Jewish community center, sonoma county – jewish film festival 2017

The JCC Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival is here again. Join us for a great crop of Jewish themed films from around the world. Film is a unique art form that brings us experiences from other times and places, otherwise not available to us in such a vivid, immersive and deep way. So let us all soak in the experience, and broaden our horizons together. And most importantly, Enjoy!

Take the archetypal, biblical story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, place it in today’s world and you get a completely modern, relatable story. Set in the Jerusalem Philharmonic, the film gently uncovers the mythological triangle, the mothers’ bond, the rival prodigy, and the patriarchal conductor, illuminating the emotional roots of this ancient conflict. Harmonia is spiced with beautiful music organically woven into the narrative, with gorgeous, award-winning cinematography.

Discover this hidden story of Iraqi music. Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background, is on a quest to reveal the untold Jewish role in popular Iraqi music. The film follows Majid’s bold journey from Australia to Israel, Europe and Iraq, to meet Iraqi musicians of all faiths – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – and to unite them in a concert where music and culture transcend religion and politics"

Creating the musical special event around the film “On the Banks of the Tigris” got us so inspired, and left us hungry for more of this Middle Eastern culture. So we joined forces with the wonderful Sonoma Wine Shop to bring you an Iraqi feast: a full Iraqi dinner, with some Simbusak, Tirshi, Kibbeh, Zangoula, and many other Iraqi delicacies that will open your heart and satisfy your senses.

Post-war Hungary. What happens when two Orthodox Jews arrive at the village train station with mysterious boxes, as the locals are preparing for a wedding? Some villagers fear the men might be heirs of the deported Jews, and worry that more survivors will come and pose a threat to their ill-gotten gains, while others feel remorse. Their world is turned upside down. One of the most beautiful films you’ll see all year, 1945 poses questions and exposes emotions with subtlety and intricacy rarely shown in cinema.

In 1972, hijackers took control of Sabena Flight 571 from Brussels to Tel Aviv, kicking off thirty nerve-wracking hours of human, military and political drama. The film poses significant questions, with a cinematic re-enactment interwoven with archival material and exclusive interviews with three Israeli Prime Ministers who were part of the rescue effort, and one of the hijackers. Post film discussion with Dr. Ziv Rubinovitz, Israel Institute Teaching Fellow, Sonoma State University.

A romping, multi-culti romantic comedy, that deals with the clash of generations, religions, and cultures in a playful, witty way. Two young men, David and Khaled, want to get married. Should be easy, but how smoothly will it go when it involves a homophobic Arab father, a pseudo-orthodox Jewish mother, and an unexpected pregnancy? Many things need to be set straight (no pun intended) before they can exchange their vows and live happily ever after.

The winner of over 22 audience awards, Fanny’s Journey is uplifting entertainment for all ages. Based on an autobiographical novel by Fanny Ben-Ami, we see the story of a brave, resourceful young girl who is entrusted with the fate of a small band of children, fearlessly leading them through the Nazi-occupied French countryside on a perilous mission to reach the Swiss border. Impressive period details and fine camera work brings history alive for oldsters and youngster, alike.