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Mei is a strong fighter who excels in 1-on-1 fights. Her freezing effect from Endothermic Blaster will let her win over most heroes. Icicle deals heavy damage when used correctly, making her a threat at both short and long ranges. Ice Wall can be used to trap or distract the enemy, as it can completely block the enemy’s vision, or split some of the enemies from the others. Mei’s Cyro-Freeze creates thick ice around herself, restoring her health and rendering her invulnerable, allowing her to play like semi-tank. Blizzard is a very strong Ultimate, able to turn the tide of battle when used correctly. Not being a true tank, Mei can still be outdamaged and killed easily. Her primary fire deals little damage and needs to land several hits to fully freeze the target.

Due to lacking of killing power and mobility, playing her well is challenging.

Endothermic Blaster: Mei’s primary weapon. The primary fire, when held down, launches a beam that will deal continuous damage on the enemy. Affected targets will gradually move slower until completely frozen for 1.5 seconds after taking 30 shots. The secondary fire will launch an icicle-projectile on a linear trajectory, consuming more ammo than primary fire but dealing heavy damage. Icicle has a short cast time, during which Mei’s movement speed is slowed.

• Cryo-Freeze: Mei’s personal defensive ability. She will create a thick ice coating around herself which makes her invulnerable, but immobile for 4 seconds. She will ignore most debuffs and recover health while the skill is active (150 total if the full duration is used), and the ice will disappear after the end of the duration. Mei can manually cancel this ability early.

• Ice Wall: When activated, Mei will create a wall of five ice pillars at the targeted location. By re-pressing the ability button, she can switch the wall’s orientation between side-to-side and front-to-back. The wall will be generated upon pressing normal attack, becoming an obstructing object which can block all line of sight for allies and enemies alike. Ice Wall can be ended several ways; it can be destroyed by enemies or a moving payload, its duration can expire, and Mei can melt it herself with the ability button.

• Blizzard (Ultimate): Mei’s Ultimate ability. Mei deploys her drone at the targeted point. The drone will travel toward the point as a slow projectile with a small arc. After the drone is on the ground, it will unleash the frostbite and wind in a wide area. The storm will deal some damage and slow the enemy’s movement speed. If the enemy lingers in the area for 2.5 seconds, they will become frozen solid for some time.

• Mei is a great fighter in 1-on-1 match-ups. Her Endothermic Blaster can freeze the enemy and finish it with Icicle-projectile. She can block the enemy’s attempt to escape by placing Ice Wall to block the escape route. However, she has low killing power against groups of enemies since her Icicle has a cast time and damage falloff. When fighting in groups, try to single out and freeze one enemy and kill them quickly.

• Blizzard is a powerful Ultimate that can freeze enemies in very large area. However, it needs 2.5 seconds to successfully freeze the enemy, which won’t be enough against enemies with good movement abilities or who are near the edge of the AoE. Try to combo with the ultimate from teammates such as Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter, so she can guarantee a successful freeze more easily. You can also use Ice Wall to block an enemy from escaping in one direction.

• You should mainly use Mei’s Cryo-Freeze to bait enemy abilities, such as Mccree’s flashbang, Ana’s sleep dart or biotic grenade or Roadhog’s hook. This gives Mei the upper advantage in 1v1 fights, as many heroes are reliant on their abilities to defend themselves from Mei, usually giving Mei an easy kill. You should only use Cryo-Freeze to heal yourself when absolutely necessary.

Nine years passed before Mei woke up, [6] not a physical day older due to being in cryo. [7] Her cryo pod was reactivated once the base received an external message, albeit too weak to properly display on the base’s terminals. Alongside Snowball (the base’s droid), she got dressed, made tea, and looked at the data she’d collected, discovering that the anomaly was much worse than predicted. Snowball revealed that she’d been in stasis for nine years, much to her horror; surely Overwatch would have come for them in that time. She tried to communicate with the outside world, but the comms were down. The base however, had accumulated news reports over the years the comms were active, which revealed that in the interim, the Ecopoint had been considered lost in the ice storm, and Overwatch had been shut down. No one knew they were here. It was at this point that she began to wonder where her fellow researchers were, and rushed back to the cryo-chamber. She discovered that all of the pods bar her own had malfunctioned, and as a result, they had perished. She broke down crying, alone in the base, with only Snowball for company. She promised to get the data they’d collected to the world. Or at least try.

Mei headed outside. However, the dish was broken (which prevented any outgoing transmissions), the base’s vehicles were incapacitated, and looking out across the vast Antarctic landscape quickly discouraged any thoughts of hiking out. She went back inside, faced with isolation (bar Snowball), and the knowledge that the base’s power wouldn’t last indefinitely. She noticed the transmission that had been sent earlier, one that was being sent over Overwatch’s emergency frequency. Perhaps someone knew they were here, but to find out, they’d need to reinforce the radio tower so she could climb it and access the dish. Over the next several days, Mei scavenged material to build an endothermic blaster and a makeshift antenna. She nearly completed it, but it was at this point that the base’s last battery gave out. Snowball sacrificed his own power to recharge Mei’s workstation, and as such, she was able to finish the blaster. Through it, she was able to use its ice properties to climb the tower and get to the dish. Using her antenna, she discovered that the message had been sent from Winston, urging Overwatch‘s former agents to get back together to face the troubles facing their world. Mei decided to answer the call. Before leaving, she paid her final respects to her friends before taking a sled of supplies, and hiked across the Antarctic landscape with confidence. To her joy, she found that Snowball (whom she’d taken with her) had regained his power, thanks to a portable solar panel she had taken with her. [6] A New World

Mei found herself awakened to a world that had undergone considerable changes. Not only was Overwatch no more, but the serious climate issues had worsened, and none of the eco-watchpoints were in operation. Any clues that they had uncovered were lost. Mei decided to continue her work on her own. Equipped with a portable version of her climate-manipulation technology, she traveled around the world, hoping to re-establish the eco-network and track down the causes of the threats to the planet’s ecosystem. [4] New Journeys

So I’m starting this journal. Honestly, I’m not sure who’s going to want to read this. It was the idea of my colleague, Winston. He thinks that people will find my "unique" perspective interesting. (We’ll see if he’s right!) At the very least, it’ll help me pass the time, and believe me, when you’re huddled in a shelter and it’s -20° C outside (brrrr!), you have a lot of time to kill. (And 雪球 isn’t the greatest conversationalist.)

At some point after this, Mei got in touch with Winston. [5] He suggested she start writing a journal, telling her that people would find her "unique" perspective interesting. She made her first journal entry and made it available to the public while in the Yukon near Mount Logan, while testing her new gear. She concluded that it was in working order (a step up from a few days ago, when she’d accidentally frozen her arm), and began studying the local wildlife. Six days later, she decided to head to Asia, to investigate the abandoned Overwatch stations there. Before doing so, she took a break by flying into Los Angeles to see Six-Gun Killer. Two days after that, she was in Asia, investigating a mountain ecosystem [5] (possibly the Himalayas). [9]