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Y/n woke up in the morning with a headache, two crying children, and a snoring fiancé who wouldn’t budge even if the whole roof came crashing down on him. She counted down the seconds before the twins came running into the room, the lack of a strong dose of caffeine making it physically hurt when the door slammed open and hit the wall, making Jaebum jump out of bed like they were in the middle of a war zone.

“The twins! Y/N why are you still in bed?!” Jaebum stressed, his eyes barely open as y/n yanked him onto the bed and motioned to the crying kids who had since climbed on top of her and were squeezing the life out of their mother. She was sure that although their problems seemed large, they were nothing compared to her lack of sleep and proper nourishment that came with raising two four year olds at the same exact time.

She envied her friends who didn’t have kids, as much as she loved them she also wished she could get out more often without a child attached to each leg and a fiancé who complained that she complained too much.

Y/n refrained from giving her son the ‘angry mom’ eyes when the words spilled from Yulli’s mouth, the topic of their ‘aunt and uncle’ going unheard of for what felt like months now. They used to come over all the time, sometimes they stayed for days, the kids loved it but Y/n and Jaebum not so much. Since they were parents now and had many responsibilities, it hurt to see reflections of their youth when Yugyeom and his wife Sammy came to hang out. Not to mention they were just as unstable as Y/n and Jaebum were before they had the twins, every time y/n opened Instagram she was met with another vacation photo from the two or photos from some club looking smashed.

“B-but I heard you and mommy talking and she said t-that uncle Yugyeom and Sammy can’t come over anymore!” Hojin whined, burying his face in y/n’s stomach as she tried not to squirm. Her kids gave her more affection than she’d ever wanted in her life, except from maybe Jaebum, but she wondered if it’d ever end. The kids were an accident, a happy accident, but they certainly hadn’t planned them. They were knee deep in a romantic vacation after Jaebum’s schedule had cleared, one minute y/n thought she came down with some exotic disease and next she was pregnant. They were okay, shaken but okay, then the doctor told them they were having twins and they hadn’t been alright since.

“Then why don’t they?” The twins challenged at the same time, climbing off of y/n and climbing on top of their father. Y/n took this opportunity to slip out of the room and make herself coffee, her heart beating erratically when she checked her phone and found two missed calls from the devil herself. Sammy and y/n used to be thick as thieves, and as much as she missed her she didn’t have the time to indulge in all the fun stuff anymore, she couldn’t day drink let alone night drink without dying anymore.

“What do you mean not busy, isn’t it your anniversary?” Sammy asked, sounding slightly offended. Y/n wasn’t phased, she knew her anniversary wasn’t until November and Halloween hadn’t passed yet right? She checked her phone and was met with her lock screen, a photo of the four of them dressed as cats for Halloween two weeks ago, the date reading November 17th making her nearly drop the coffee mug she’d just retrieved.

“Babe, put some clothes on we have guests. You better tell Yugyeom to not get drunk and throw up in the pool again” Y/n warned, getting flustered when Jaebum got up from the couch and crushed her against his chest. The only thing she could do from that position was smell his deodorant, which smelled like her lady deodorant Jaebum insisted was too girly for him. She tried not to get angry and instead settled for the affection her fiancé was giving her.

“Hojin open that door and see what happens!” She hissed, grabbing the back of his sweater to keep him from dashing and opening the front door. He whined as she stepped in front of him and opened the front door, being crushed in the arms of her best friend before she could even blink. All she could think of was that Sammy gave hugs like her children, and her heart was slowly getting fuller.

“Aunty Sammy!” Hojin squealed, hugging his aunt for two seconds before Yugyeom stepped through the door and Hojin screamed like he was in a horror movie. All the yelling attracted his twin sister and the living room became a loud mess, y/n didn’t know what to do except look for Jaebum who ruffled her hair on the way to hug Yugyeom and Sammy.

Y/n’s eyes bugged out of her head, this was the first she’d heard of this, she thought they were just going to enjoy their day with their two friends and that was it. She was even considering getting out the girly wine for her and Sam to enjoy with dinner in the evening, now she had to plan a whole date. Impossible, the kids would never even let her leave the house, “um…what?”

“Come on mom, it’s just practice for the day Sammy and I have kids” Yugyeom called from the couch, not bothering to look away from the the tv screen as y/n’s eyes flashed from Jaebum, to the kids, to Yugyeom and back to Sammy. It was too good not to pass up, she just had to tell the mom in her to shut up for once. Which was nearly impossible because she was born with the mom gene, always bossy and overbearing and making sure everyone was fed. She just couldn’t shake it that easily.