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Jen Elyse Feldman is an all around success that specializes in holistic health, immunity, energy, mood & aesthetic makeovers, including fat loss, body reshaping, skin clarity & also hair care. She is also the creator of “Rescue Bites” “ Healthy Munchies” & “Living The Life!” and has certifications from IIN, NASM, AFAA, Balanced Body Pilates Reformer & Mat, TRX, Kettlebells, Silver Sneakers Yoga, Jungstin Warrior and has Mastered Reiki Level 2, BA Psychology, and The American University.

This meant the world to me, because my dad’s dad passed away from an extraordinary rare kidney disease, amyloidosis. His brain, his desire to cure my grandma’s cancer, his attention to detail & artistry, his work for New York as chief of NYC Fire Department, & his wishes for my wellbeing & success are the reason why I Try My Personal Best!

Before acting, I ask myself, “would my ancestors approve of this?!?” Luckily, my family has a wild sense of humor!!!!!! —

“Living The Life!” transformation plans treat Mood, Immunity, Energy and Aesthetic Issues. I strategically use Food as Medicineà a precise prescription type, dosage, and also timing is formulated to achieve specific results. Influenced by both ancient, eastern healing techniques & trendy, American wellness protocols, Jen guides individuals under her care through highly-effective protocols, to achieve dramatic results. Jen’s Prescription focuses on the journey and destination to Live The Life!

Jen has successfully relieved these issues: excess body fat, debilitating back pain, acne, cellulite, chronic fatigue, arthritis pain, heart disease, hypothyroid, white blood cell insufficiencies, adrenal fatigue, weak kidneys, food addiction & food cravings, drug addiction, food & relationship codependency, bipolar, suicidality, relationship issues, loneliness, food & alcohol addiction, low motivation, depressed mood, lack of focus, anxiety, insomnia, flatulence, bloating, constipation, stress, managing health in individuals with low white blood cell counts, anemia…..

Common results: fat loss, dramatic weight loss (more than a few of her clients have lost 20+ pounds, after only 1 Health Counseling Session), the addition of lean muscle, less bloating & flatulence, increased energy & motivation, high resistance to illness (less medications, avoiding antibiotics & also decreased Doctor visits), quicker cognitive processing, disappearance of arthritis & fibromyalgia pains, acne disappears, increased mood and productivity, increased self-esteem, your rear ends are firmed & lifted, with healthier stress management….

Without a functional blood test, the extensive information provided in your health analysis allows me to create a results-driven transformation plan addressing your specific goals and issues. Please list all energy, mood, immunity, and aesthetic goals and problem areas, such as “getting enough energy to work out”, “conquering insomnia”, “avoiding antibiotics”, and “eliminating food addictions”. Specific goals allows me to give precise guidelines that will work for you. Details that seem irrelevant are surprisingly critical.

Be sure to fill out your current diet VERY THOROUGHLY (everything counts: a cigarette, gum, water, mints, alcohol, chewing on toothpicks). Include all “problems”, even if it seems negligible (hiccups, flatulence, increased energy in the evenings, etc.). Include ALL goals, even the smallest ones. Every detail matters, and the results have been miraculous: demand the best from yourself and me.

MY Credentials & Titles: Certified Reiki Master, licensed Cosmetologist, New York State certified Makeup Artist, trained actress & improv comedian, film writer & also producer, published model, actress, creator of “The Keys to Live The Life” Guidebook for optimal moods, immunity, energy & Aesthetics –“Funny” Skits by me ( me as alter egos, me as a man, “Juan Rivera.)”

What I Do: Acting, Modeling, TV & Event Hosting, Holistic Health Seminars, Private & Group Fitness & Health Teaching, Live Reporting/Interviews, Comedy, I do Intuitive Holistic Health Makeovers for individuals focusing on the umbrella topics of Immunity, Energy and Body Composition Transformations at my private fitness studio and by videophone.

Used effectively, these items eliminate serious infections & illnesses with little damage to the body. Try using combinations of these items before considering antibiotics. These items have eliminated serious infections, when antibiotics failed! Impressive. These items should be treated like prescribed medication. Please use with extreme care & also ask for assistance, if needed. Keep in mind, there can be synergistic reactions between items, and “overdose”-like reactions can occur, if too much or too many items are used at once.

Commentary: Provided is a broad item list to solve a myriad of health issues from “the common cold”, to lessening symptoms from viral infections, to alleviating internal & external infections in individuals with compromised immune systems. Not all items are suitable for you. Consult with me or another well-informed wellness guide that is educated in the “Food Is Medicine” protocol + food/herb interactions.

Notice a trend here? Fruit, vegetables & herbs= MEDICINE. A direct relationship has been established between antibiotic usage and cancer. Antibiotics destroy healthy flora, and this could potentially disrupt healthy gut & brain activities. The brain & gut greatly control our well-being, so maintaining healthy bacteria is crucial! I made this list so you can avoid life-altering, deadly drugs.

Optional SUPPLEMENT IDEAS: Umcka cold care, Zinc Elderberry chewable tablets for a minor sore throat/cold symptoms (been effective!), herbal Adrenal Support pills, Oregano Oil, Sage leaves in boiled water, sage oil, olive leaf, pau d’arco, cat’s claw, goldenseal, palmetto, rutabaga, Turmeric, Frozen Acai Berry Packs, Camu Camu Berry Powder, Wheatgrass: fresh or frozen shots, Phresh Greens Powder, Zinc, Omega3, Magnesium, Colloidal Silver, thyme (fresh herbs and/or oil), linden leaves, fresh mint leaves blended in water.

Avoid these triggers that spike candida levels: antibiotics (even 1 dose/year), antibiotics found in animal products, sucralose, aspartame, alcohol, wine, sugary drinks, high-sugar fruit, gluten, refined carbohydrates including crackers & cookies, and also many animal products, corn, wheat, margarine & most “fake butters,” spelt, kamut, spelt, barley, oats, flour, most breads, stress, birth control pills, IUD, chlorine, fluoride. These items hurt the immune system, the sugar feeds candida overgrowth, and items like alcohol, antibiotics, fluoride & sucralose destroy beneficial gut flora that lines the gut lining, and also allowing “bad bacteria” & unwanted fungi to outnumber the “good bacteria”

Consume these to reduce candida overgrowth by strengthening your immune system & full body processes: eggs, coconut oil, raw nuts & seeds (see “Eat Fat To Burn Fat”), onions, seaweed, ginger, pink Himalayan salt, celtic sea salt, rutabaga, quality olive oil (helps to stabilize blood sugar & antifungal), lemon water (blend the lemon with the white pith & seeds), chlorella, vitamin c, vitamin b, vitamin d