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Not all handlocks have 2 healbots, haven’t seen Lifecoach gameplay, but all of other streamers/pro players do play jaraxxus as musthave minion.

For me personally Jaraxxus is the main reason to play Warlock, because i just like greed, but the statement that it is hard to replace is not true, when the arguably best player does not even play it by choice.

Well, i can take out a healbot and still call it “Handlock”, but the deck instantly gets bad. Hearthstone matchmaking Unless you mean the Demon versions, but that is not what thread starter meant, because you must change 6+ cards?

I have seen most players replace jaraxxus recently like trump and I think even strifecro for a time when he wasn’t playing demons.

Hearthstone backs I would recommend always playing handlock with sylvannas and this meta I always run a zombie chow for early game. Hearthstone backstab You don’t always get it in your starting hand so it’s not that reliable of a card but when you do against aggro it is a huge help. Redeem code hearthstone I don’t really run siphon soul all that often because you rarely want to take up your turn 6 playing nothing but it’s just personal preference. Reward cards hearthstone Also 100% run 2 healbots don’t cut them you often need both. Hearthstone control I personally wouldn’t even consider using alexstrazsa as a viable option because i find if you are going to heal you are going to be wanting to heal past 15 because you want to stick around 10 health when playing molten giants and then heal way back up once played with taunts. Hearthstone concede I might reconsider if I saw any proffesional high legend player that uses it in there deck but I’m pretty sure not many people do. Hearthstone slow For dealing damage with it I would also find it is too slow because you already have so much attacking power you don’t need it.

The typical standard version of handlock (ie, no demons) for ladder has no more than 2 spare slots above 6 mana that can be designated for “bombs” (aside from 4 giants obviously, but these don’t count as your intention is to play them for cheap).

Usually one of these slots is taken by Dr.7, and the other is a somewhat personal choice between Rag and JarJar (each have their benefits in specific match ups, but I feel Rag is consistently better overall).

Having more than that is just too greedy and asking to get bumfucked by faster decks when you draw all those high curve minions in your starting hand. Hearthstone shaman legendary (You’re already in a bad spot vs aggro match ups due to your almost unplayable mountain giants).

If you don’t have either of those legendaries, you can play any other card, prioritizing those that have an immediate effect. Hearthstone shadowform Alex is ok. Hearthstone shade You could try out KT, etc. Hearthstone shaman guide If you have Malganis, you could play the demon version with void callers, dooomguard/infernal and one mountain giant. Hearthstone heroic mode If you don’t have anything, Faceless is an underrated card for budget decks – you can copy one of your giants/drakes if they stick around, or something nice from your opponent. Hearthstone heroic chromaggus And so on…

Or you could play something else entirely, lowering your curve. Hearthstone shadowcaster I’ve seen (and played myself) anti-aggro handlock lists that don’t even play Dr.7, curving out at 6 mana. Hearthstone shadow towers Then those free slots can be used for the second defender of argus, and 1-2 Farseers (which are cut entirely from the standard list nowadays). Hearthstone shaman hero It’s actually a good idea early in the season / lower ranks where every other deck seems to be face/hybrid hunter or tempo mage.

Honestly you don’t really need that many bombs to win vs midrange or control decks as a handlock, if you play smart, the warlock hero power will carry more often than not. Hearthstone shaman build Sure, you can get a lot of easy wins, especially at low ranks, when you just drop the doctor or rag and they don’t have any answer to it, but that won’t make you a better player nor help you learn the deck.