Kitchen sink strainer

Install this fun looking strainer in your kitchen sink to spend less time hand washing dishes, and never worry about clogged drains again. The colorful outer ring provides a universal fit for commercial and home applications, but it also ensures that nothing will pass under the basket, and no amount of water flow will cause it to shift positions. Similar products are full of little holes that cause water to slow as they fill up, bu this one has long, vertical slots that catch all of the same debris without stopping the flow, or filling the sink. It’ll protect your pipes for longer periods between each cleaning, and you’ll be able collect way more food chunks before you need to dump it out. The bright colors, and wavy shape gives it a fun look, but that flexible outer material also clings for positioning, and provides the perfect ramp to ensure everything flows inside.

Get one to replace a lost or worn part, or use one to save time when doing chores like rinsing plates, scrubbing silverware, or preparing food. Available in gray, green or pink.

• High Flow. It has a few round holes at the base, but the majority of them are long, vertical slots. This doesn’t decrease straining ability, but it does allow for maximum water flow. Food chunks will not be able to pass through the tiny spaces, but water will flow freely in order to prevent back-up, or the need to empty the basket constantly. When compared to traditional versions that only have round holes, this one will hold more, and require less frequent emptying.

• Colorful. A vibrantly colored ring surrounds the colorful basket, and both combine to create a fun accent that is also functional. Choose your favorite color, or match existing decor. No matter which one you choose, it’s sure to brighten up your sink while keeping your drain fee of debris. Thanks to the material used, it will also resist staining and fading in order to maintain it’s look.

• Collects Everything. Soft and pliable, the outer edge is much more than a nice looking decoration. Some other designs might let teeny particles slip underneath, but not this one. The wide rim sits flush with the sink surface, and it hugs the material to prevent any pieces from flowing underneath. All the chunks will wash over the rim, and into the basket for collection.

• Stays Put. You don’t need to worry the strainer itself sliding around because the same material that stops small stuff from getting underneath will also act as a non-slip base to keep it right where you place it. It’s made from a silicone-like material so it’s soft, flexible, and sort of grabby. The friction it creates will make it stay in place despite rushing water or other hazards. Once installed, they will conform to any shape of sink, and cling to any material it is made out of.

Why Use OneMost clogged pipes, or backed up drains are caused by unwanted objects getting washed down inside to become glued to the sides, or stuck in the middle. This is especially common in the kitchen because we prepare meals and wash dishes there. Even with thorough scraping, some food will remain to rinse off, and flow down the drain. If you don’t have some sort of strainer in place, the particles will wash down and begin sticking, coating, clumping, and eventually blocking your drain. Once backed up, water will no longer flow, and the sink will start to fill up. You could call the plumber or grab a plunger each time this happens, but it’s much easier to use this affordable product, and prevent it from happening in the first place. Because this will save time, effort and frustration, this simple product makes a great addition to any home, and quickly pays for itself as you begin to finish the dishes in less time.

Intended as a replacement for any similar item you have now, our kitchen sink strainers offer one of the best ways to decrease the amount of stuff that washes down your drain. Using one is pretty basic, and installation only takes a second. You will not be able to plug your sink with one of these, but you will be able to catch any food particles before they clog your pipes.