How to make your own custom diy body scrub discount health foods

As someone who is well versed in the world of green beauty with clean ingredients and no stranger to homemade products, I can think up more than a few dozen recipes for making your own DIY body scrub. A simple internet search will also give you more than enough recipes for homemade body scrubs and DIY body exfoliators. So instead of giving you even more body scrub recipes, I decided I would do a post that breaks down what you need to know to customize your own natural body scrub. Once you read this post you should be able to whip up a simple body scrub using ingredients you probably already have at home. Start with Base Exfoliating Ingredients

Sea Salt: Sea salt is my favorite natural exfoliator to use. Just make sure to find a finely-ground version like this one for smoother (but still effective) exfoliation.

Not only is sea salt a wonderful natural exfoliator, but it also helps to remove bacteria from the skin which in turn prevents breakouts. Sea salt also contains a host of minerals that provide therapeutic benefits to your skin. Salt, however, is a more aggressive exfoliator so I only recommend use on your body never on delicate facial skin. Is a perfect ingredient for a homemade body scrub.

Sugar: Feel free to use whatever sugar you have around. Sugar is less abrasive than salt due to the granule being rounder. It does not have the same mineral benefits as salt, but it does contain a natural form of glycolic acid which hydrates, brightens, and tones the skin while also promoting cell turnover. Sugar it is also less drying than salt. I would recommend sugar over salt if you have sensitive skin or skin that is on the drier side.

Flour: Specifically flours made from beans, rice, oats, or some nuts and seeds. You can even make your own flours out of these ingredients with a good blender or food processor. Some examples of exfoliating flours known for their skin benefits are chickpea flour and rice flour. The use of these flours as exfoliators are very popular in India and Asia. Using flours like the ones mentioned here are much milder exfoliators and can be used on the face or the body. Bonus Ingredients to give your DIY Body Scrub a Boost

Herbs and Spices: Different herbs and spices can be a great thing to grind up and add to your DIY exfoliator mix. Some good examples of dried herbs and spices to add which will provide additional benefits to your skin and scrub are rosemary, turmeric, neem, mint leaves, flowers like lavender and rose, as well as ginger for a circulation boost. You can also use dried seaweeds, like kelp powder, which are loaded with skin nourishing nutrients.

Fruit Powder: This is probably my favorite thing to add to a DIY Body Scrub as the fruit acids that contain natural vitamins and enzymes help to enhance skins brightness and makes your skin incredibly soft. Most dried fruit powders or fruit peel powders will work but my favorites are orange peel powder, strawberry powder, and papaya powder. Fruit powders can be be purchased online or you can even make your own.

Caffeine: A caffeine boost can be beneficial as it helps to tighten the skin which is said to aid in a visible reduction of cellulite after you scrub. In addition, natural exfoliators that contain caffeine like coffee grounds, cacao powder, and matcha powder (my personal favorite) also gives your DIY Body Scrub a skin improving antioxidant boost. Make it Smell Divine

Essential oils are an optional step to create a customized natural fragrance for your homemade body scrub, unlike artificial fragrance which can host a multitude of toxic chemicals. Essential oils not only naturally scent your product, but they provide other skin improving and aromatherapy benefits as well. If you choose to work with essential oils and are not familiar with them, make sure you first read the post Essential Oils Guide: Safety and Uses. When adding essential oils to your scrub, keep in mind you only need between 5-15 drops per cup of DIY exfoliator depending on how strong you want the scent.

Some of my favorite essential oils to use for my DIY body scrubs are sweet orange, lavender, geranium, peppermint (especially great when used as a foot scrub), lemongrass, and vanilla (not technically an essential oil but a wonderful natural scent). These are my personal favorites but feel free to mix and match any essential oils in the combination you like best. Add Oil or Water

The final step in creating your own DIY Body Scrub is to add carrier oil or water to the mix. The key is to add just enough oil or liquid to make it easy to spread but not so much that it takes away the exfoliation effect. It should be a paste-like consistency. You can use the oil of your choice with this but some great and popular options for DIY Body Scrubs are coconut, olive, sweet almond and jojoba. You can also just add water especially if your skin is not excessively dry.

Essential oils (not technically an oil) can be added at either the powder or liquid stage, so do what works best for you. You may choose to add it at the powdered stage for convenience or the liquid stage if you want to play more with different scents. When adding at the liquid stage before use, 1-3 drops is more than enough for a single serving of body scrub.

I like to make a batch of the powdered exfoliator and keep a tightly sealed spice jar in my shower with some of the powdered exfoliator so I can just sprinkle some in my hand when I am ready to use it and combine it with oil or water at that point. Another option is just to mix some of the powdered mixture with water or oil of choice in a small dish for each use. Either way don’t combine until needed. It is best to use a body scrub 1-2x a week but don’t overdo it.