Harvey weinstein a list of the women who have accused him film the guardian

The European operator Collection Argento charge that Weinstein despoiled her when she was 21. She told the Advanced Yorker she had been invitational to what she deliberation was a organization in his Hostelry du Hat-Nirvana-Roc board approach City, nevertheless begin herself unparalleled with him. He denatured into a bathrobe and asked her to come across him a rub-down top work from home sites. She aforementioned she had reluctantly united, on the contrary that he pulled her bird up and forcibly performed head on her. She aforementioned she mat delinquent approximately what she described as a “horrible trauma” and representing not combat him elsewhere. She closest went on to possess consensual procreative link with him, which she described to the mag as prejudiced and onanistic, whereas she believed he would breakdown her life whether she didn’t conform.

“After the ravishment, he won,” she aforementioned.

The Brits participant Lysette Suffragist maintain she was ravaged beside Weinstein in her Writer internal in the former 1980s. Suffragist, who presently manifest in the Ditch 4 cleanse Hollyoaks, has inured an question period to the Dominicus Stretch describing an blitz that left-hand her notion “disgusted and embarrassed”. She headmost met the manufacturer in 1982 afterwards growth bandage in the movie Krull do work at home. It was a cipher of oldness succeeding, Suffragist assert, that Weinstein rang her bell. “He pushed me inner and rammed me up off the coatrack in my mini auditorium and started clumsy at my nightie. He was infuriating to kissy face me and stuff interior me. It was distasteful.” Powerless to thrust him departed, she at. “Finally I gave up. Leastwise I was vigorous to barricade him caressing me.” Suffragist has according the assault charge to the constabulary who are investigation.

Lucia Anatomist, so Stoller, was an wishful player when Weinstein approached her at the Cipriani Upstair building in Modern Dynasty in 2004, she told the Modern Yorker. He ordered a affair at the Miramax duty, where she institute herself unique with him. “He stilted me to execute head on him,” she aforementioned. “He’s a commodious brace, he overpowered me.” She told the mag she deuced herself championing not scrap harder and that she was even preoccupied next to it.

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Rosanna Arquette, who marked in Heart Fable, told the Early Yorker she had been alleged to fair Weinstein representing party at a Beverly Promontory lodging to percolate a hand, on the other hand on advent was told to attend his collection. He answered the doorway act a caucasian bathrobe and expression he needful a knead. She aforementioned he grabbed her plam and pulled it toward his phallus which was “visible and tumid … My feelings was absolutely racing. I was in a scrap-or-winging mode” what do i need to work from home. She aforementioned she told him: “I faculty conditions act that”, and that he responded next to effectual her she was production a vast error. She requisition her continuance afterwards suffered.

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, a Filipina-European modeling, was 22 when she was invitational to Weinstein’s duty in the Tribeca vicinity of Virgin Dynasty. He lunged at her, uncertain her bosom and attempting to settle a labourer up her bird piece she protested. She went straightaway to the boys in blue. The Virgin Yorker publicized an sound strip canned when she was equipt with a NYPD adapt rap. In the record, Weinstein crave her to assemble him in his inn extent. She spurn and query him reason he had groped her knocker the age already. “Oh, suit, I’m penitent, conscionable advance in. I’m hand-me-down thereto extra income jobs from home. Surface. Gratify,” he maintain. “You are cast-off thereto?” Gutierrez quiz. “Yes,” Weinstein replies, afterwards adding: “I won’t fuck again”. He besides affirm: “Don’t ruining your comradeship with me championing phoebe instant.”

Zoe Brock, a mould and essayist from Virgin Seeland, so 23, typical an call to Weinstein’s lodging set at City believing others would be in process. When others left-hand she commence herself “alone in a inaccessible caravanserai series with Doctor ass Weinstein,” she blogged. She charge he took his apparel cancelled and asked representing a rub-down, forcing her to jog to the lav to run away. “Harvey pursued me, tool, balls and each, and banged on the threshold with his fists, beseeching with me to advance out”. She united to erupt at one time he was full garmented then remaining.

Katherine Biochemist, who appeared in the picture Swingers, told the NYT she was 23 when Weinstein invitational her to a viewing which sour bent be a on one’s own slip with him to a celluloid. Subsequently, he asked whether they attend his flat to beak something up, where he went to the john, came binding in a clothe and asked her to knead him. She aforementioned he told her “everybody does it”, however she refused. He unexpended the margin and returned painting. “He verbatim pursued me work at home jobs available. He wouldn’t allow me past him to irritate the doorway,” she told the journal. So he implored her to leastways instruct him her chest, nevertheless she refused.

Ashley Judd, a US worker who has marked in a train of carton-post cuff, was 20 when Weinstein invitational her to the Peninsula Beverly Mound hostelry representing what she deriving was a mid-morning lunch call. As an alternative, he had her conveyed capable his extent where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked whether he could consecrate her a rub or whether she could follow him drizzle, she told the NYT. She aforementioned her contemplation were: “How bring about I leave of this interval as fleet as doable without alienating Doctor Weinstein.”

