Looking for lemons in lewes, delaware, part ii – lemonluv

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After a great night’s sleep at The Savannah Inn, my husband, Quinten (Q for short) and I went out for a walk. We always travel the same route. First, over the canal bridge to Lewes Beach, backtracking to Pilottown Road towards the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment. I love walking along the canal, looking at the beautiful homes and spotting the osprey nests, of which there are many.

We circled back through town, walking a total of five miles.

By the time we returned to the inn and showered, we had missed breakfast. So Q headed out to Nectar Café, off Second Street. Thirsty from the walk, I requested Fresh Squeezed Lemonade with Ginger as well as a nutritious Morning After juice (lemon, ginger, apple, spinach, kale, and pineapple). When it’s that hot out, I can’t eat. So the beverages hit the spot.

With him happily ensconced at Rock Creek, I ventured out on my own. I didn’t have to go far. As soon as I entered Coral Cove, I spotted a book on lemonade. I’ll have to try out some of the more interesting recipes (40 total) like Batroun Lemonade, White Shrub and Lemon Dew. There also are recipes for pops, sorbets, granitas and cocktails. I looked in a few more stores before ending up on the boardwalk, taking in the ocean view. I thought about killing more time with a few rounds of Skeeball (I’m a Jersey girl after all) but decided to call Q instead. If he met me soon enough, he’d prevent me from indulging in my arcade addiction. Thankfully, he was just wrapping up his addiction at Rock Creek.

Browseabout Books is a must if you’re in Rehoboth. It’s as bookstores used to be and still should be – independent, locally owned. This one’s been around for nearly 45 years. They have a little stationery/gift shop attached to the book side as well. There were plenty of lemon soaps, candles, hand towels and paper products; though I didn’t purchase any. Know thyself, pace thyself.

Our last stop is a perennial favorite – Mod Cottage. I love the guys who own the store and never fail to leave without a few items. They have good taste and you can find anything from cocktail napkins and coasters to kitchen gadgets and linens. It’s a great place to pick up a hostess gift or accessorize your beach house. I found not one but three different lemon-scented soap bars, selecting one made in Italy. I also found a beautiful kitchen towel and cheery paper hand towels for the powder room.

There were plenty of lemon sweets – meringue malt balls, lemon slices, lemon heads, and lemon drops. I opted for the meringue balls and lemon stirrers to sweeten drinks. I also picked up a bag of lemon bark. I fully anticipated the lemony goodness of the meringue malt balls. However, they tasted like regular malt balls (which I love). No lemon detectable though. The stirrers do a good job of sweetening drinks, with a subtle lemon flavor. I drop one in a glass of water and mint, allowing it to dissolve slowly. Both of us liked the lemon bark best. A mixture of sweet, creamy white chocolate with the tarty crunch of the hard lemon candies.

Q was pretty thirsty at this point. Wanting to avoid alcohol until dinner (again, know thyself, pace thyself), we took a look in Lewes Gourmet (p.s.-there’s a terrific puzzle store attached to it). If you like crumpets and tea, this is your place. You’ll enjoy perusing their English products aisle. While I searched for lemon products, Q grabbed a Spindrift sparkling water. I see them advertised everywhere but hadn’t tried it yet. He got the lemon flavored one. I’m not really a fan of fizzy water (still water, please) but I like this one – not overly carbonated and with a hint of lemon. I found some Meyer Lemon cookies. If you read my previous blog, you know I like Meyer Lemon shortbread. This Moravian Cookie Thin is a lighter take on the shortbread ones.

Heirloom opened a couple of years ago. Housed in an old Victorian house, the décor is sweet with a vintage vibe. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced and service is attentive without being intrusive. I ordered a Fifer Orchard Blueberry Margarita. It was delicious and beautiful, and I loved the fresh thyme (one of my favorite herbs) garnish. Q had the Blistered Shishito Peppers appetizer. The Watermelon and Green Tomato Gazpacho was a wonderful starter. Instead of being watery like many gazpachos, it was really creamy with a nice spicy kick. We both had Butter Basted Maine Halibut as our entrée. It was cooked perfectly and on a bed of summer squash, green beans, Vidalia onions, wilted lemon balm, salted blueberry caramel, and porcini puree. It’s one of their most popular dishes (along with the scallops). We finished with Mini Lemon Bundt Cake. It was a perfect portion to share; about two or three bites for each of us. The berry compote and blackberry sorbet were visually pleasing, tasty complements to the lemon glaze and lemon balm poppy seed cookie crumble.