a main body portion 11 and a cutter portion 12, the latter of which will be discussed infra. uses for kitchenaid food grinder attachment The main body 11 has an upper section 23 and a lower section 27 with an elongated tubular section 25 disposed in-between. waring pro meat grinder parts Upper section 23 has a top arcuate surface 23A which has a central bore at the uppermost part, said bore being designated 28U. waring pro meat grinder parts mg100 A second segment of a generally vertical circular wall section is disposed beneath the top segment and is designated 23B. meat grinder that will grind chicken bones An inwardly narrow cross section circular segment is disposed beneath the aforementioned second segment 23B. how to use kitchenaid food grinder attachment This third segment is designated 23D. kitchenaid meat grinder attachment reviews This recessed upper lip 23D has an outwardly disposed rectangular boss or tab 29 extending upwardly from its bottom edge and which tab is used during the attachment of the upper section to the cylindrical tube 25. used meat grinder for sale kijiji As will be seen this tab 29 is to be aligned with an L-shaped recess 31 on the edge of the central section, tube 25. used meat grinder hobart See FIG. used meat grinder craigslist 1.

We turn now to the cutter aspect or portion of the invention, but remaining with FIG. used lem meat grinders sale 1. rival meat grinder parts model 2300 As can be seen an elongated shaft 14 having threads at each end 16U and 16L, forms the connection between the crank 15 at the top and the dome or cone cutter 20. meat grinder waring pro mg100 Crank 15 is a handle type element with a threaded opening 21 that threadedly engages the upper threads 16U of the shaft 12. meat grinder sportsmans warehouse This permits crank 15 to rotate the shaft 12. meat grinder korean war An optional knob 19 may be attached as by a screw—not seen, or a rivet to permit rotation of the knob, or the knob may be fixedly glued to the distal end of the crank 15. how to grind bacon without a meat grinder The main part of shaft 12 is designated 14 and is located within the center tube. download meat grinder subtitle indonesia This aspect of the shaft 12 which is visible after assembly may be of the same or different cross section as the balance of the shaft 12.

FIGS. kitchenaid fga food grinder attachment for stand mixers review 4,5, and 6 also show the edge protector 24 which is a piece of hard rubber or plastic that fits over the lower edge of the metal cutter 20 by friction fit to prevent finger injuries since the bottom opening of the apparatus 10 is finger accessible. used meat grinders sale ebay Reference is made at this time to FIG. use kitchenaid meat grinder 6, which shows the edge protector 24 and the cone cutter 20 in their normal disposition, recessed up within the bottom opening 23 of lower body portion 27. kitchenaid dishwasher food chopper assembly The upwardly disposed interior lip of the bottom portion 27 is designated 35 while the little rim that extends inwardly and which is adjacent to the edge of the cutter’s edge protector 24 is designated 37. rival meat grinder blades Again reference is made to FIG. rival food grinder 2275 parts 6.

FIG. rival meat grinder manual 4 is a diagrammatic view which illustrates the cutting procedure herein involved, as well as showing the correct vertical positioning of the several elements. waring pro meat grinder mg855 The cone cutter 20 has a grinder element which is a rounded trapezoid in elevation having a series of bulging protrusions each with a sharp edge for mincing a nut segment. waring pro meat grinder mg100fr Each protrusion is adjacent an opening such that minced pieces pass through an opening to the center of the cutter which is open at the bottom will be described in full detail in the discussion of FIG. waring pro meat grinder mg100 reviews 5 is seen to be disposed within the lower body section 27. waring pro meat grinder mg100 parts Disposed on the sidewall of the interior of the lower body section are at least two and up to about four wall mounted flutes 30. lem meat grinder parts These are vertical pieces of metal or plastic which are about 0.50 inches high and 0.125 inches wide that extending outwardly from the interior surface of the bottom section, and which are not seen in FIG. weston meat grinder manual 1. electric meat grinders sale These flutes 30 serve as guides for nut meat halves or smaller segments 67 to engage the cutter 20. how to clean an old metal meat grinder The flutes also guide entire pecans and other whole shelled nuts to engage the cutter 20.

While the device described herein employs a crank to rotate the shaft, and optionally includes a knob to make the rotation even easier than if only the crank were to be used, it is also within the scope of the invention to have the shaft fixedly disposed within the upper section, such that rotation of the entire upper portion, causes the shaft to rotate and to thereby rotate the cutter. waring pro mg105 professional no 8 electric meat grinder While such a mode of upper section rotation of the shaft is well known in the peppercorn grinding art, it is believed that the larger segments of nuts, walnuts, and entire nuts, pecans or almonds, to be ground here, make the crank operated shaft as disclosed here preferably. waring pro professional meat grinder mg100fr This is due to the extra leverage available from the crank operation as opposed to the sheer rotational effort that is needed for the non-crank operated grinders.

In FIG. waring pro stainless steel meat grinder mg100c 9, a variant for the handle crank is shown. weston manual number 8 meat grinder and sausage stuffer Here the handle 115 has a knob 119 at the end thereof, similar to the handle 15 with its knob 19. kitchenaid stand mixer meat grinder parts But in this variant, the handle is dished upwardly and out, as opposed to being straight, and the handle crank is integrated into a decorative overlay 121, for the upper section here designated 123. waring pro meat grinder mg100 3 The overlay and the crank are manufactured as a one piece unit. waring pro professional meat grinder mg100 Overlay 121 has a slightly inwardly recessed downwardly depending lip 128 that fits into a top circular recess 125 of this upper section 123. weston 36 2201 w manual meat grinder no 22 A central bore 122 in the overlay 121 serves to receive the protruding shaft 14 for engagement with cap nut 113.