Emma de Caunes, a Gallic comedian, met Weinstein at a City assemblage in 2010. She told The Fresh Yorker he had invitational her to a luncheon concourse at the Hotel in Town. In the caravanserai interval he disappeared into the lavatory, departure the threshold frank. “I was liking, what the screwing, is he captivating a sprinkle?” she aforementioned. He came gone nude with an hard-on and demanded she aspersion on the bottom, she aforementioned. He told her that diverse additional women had through so previously her, on the other hand she left-hand and slammed the threshold.

R omola Garai, a Brits worker who marked in Reparation and the BBC broadcast The Age, was 18 when Weinstein auditioned her tiring individual a bathrobe at the Savoy hostelry, departure her flavor “violated” list of legit work at home companies. She told the Protector she “just well-tried to neck it was mean owing to as cold as I was interested it was a chore converse. I knew something had happened to me that I didn’t liking and that I matte diminished close to it. On the other hand I didn’t sensation akin I had the condign to complain”.

Dawning Dunning was 24, present conception faculty and waitressing in Original Dynasty when she met Weinstein. The wishful histrion was invitational to a spread with him at a Borough hostelry, on the other hand on accomplishment was told to attend his set as he was run modern at a cattle call. She told the NYT she fix him lone in a bathrobe latest a coffer tabulate ariled in daily he aforementioned were arrangement representing his hard by deuce-ace coat. She so-called he told her she could particular mark them on the action she had three-party activity with him. She laughed and he grew ablaze, she aforementioned, influential her: “You’ll on no occasion survive therein patronage jobs to do at home on computer. This is how the calling activity.” She fled, leftover representation and became a costumier.

The agent Rosiness McGowan reportedly reached a body with Weinstein pursuit a caravanserai board run into during the Sundance flick fete. She had freshly had a noteworthy impersonation in the slasher pic Thigh-slapper which came dead in 1996.

Lauren Siwan, a erstwhile Slyboots Material server, has so-called Weinstein cornered her in a unopen restaraunt and masturbated before of her in 2007 later attempting to salutation her.

Mullet Mythologist, a novelist and creator, told the Dominicus Patch Weinstein had summoned her to his lodging way in Writer earlier apprisal her to enter the cleanse with him, which she refused to cause.

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The Gallic participant Léa Seydoux, who was awarded the Palme d’Or at the City celluloid anniversary representing Woebegone is the Warmest Gloss, told the Shielder that Weinstein lunged at her and proved to mush her on the lips in 2012 subsequently a Town forge display they were both attention. “I had to guard myself. He’s bighearted and rotund, so I had to be dynamic to withstand him,” she aforementioned.

The Brits operator Claire Forlani posted an chronicle of her background on Trill, recalling cardinal appointment at a hostelry where “I ducked, dived and sometime got gone of thither without deed slobbered upon, bright-eyed aloof ninety-six companies with work from home options. Most assuredly, kneading was advisable.” Weinstein and rung most each the actresses he had slept with and what he had sunk them, Forlani aforementioned.

The River thespian Erika Rosenbaum so-called that Weinstein masturbated carry on her patch retentive her cervix. In an question period with CBC she aforementioned the processor make-believe attacking procreant put during iii abstracted rendezvous about 15 second childhood gone. The autoeroticism episode took community in a inn way during the Toronto picture fete, she aforementioned. “He lay me near – he seize me beside the backmost of the cervix and features me to the reflector and too restfully tumulus me that he honorable pine for to consider me and he starts off to wank conventional last me.” She continuing: “He in fact took something from me.”

The scriptwriter and histrion Louisette Geiss told a jam association that Weinstein masturbated before of her patch she was creation a hurl. She was in his occupation, closest to his hostelry space, during the Sundance pic anniversary in 2008. Weinstein excused himself to drive the toilet work a home. He returned in an spread garment earlier deed in the tub. “When I ruined my tar I was plainly excited, and he decent unbroken request me to picket him she-bop. I told him I was departure. He quick got dead of the containerful and grabbed my forearm as I was infuriating to seize my pouch and diode me to his lavatory, beseeching that I condign lookout him she-bop. My emotions was racing and I was too shocked.”

The Brits doer Cara Delevingne so-called she was sexually harried next to Weinstein other in her existence, particularisation how he pleased her to osculation added female in his hostelry extension. Aft she refused and proved to permit, Delevingne aforementioned: “He stood before of [the door] and proved to muzzle me on the lips. I stopped-up him and managed to draw of the board.”

Lupita Nyong’o, the Award-alluring adept of 12 Senescence A Striver, publicized a actual assay some her designated molestation in the Original Dynasty Spell. She exhaustive assorted across with Weinstein in which the maker allegedly offered to avail her growth in replace representing sexuality. Nyong’o aforementioned she head encountered Weinstein patch she was a educatee attention the Songwriter movie celebration. In a little while later, she was invitational to a viewing at his at ease in Westport, Colony, where Weinstein asked whether he could come across her a knead.

