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Information has come to light from an office cleaner at the MaldAir Group Head Office. The information makes investing in Ma LCoin ( MLC) a very sound investment right now. Whilst the report is unconfirmed, the document recovered appears to be sufficiently genuine to warrant this news item. The document suggests that donors to the community will now receive MLC as a thank you. It also suggests that this will be applied retrospectively to everyone who has donated in the past.

The news agency Reuters explains: "This is a great opportunity for potential investors to buy into MLC. As the value of MLC is tied to the percentage of global ownership, the value of MLC is expected to rise by 30% and, once this news is confirmed, there will be a lot more people investing in MLC, pushing the value even higher.

Now is the time to invest in MLC."

Ben Lewis for Airline Analytics Inc. notes the following: "FragileAir carry very high value items and a pilot can make lots of money that way. If they can then transfer those funds over to MaldAir and then buy MLC, the value of MLC could increase dramatically. The downside of this is that the number of high value parcels may well decrease over time as people choose to invest in MLC instead of sending high value parcels. Now is the time to fly for FragileAir whilst high value parcels still exist."

MaldAir is now officially one year old as of yesterday and we have had a very neat 2222 pilot registrations, six hundred and eighty five thousand hits to the website and eighteen thousand hours of flight time. For a relatively new Airline, this is simply astonishing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making the MaldAir Server THE most popular session on FSX:Steam Edition.

I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Zak Adams for donating the most to the community and thank all our other donators for keeping us going. There have been some changes to the networking infrastructure at the Directors offices and costs will be significantly less since November 2015 but we do still need your donations to cover the costs of maintaining the website. If you’ve got any cash left over from Santa’s visit – then do remember our needs and click on that button on the right!

Some important news is that the MaldAir group of companies will be extending in the next few months as we are entering the Cargo/Consignment/Parcel market. This is still in development but the plan is to have parcels rather than schedules. Anyone can have a parcel delivered to and from any of our (and EurOzones) regular airports and the parcels will be tracked and emails sent when a parcel reaches the destination, gets closer to its destination or has any other significant event (such as damage due to a hard landing or interception by Customs Officials). You can create parcels for yourself to deliver or for anyone else to deliver. If you successfully deliver the parcel, you will be paid. If you damage the parcel (with a hard landing) then YOU will have to pay the sender compensation. Do note that Customs Officials will confiscate certain consignments if anything illegal is found during searches.