Lilura1_ siege of dragonspear walkthrough – part x

Not odd, actually. Arena hearthstone rewards It’s a Composite Longbow. Hearthstone freeze mage deck A mundane (i.e. Hearthstone free medivh heroic unenchanted) Composite Longbow has THAC0 +1 and damage +2, so naturally a Composite Longbow +2 will have THAC0 +3 and damage +4.

The reasoning for this is that the base comparison for all bows is a mundane Shortbow – THAC0 +0, damage +0. Standard vs wild hearthstone A mundane Longbow is more powerful, so this is modelled by giving it THAC0 +1 (but damage still +0). Hearthstone freezing trap A mundane Composite Longbow is even more powerful, so this is modelled by giving it THAC0 +1, damage +2. Free to play hearthstone decks Then any enchanted bow adds its enchantment level to those base figures according to the type of bow.

Note that this formula applies only in BG1. Beginners guide to hearthstone In BG2, a mundane Composite Longbow gets +1 damage instead of +2, and enchantments apply a bonus to THAC0 only, not also to damage … Hearthstone 300 gold quest except that there are some special (uniquely named) bows which do also get a damage bonus. Hearthstone mage guide (I’m not sure why the BG2 rule is different, but perhaps the devs decided for reasons of balance that ranged weapons needed to be attenuated in BG2 … Hearthstone mage build and perhaps they were right, since ranged combat turned out to be very powerful in BG1, perhaps more powerful than the devs had actually intended).

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In the waylay zone, the Shadowy Figure leaves the scene if you don’t paralyze him. Hearthstone quick shot At least he did for me. Hearthstone paladin guide Said “As expected, you have proved your might, Charname. Hearthstone mage secret deck I have seen enough.” Sounds like you might see him again later perhaps..

In the Troll breakout quest there were two different options to talk him down. Hearthstone hack no survey no password Intimidating or philosophical. Hearthstone unlocks And I got 5 potions when talking him down instead of 4 for the violent aproach. Hearthstone expansion price Not that I’m short of potions in this game..

There seems to be no problems clearing the dragonspear courtyard after the quests are done, at least after having cleared the underground river and dragonspear basement. Hearthstone expansion cards Better safe than sorrow.. New hearthstone expansion cards That is some seriously weird battle though. Hearthstone new expansion cards There is some AI/pathfinding/scripting issue, the crusaders sometimes randomly walks off in the middle of the battle and dissapears. Hearthstone starter guide And a couple of enemies I could kill with my sword from a distance. Hearthstone new expansion release date Someone in the camp had a returning throwing axe +2 though so it could definately be worth it.

The elvish game with Tristan cannot be delegated just to anyone with high INT. Hearthstone the crone I had Baeloth in my party who was completely ignored despite his 19 intelligence. Hearthstone the grand tournament As I had a wizard slayer for CHARNAME (never tried that kit and now regret that i finally did) and stuffing him with potions of genius wasnt an option, i had to head back for the camp and temporarily recruit Neera just to win over that cursed holy symbol. Hearthstone kidnapper My guess is the game can only be played by CHARNAME, Neera, Dynaheir and possibly Edwin, I was going to try out Edwin, but Neera just happened to be first on my path to him. Hearthstone blood of the ancient one Reply Delete

Thank you for the walkthrough. Hearthstone karazhan release This was my first visit to your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading the personalized comments that came with it. Hearthstone karazhan guide I’m also a huge NWN fan, so I’ll be sure to come back, though I enjoyed the first one far more than the later.

I’m planning to play through the entire series (on Core) for the first time and I’ve opted to use Abdel, the default fighter, and the cannon party that BGII starts off with. Hearthstone karazhan heroic I didn’t want overpowered stats for this run and trying not to cheese my way through the games. Hearthstone the grand tournament cards I’ve been trying the new custom scripts that Beamdog has added for most of the joinable NPCs. The crone hearthstone Considering how bad they were in the original series, they’ve really done a decent job here. End of season rewards hearthstone There aren’t a whole lot of battles that I need to micromanage every action with autopause firing on everything. Hearthstone karazhan card list Aside of Jaheira, it’s a good aligned party, so I’m using Glint to fill in for Imoen in SoD.

My main regret using Abdel is his lack of charisma. Hearthstone closed error After using the Tome, it’s only fifteen. Hearthstone the grand tournament card list I’m sure that I missed out on a few things, but the first time that I was really stumped by this (mostly following your walkthrough) was trying to enter Dragonspear courtyard. Hearthstone grand tournament cards The officer ended up demanding the Seal with every dialogue choice. Hearthstone grand tournament card list I used a Potion of Influence to buff Abdel’s charisma to nineteen and a new option became available, something about being a hardened and battle worn veteran, and only then did the officer grant a Seal and passage through.

Before I thought to buff Abdel’s charisma, I used my google-fu to see if I had missed something with the Seal. Hearthstone karazhan release time I may have missed it in your walkthrough, but Malden Col, the traitor in the Coalition camp, was supposed to drop it. Hearthstone karazhan release date I didn’t hang around to see what actually happened to him after I finished my dialogue with him, but when I went back there all that I found was a Short Sword +1. Hearthstone uldaman It’s quite possible I didn’t do his dialogue or something right, too, though.

I may have missed something in your walkthrough up to this point, but this was the first time I was stumped by anything. Hearthstone alleria Mostly, though, I’d like to thank you again for taking the time to do this. Hearthstone all star squad Much appreciated. Make a hearthstone card Reply Delete