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"This pack contains 1184 Zips, 1719 maps of 285+ authors all having proper filenames and showing the full author (and/or nickname) and the full title of the map or add-on. All maps have been provided a BAT and INI file (where missing) and some projects are rescripted (install BAT) in order to make them work properly and/or to ensure the original files will be restored after playing. There are a few add-ons left out because of ridiculous file sizes; having extremely large cutscene movies or unnecessary gamefile duplicates, most of them are recent releases and are still downloadable elsewhere so there’s no need at this point in time to preserve them in this pack. This is an update and total replacement of the previous packs released. I like to thank Corvin, Mike Ochs and all mappers out there!"

"I’m working on getting as much Maps as possible for the first Blood game, so that I can upload it into one file to make it easier for fans to easily attain the whole collection (or as close as possible, since plenty would be lost in the Void in this day and age) in one hit. I’d host it on my own server where bandwidth wouldn’t be a problem, but not in an actual website. So far I have 520 files, which probably adds up to 600 or more Maps, when you figure in conversions/map packs and such. I’m speaking with someone via email who says they have 500-odd as well, so I’m hoping to acquire them soon and go through deleting the ones I don’t need and such…. Along with all of them, I had stored away on an old CD of mine (which would be about 8 years old) lots of Maps from the late nineties; 250-odd files which I could not locate on any website; which is probably a joke of a collection compared to all those that were stored at sites that no longer exist, since I was never an avid Map collector back in the day… Anyhow, if any of you fine Blood fans think you have Maps that I lack, or who have large collections on old CDs that they can share I’d appreciate it greatly. I don’t mind going through them all and seeing which ones I do and do not have. So far my file is nearly 200mbs, which is because of all the TCs."

A detailed collection of over 1,300 maps for Blood posted on the Transfusion and The Postmortem forums on February 1, 2009 and divided into three sections: Complete Collection, Just Maps, and Just Total Conversions. All are direct-links and do not require registering an account of any kind. They were complied by Jarlaxle, and are now only available through the Wayback Machine.

"Levels for Professional Blood players. ‘You will make them pay, and then… you will die.’ Welcome to a nice and hard bunch of levels. If you are a professional Bloodite, and have conquered all but these levels, we hope you will find a difficult, yet well balanced challenge here. All of these levels are ramped in difficulty, so that the last level is the hardest of them all. This means that if you find the first level hard, you may find the last one to be beyond your skills. These levels have been finished by us, and contain what we believed to be some of the most challenging puzzles, toughest enemies and difficult tasks to master. The amount of times you will die, is insane. If the texts are read thoroughly, and your skills at puzzle solving are good, you may find the secret level, and with it more challenges."

A famous trilogy of maps, with an additional secret level, last modified on May 11, 1998 by brothers Joel "Reactor" and Kurt "Headhunter" Blackwell. It was included in The Lost Episodes compilation. Despite being only three levels, the add-on features quite an in-depth written storyline centred around Egyptian mythology available from the website draft or in the file archive. This background detail and its notably intense difficulty made the episode quite renowned. A sequel, entitled Gods 2, was later in development for Blood II: The Chosen.

"The dark forests of Barovia are filled with wolves and other creatures that roam at night. Nearby are the Svalich woods, wherein Madam Eva and her troupe of gypsies have camped. Madame Eva can foretell the future for the adventurers, and only they can pass beyond the gates to escape Barovia. The village of Barovia is mostly closed, for the night belongs to Strahd and his creatures. The citizens now barricade themselves in at night and hide trembling behind closed doors. Far above the village sits Castle Ravenloft, Strahd’s home. It is a fortress from which thousands of bats fly at night looking to feed. Sometimes even Strahd, the villagers fear, must fly with them. The adventurers have been led to this land. As they enter his domain a wry, twisted smile appears on the Count’s face. He watches from his castle as his dark plan unfolds. He is the master of Ravenloft, and so he sends his wolves to guide these strangers to his castle….."

A well known trilogy of three maps created between February 19-September 28, 1998 by Michael Shire (aka Micho) of " The Ultimate Blood MapEdit Suite" eventually hosted by Planet Blood; he later joined the Necrosoft design team. The set is reputedly based on the Ravenloft campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, which featured gothic horror elements similar to Blood. The collection was also included in the Blood Chronicles volume two compilation, as well as The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De and The Lost Episodes.

"Caleb stands in the hall of epiphany the only evidence of Tchernobog’s foul presence the spent bullet casings scattered on the floor, an emaciated man staggers out of a passage way draped in ragged clothing ‘you’ve saved us’. Caleb empties the last of his Tommy gun’s drum into the man and turns away dropping his weapons as he heads slowly back to the ancient doors that lead out, as he reaches them a noise stops him an ominous rumbling that seems to draw towards him from all sides, the sound gathers into a scream that tears into Caleb throwing him to his knees then silence…"

After destroying Tchernobog at the Hall of the Epiphany, the power vacuum allows Caleb’s soul to rise and hold him captive. Although thanking him for disposing of the dark god, it prepares to punish Caleb for every innocent victim he has slain through four trials: suffering, punishment, despair and redemption – and then hopefully become one together. These four tasks make up the modification’s giant level; a map so large, it is known to offer a considerable processor challenge. It was created by RedFanatic, later co-developer of Bloody Pulp Fiction. The Plasma Pak was required.

"One beautiful cloudy day you were sitting in your shack very, very, bored. You wished to go outside and look for something to do, but being as it is a war out there, there is a bunch of mean evil nasty things outside that wish to harm you. After a while of thinking about this situation, you come to the conclusion that the mean evil nasty things outside could be the very solution to your boredom. Sure they wish to harm you, but could you not harm them as well? An evil smile stretches across your face as you grab your shotgun and rush out the door."

It’s a War Out There (shortened as AWAR) is a one-level add-on for Blood created by TOT COMICS/ That one guy (aka Joe Anderson), creator of Blood Reborn, in 2011. The back-story is brief: Caleb has been hiding out in his cabin for a long time, getting increasingly bored, but weary of all the dangers that lay beyond. After all "it’s a war out there". Eventually however, the protagonist decides to venture outward, figuring that all those things that seek to hurt him he can hurt in return, and thereby find his means to amuse himself. The level features cemetery, urban, library, sewer, water, and cave areas and even a laboratory with portals to both the frozen north and to a temple complex. It is here that the player meets his final challenge: two beasts that guard the exit.

"After your encounter with the zombie at the cliff, you quickly come to the conclusion that the Cabal is in the area. Since the whole reason your even near this cliff is because your so darn bored, you decide to follow the cliff in the hopes of finding the Cabals latest hideout. After an hour or so of walking you come across an old library. You immediately decide that this is a promising place to start looking and quickly proceed inside…"

The premise is continued in a second add-on, It’s a War Out There 2, wherein Caleb finds an axe zombie carelessly wandering around a cliff-face, falling to its death. Caleb figures this must herald a nearby Cabal stronghold, and so he decides to check it out, again to relieve his endless boredom. First he comes across an old library, which he blasts through, before retreating down into the sewers, and again through a laboratory, finding a similar portal that leads out into a lava temple. There he has a surprise encounter with Tchernobog, whom he defeats before once again heading along his way. The introductions to both levels feature animated openings featuring Blood sprites, followed by a textual introduction. There were three versions released of the original map, and two of the second.