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You don’t need new windows…just new glass! If you have a double pane glass window that is fogged between the panes or broken, did you realize that in most cases you can replace just the glass without having to replace the whole window. Not only can East Side Glass Company replace the glass in these types of windows onsite at your home, we also offer a unique same day service if you can bring your window sash to our shop.

East Side Glass Company offers a same day, in shop, insulated glass replacement service on Wednesdays by appointment only. We are the only local glass shop that is set up to actually manufacture double pane or insulated glass units in house. To take advantage of this service you must call ahead to get on our schedule, as we are limited with the number we can do each week.

If you have an operating window sash like a casement or crank out, double hung, or slider and you are able to remove that operating sash & bring it to our shop, then in most cases we can replace that glass same day. Make sure to call ahead & get on the schedule, then have the window here by 9:00am at the very latest on the Wednesday it is scheduled for. In most cases we will have the glass replaced & your window ready for pickup by the end of that day. This cannot be done for every window however. If your window requires tempered safety glass or if you have a Low E tinted window that does not match the tint Low E that we have in house, then in those cases we would need to have your glass manufactured off site & brought in, which would increase the lead time.

Window condensation is the result of excess humidity in your home. The glass provides a cold surface on which humidity can visibly condense. The fog on your windows is a form of condensation similar to the water you find on the outside of a glass of fresh water in summer. Condensation usually occurs first on windows because glass surfaces have the lowest temperature of any of the interior surfaces in the house. When condensation occurs on your windows and doors, it’s a sign that you should reduce indoor humidity before it causes problems in your home like mildew, damaged paint surfaces, rotting wood, or moisture spots.

It is common for home owners who replace windows or glass to suddenly start having condensation. This is because they now have windows that are airtight and that make the excess of humidity impossible to escape. Your old windows or glass were probably draughty and when wind was blowing in, the slight cracks were allowing the excess of humidity in your house to escape. The new windows are now indicating that you have excessive moisture in your home. Moreover, wood, plaster, cement and other building material used in new construction and remodeling produce a big amount of moisture. When the heating season begins, there may be a certain amount of temporary condensation that appears. Sharp quick drops in temperature can also create temporary condensation problems during the heating season.

The outlook for commercial construction in Minnesota is looking bright! A large part of what we do at East Side Glass Company is commercial glass & glazing subcontract work. As most of you are aware there are a large number of huge commercial building projects and developments slated to begin this year in Minnesota. The Mall of America is almost doubling in size and the new Vikings stadium is now underway, just to name a couple. These two projects alone are enormous, plus they bring with them other buildings & development in these same areas; for example Wells Fargo has announced plans to spend $300 million dollars to build two new towers near the new Vikings stadium just to name one.

Looking away from the big cities, there are also many smaller commercial construction projects just getting underway all throughout the state, including the local St. Cloud metro area. We are beginning to hear rumors of labor shortages, product shortages & possible price increases on construction materials. We at East Side Glass are trying to get ahead of this by increasing our inventory now & by hiring some new employees to prepare for the upcoming year. Our project backlogs are starting to fill in & the bidding has been very busy!

All of us at East Side Glass Company are looking forward to this year & all the new projects & new relationships it will surely bring. There is nothing like watching a building project start from a hole in the ground & end with a beautiful new facility for a new or expanding business. If you have a project in the works and are looking for a bid or a budget number, please call us today to speak with one of our expert commercial project managers. You can also check out our commercial page for more information & to see examples of the many beautiful commercial projects we have had the pleasure of working on in recent years.