Ongoing submissions archives – the horror tree

Gumshoe Review is now open to accept original fiction (mysteries, not character studies). The short stories should be no longer than 1,000 words. Pay will be 5 cents per word to a maximum of $50 (so if the story is longer you still only get $50). Our plan is to publish one short story per month. Stories should be sent as plain text within the body of an email or as a .txt, .pdf (not password protected), .doc, or .wp attachment to [email protected] Please use the subject line “Gumshoe Short Story Submission: Story Title”. Please include a short bio with the story. Works should be original and unpublished.

We try will acknowledge receipt of the story immediately but it may take us longer to respond about whether we will use the story in an upcoming month. ( Updated: 07/2017) If you don’t hear from us in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to query about your status.

The staff is very small and health and time issues have severely impacted our response times–including acknowledgements of receipt of submissions. Thus, a query is more than acceptable under current circumstances.

Submit your work as a standard document file or as part of your email, but keep in mind two things—we post screenshots of poems. Which means how it appears on our screen is how how it will appear on the site. So make sure it looks how you want it to look. Corollary: If you use a wacky font, we may reject your very good poem. We don’t want Quatrain.Fish to look like a seventh-grader searching for identity.

We’ve chosen this screenshot format/method in part because we hope your work will be picked up and shared across the web. BECAUSE OF THIS please put your name in a visible location that it may be part of the posted image. You don’t have to of course, and we’re happy to just put your name below the image, but it will eventually disappear should your poem go viral and start appearing all over the place.

We only make payments through PayPal. We’ll assume that the email you used to contact us is where you want your $1 sent; if that isn’t the case, tell us so in the original email. (We can’t keep track of multiple items of correspondence.) You may also, should the philanthropic urge strike you, donate your $1 back to the kitty. (Just throw that fact in the ol’ original email.) In order to keep our books clean, if you don’t claim your $1 within six weeks, we reserve the right to cancel the payment.

We purchase the first online and print publishing rights (in the English language in the case of written works) and the exclusive rights for the first six months after publication. We are also purchasing the continual archival rights that will revert back to you upon request after five years. The date of publication being defined as the day the issue containing your work was first made available to the Patreon patrons. These rights cannot be transferred to a third party without your permission.

This means we are buying the right to be the first person to publish the work anywhere, and we want to be the only ones publishing it for the first six months. Among other things, this precludes you from publishing your work first on your blog, to your friends on a social media website, or on any other website in general–without written permission from us. This written permission is not necessarily hard to get, as we see a great value in using such sites to promote interest in your work and by extension interest in Worlds Without Master. But if you intend to sell us rights different than the ones stated above, you must make us aware of it.

It also means means that once we publish the issue containing your work, it will be available for purchase online as a back issue for at least the next five years. After the first six months, these archival rights will be non-exclusive; which means you will be welcome to reprint your work however you wish, but we will still be selling the issue containing it until the end of these five years. After those five years, we will still continue to sell the back issue containing your work until you write us to specifically request we stop doing so, at which point we will happily comply. This will give you the ability to sell more exclusive rights to your work to another party after that date.