Here’s why nothing’s cooler than a drink made with bigelow tea bigelow tea blog

Tea is one versatile beverage. It goes way beyond just steeping in hot water. From brewing a pitcher of Bigelow Tea iced tea to creating incredible cocktails, you can never go wrong with it! Here are some of the most popular go-to recipes from our website for a good, cold drink. Why not try one yourself and share it with #TeaProudly. We’d love to see what you can concoct! Fresh Brewed Bigelow Iced Tea

By the Quart: Place 6 tea bags in one-quart container. Pour 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) boiling water over tea bags; steep 10 minutes. Remove tea bags. Add 3 cups (24 fl. oz.) cold water. Serve over ice. Sweeten to taste. Express your creativity for a totally unique iced tea experience–combine several of your favorite Bigelow Tea flavors! The next time you make iced tea… try freezing some in an ice cube tray.

Then use ice tea cubes in place of regular ice cubes to keep iced tea cool, fresh and flavorful!

Place tea bag in 2-cup glass measure. Add boiling water. Let steep 8 minutes. Squeeze and remove tea bag; cool, set aside tea concentrate. In large pitcher stir together all of tea concentrate, gin, rum, vodka, and triple sec; stir. Fill a large glass with ice and add about 6-ounces of tea lemonade mixture. Add a splash (½ ounce) each of cola and sparkling water to each glass. Garnish with an umbrella and lemon slices or a piece of fruit. Enjoy. Bigelow® Frozen Iced Tea

Cool down with this deliciously refreshing and invigorating way to enjoy Bigelow® Tea and all its goodness! Great for the entire family! Steep tea bags in 3 cups boiling water for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, pour remaining 1 cup of boiling water into a medium saucepan and stir in sugar. Bring back to boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Boil 5 minutes; remove from heat. Squeeze liquid from tea bags and discard bags. Pour tea into a 13×9-inch baking pan and stir in sugar mixture. Stir in ice until dissolved. If desired, stir in juice. Freeze 4-5 hours, stir once an hour during last three hours of freezing. Tea mixture should be partially frozen so it is icy/slushy, but not frozen solid. Spoon frosty iced tea into dessert dishes and garnish with fresh fruit, mint sprigs, or as desired. Makes about six ⅔-cup servings

*Green Teas tend to be milder in flavor, so when preparing with any Bigelow® Green Teas, use 15 bags to deliver a flavorful frosty treat! Tips: If mixture becomes frozen solid, defrost on counter about 15 minutes and break up using ice cream scoop or strong serving spoon. Serving Suggestions: Bigelow’s Taste Testers’ favorite Bigelow® Frozen Iced Tea flavors include Plantation Mint, Wild Blueberry Acai Herb Plus (adding fresh lemon juice), Red Raspberry Herb Tea (adding fresh lemon juice), Perfect Peach Herb Tea, Pomegranate Pizzazz Herb Tea, and Lemon Ginger Herb Plus. Experiment with your own favorite Bigelow® Teas, following preparation above. Also, try mixing two or more of your favorite Bigelow Teas (i.e. Bigelow® Red Raspberry Herb Tea and Bigelow® Wild Blueberry Acai Herb Plus) to make your own custom Bigelow® Frozen Iced Tea! An attractive way to serve Bigelow® Frozen Iced Tea is in hollowed-out citrus cups. Simply trim the bottom of your fresh oranges, limes and/or lemons so cup sits upright. Cut in half and scoop out the pulp. Spoon slushy frozen iced tea into hollow fruit cups. Serve immediately. If you refreeze, thaw about 5 minutes before serving. Simply Summer White Sangria

Pour boiling water over tea bags. Let steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags, add sugar, and stir to dissolve. Chill the tea concentrate in refrigerator for at least 30-45 minutes. When ready to serve, combine chilled tea, fruit and wine in a pitcher. To serve, pour Sangria into tall glasses filled with ice. Spoon fruit into glasses to garnish.