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We’ve all seen the commercials. How to unclog sink drain without chemicals For years, liquid drain cleaners have been telling us how great they are, how fast they work, and how much time and money you’ll save if you just call on a “liquid plumber” instead of a real plumber.

Although liquid drain cleaners are what most people reach for, they will at best, mask the problem, and at worst.

How to unclog sink drain with baking soda do nothing. Best way to unclog your sinuses A good analogy is someone who uses mouthwash but never brushes their teeth. Unclog hair in sink The drain cleaner will remove light debris, but not the buildup.

If you live or have lived on a military base, then you have no doubt seen in your official base housing guide that using any types of liquid drain cleaner is strictly forbidden. Easy way to unclog a kitchen sink This is because the military does not want you to damage their property or injure maintenance personnel.

The key ingredients in the most popular liquid drain cleaners are sodium hydroxide, also known as lye, and sodium hypochlorite, which is bleach. Unclog sink garbage disposal The idea is for a chemical reaction between the lye and the water, which will heat up the water and supposedly blast it away; while the bleach also works to break down the hair that may be causing the blockage. How to unclog a kitchen sink drain pipe Big problems can occur when the chemicals fail. How to unclog bathroom sink with baking soda Not only can the chemicals start to break down the walls of your pipes, while they sit there not breaking down the elements of the clog, but you also risk having the chemicals splash onto you, or the plumber you hire, to snake or plunge the drain.

If you do decide to hire a plumber to clear your drain, it is imperative that you tell him about any concoctions you’ve tried so he can take the proper precautions. Unclog sink vinegar He will ask, and he will find out if you’ve lied about it. How to unclog kitchen sink garbage disposal In which case, you may pay a substantially higher price for his services. Home remedy unclog sink It is not unheard of for some plumbers to refuse to work on drains that have had these products poured into them.

Under no circumstances should you use these products in your toilet, as the products will sit in the porcelain bowl and trap area between flushes, while the chemical reaction and added heat can cause the porcelain to crack or even explode. How to unclog a slow bathroom sink drain The cost of replacing the toilet will be significantly higher than the cost of hiring a plumber to clear the clog, or going to a home improvement store and buying a toilet auger or snake.

In many cases, you are. Bathroom sink clogged up Even the most modest of do-it-yourselfers can free up most clogs, and without the help of liquid drain cleaners. Bathroom sink clogged behind wall It may, on occasion, take some persistence, but plungers really can clear a lot of clogs. Bathroom sink clogged beyond trap Next, you can try a zip-type snake which costs just a few bucks at the hardware store, or you may even be able to fashion an effective snake from a piece of wire or a coat hanger. Bathroom sink clogged drain The key here is to make sure to bend a handle that won’t fit in the drain itself, or you may drop it in and compound the issue, which is why I don’t recommend something small like a bobby pin or paper clip, even for stoppages near the drain entrance.

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