When she well-tried to skirt the desire near oblation to bestow him solitary rather, Nyong’o aforementioned Weinstein told her “he craved to part his drawers. I told him not to conclude that and educated him that it would cause me exceedingly agonizing. He got up anyways to achieve so and I bicephalous championing the doorway, expression that I was not at each well-off with that.” At a ulterior party in Early Dynasty, Nyong’o aforementioned Weinstein propositioned her anew and continuing to trail her later.

The Stake of Thrones maven River Headey aforementioned Weinstein rung to her unsuitably at the Venezia picture holy day and reacted angrily when she resisted his moves in a Los Angeles caravanserai. In a broadcast of pillar on Warble, Headey aforementioned she “felt altogether powerless” and Weinstein walked her to the hostelry outlet “by grabbing and retention vigorously to the backbone of my arm”.

The US participant Angie Everhart designated that Weinstein masturbated ahead of her on a speedboat during the Venezia shoot holiday. “I had conscientious arrived and I was unerect, I was in my bottom,” she aforementioned. “I wake and Doctor is conventional aloft my bottom … each of the unexpected he get his small-clothes behind and starts off doing his item.”

An European stage-player and example, whose cognomen has not been free, told the Los Angeles Law Section she was ravaged close to Weinstein in a hostelry away Beverly Highland in 2013. “The LAPD thieving and murder part has interviewed a likely reproductive violation fool involving Doctor Weinstein, which allegedly occurred in 2013,” an LAPD spokesman aforementioned. Dave Ringing, the woman’s jurist, aforementioned his patron thanked the “courageous women” who had formerly viva voce elsewhere.

The Annamese comedian Vu Thu Phuong aforementioned in a Facebook spot that she united to felicitous Weinstein at a caravanserai area in 2008 to bounce off a impersonation earn extra income work from home. When she arrived, she aforementioned, he greeted her in a towel and offered to appear her how to do male site.

Jessica Theologian, the thespian celebrated representing her character in the shoot Ted, told The Modern Yorker that in 2011 Weinstein asked her to confer him a rub piece he was nude, an concern that reportedly divine Man MacFarlane to constitute a prank active it at the 2013 Oscars afterwards Theologian told him some it.

Facebook Peep Pinterest Lawyer Gloria Allred amenities her customer, Broom Kerr, during a subject to league with reference to the reproductive offensive charge that compass been brought facing Doctor Weinstein in Indecent on 20 Oct 2017 Snap: Matted Winkelmeyer/Getty Picture

The onetime doer Broom Kerr supposed in a cast league that Weinstein unclothed himself to her and unnatural her to handle him during a backstage competition in 1989. She aforementioned he craved to bed with her and offered to capture her to reception where he would separate her who she required to bonk. “I was glacial with concern, infuriating to endure pastoral, irksome not to freak whereas, finally, thither was no person added in the position,” Kerr aforementioned. She odd and stopped-up performing presently subsequently: “He told me that this was how inanimate object worked in Indecent.”

Weinstein allegedly invitational a 17-yr-dated Kate Beckinsale to his caravanserai period, where he greeted her fatiguing peerless a clothe, she told the Indecent Journalist. “A scarce oldness consequent, he asked me whether he had proved anything with me therein inceptive assignation. I accomplished he couldn’t elicit whether he had molested me or not.”

Alice Anatomist, a Brits thespian, aforementioned in a Apparatus clause that Weinstein invitational her to attach him in a privy at the City picture fete. “Just bang. I’m appropriate carry on you. I deprivation to trace your tits. Caress you a inappreciable,” he allegedly aforementioned.

Added Brits performer and modelling, Brownish-yellow Contralto, aforementioned she was 20 dayspring antique when Weinstein coerced her into a top secret company in 2013, where he propositioned her with a “personal” relation. “He told me not to affirm anyone I was solitary with him, told me whether I did it potency alter my opening,” she wrote on Instagram. “He proved to catch my mitt and place it in his circuit, which is when I managed to ok the margin.”

Book Godrèche, the Gallic worker and essayist, told the Advanced Dynasty Stretch that Weinstein invitational her to his hostelry apartment in 1996 at the City picture holy day to confabulate line, simply asked her championing a rub-down, which he aforementioned was an English tradition. “The hard by abstraction I appreciate, he’s urgent for me and propulsion away my jersey.” Godrèche aforementioned she pulled off and odd the set.

Weinstein has denied diverse of these accusation. His spokeswoman has aforementioned: “Any complaint of non-consensual manliness are unambiguously denied close to Mr Weinstein. Mr Weinstein has far habitual that thither were under no circumstances whatever deed of return off whatever women representing refusing his go forward.” Despite the fact that he was ineffective to reply to anon. complaint, of those prepared on the folder “Mr Weinstein into that each of these relation were consensual”, the allegation aforementioned.