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The peasants then brought him on the show so that Jaclyn could discuss it with him. Garland animal shelter pet harbor G Man said that they were not true Christians because they did not follow a lot of things in the bible and performed unorthodox actions that the Bible says not to do. Walk dogs at animal shelters Jaclyn said that they were true Christians because they believed and followed Jesus. Seattle animal shelter spay and neuter clinic G Man claimed that what she said wasn’t enough and said that they had to follow the bible. Irvine animal shelter no kill The hosts replied to G Man by saying that a lot of Christians do things that the Bible doesn’t say to do. Irvine animal shelter super pet adoption TJ said that some Christians would say that G Man wasn’t a true Christian, like the Westboro Baptist Church.

Animal shelter irvine ca At the end of the debate, TJ criticized G Man’s arguments as weak. Volunteer pet shelter los angeles G Man told Jaclyn about TrueEmpiricism saying that he wanted to debate her. Animal shelter game friv After that, the debate slowly died out as did TJ’s desire to have G Man on the show any longer.

Brett Keane eventually pulled his trademark backstabbing against G Man. San bernardino animal shelter adoptable pets G Man’s Skype was blocked by Brett during a Google hangout in which G Man was not present. San bernardino county animal shelter adoption Keane accused G Man of being a money whore even though G Man has no online source of income. Benefits of volunteering at an animal shelter G Man claimed that Brett Keane was “trying to manufacture drama”, which is totally uncharacteristic for The Stallion. Animal shelter euthanasia statistics G Man later left the show in perhaps the most pleasant exchange he had ever had with the peasants, goes to show how much of a cunt Keane is to unite them in such a way. Chicago animal shelter volunteer The events were covered entirely on ԀP.

G Man later appeared on the Episode 176 of ԀP. Austin animal shelter lost and found He debated Brett Keane on his scamming situation. Westside animal shelter in albuquerque He also attacked TJ for not debating G Man on his own channel as he promised. How to volunteer at a animal shelter G Man and the peasants went on to talk about WWE wrestling.

G Man returned on Episode 201 and announced that his relationship with Brett was Complicated and has revealed that he hasn’t talked to him in a while.

Months later, the peasants tried to suffer through another of his videos for episode 267, during which he made a plethora of false equivalencies regarding scripture and morality. Irvine animal shelter PaulsEgo offered G Man to become their own biblical slave for a week if he wants to prove slavery in the Bible wasn’t so bad. Animal shelter names The peasants later noted how he has lost his fiery passion and now seems to just be going through the motions, prompting them to move on. Webster animal shelter madison ms Paul encouraged him to return to his “lovable retard” era.

During Episode 279, a clip was played where G Man was on a Brett Keane hangout. Northeast animal shelter salem G Man was asked by Brett about his infamous “no starving children” claim. North central animal shelter los angeles ca G Man defended himself in the stupidest way possible, by essentially saying “I never said there were no starving children, I said there were no starving CHRISTIAN children”. Animal shelter facts Scotty rightfully remarked how fucking stupid G Man is. Devore animal shelter san bernardino ca G Man went on to berate the Drunken Peasants for not helping starving children themselves, saying that the DP is using all their money to buy cars, houses, and expensive watches. Animal shelter cape cod This is ironic, because TJ said he hasn’t worn a watch in ten years has made several advertisements promoting a watch company. Woodbridge animal shelter and pet adoption center Scammer.

Found ’em.When debating religion with Drunken Peasants, G Man told the hosts to “present [me] with a starving child”. Animal shelter statistics 2015 The phrase immediately became a favorite of ԀP, as it serves as a testament to the absurdity of theism. Adoption animal shelter Part of G Man’s evidence for the existence of a benevolent deity is a personal anecdote. Animal shelter plans G was in some financial difficulties, and he prayed for money. Animal shelter washington nc His prayer was answered (possibly by Satan or Allah).

The ԀP hosts asked G Man about unanswered prayer. San diego animal shelter volunteer They pointed to the burgeoning evangelism in central Africa, and how food shortages there have not been solved despite the massive increase in prayers to the Christian God.

G Man responded with skepticism towards the existence of starving African children. Los angeles animal shelter volunteer Yeah. Volunteer animal shelter los angeles The obvious irony is that he believes in a God based on faith, yet vehemently doubts the existence of starving children. Lied animal shelter lost and found Really, if he wants to see a starving child, all he has to do is skip lunch and look in the mirror.

Another G Man classic is his “show me when a canine turns into a non-canine” line of rhetoric. Seattle animal shelter volunteer G Man uses it to destroy evolutionists such as Thunderf00t and undeniably prove Creationism. Coventry animal shelter ri This certain argument was invented by Kent Hovind to refute the strawman version of Macro-Evolution ever since then this argument has been used by creationists all over the world. Animal shelter camp pendleton The ԀP fanbase and hosts ridiculed G Man even more than usual following the incident. Volunteer animal shelter houston This argument has since been completely refuted by the genius/god known as Jim Ass, as he actually has seen a canine turn into a non-canine.

Perhaps due to a case of biblical-induced schizophrenia, G Man always breaks out into mad ramblings when he knows he is losing an argument. Volunteer animal shelter utah He often resorts to childishly mocking the opposition through threats of eternal damnation and an endless arsenal of straw-man fallacies. Eastside animal shelter albuquerque nm His lunacy seems to have given birth to alternate personalities, one would initially think that these alter egos must be some form of satire, until you realize G Man is the same man who refers to a toy Halloween skull as Alex Botten. Garland animal shelter pet harbor Botten being an atheist on YouTube that G Man mutually loathes.

• G Man’s atheist persona is known as the “Chocolate Atheist”. Walk dogs at animal shelters He did a few videos with this character. Seattle animal shelter spay and neuter clinic ShannyIsMe lost her shit about the persona, so G Man stopped to get her to shut her whore mouth. Irvine animal shelter no kill The character shows that G Man doesn’t take life too seriously, which the Drunken Peasants appreciate.

• G Man’s female and more entertaining equivalent is known as G Woman. Irvine animal shelter super pet adoption She came to life in Episode 115 when BeyondPhere needed a beautiful model for inspiration and G Man obliged with a blond wig. Animal shelter irvine ca She then went on to quote Second Glance and inflict a pleasantly surprising troll on Scotty.

G-Man’s professionally designed logo. Volunteer pet shelter los angeles Uhh Preaching to the uh Choir Ministries is a name for G Man’s Christian community on YouTube. Animal shelter game friv “Preaching to the choir” is an English idiom that suggests one is telling a group of individuals something that they already know and do not need to be told again. San bernardino animal shelter adoptable pets G Man somehow never remembers the name of his ministry and hesitates to remember it before the start of every fucking video. San bernardino county animal shelter adoption [5]

The bulk of the ministry consists of Drunken Peasants fans, who are mostly atheist, compounding the lack of sense in the title. Benefits of volunteering at an animal shelter G Man said that he named it this because his brother said that he was going to preach to Christians, so G Man isn’t completely retarded.

G Man is most well known for his dank raps featured during earlier episodes of the show. Animal shelter euthanasia statistics He typically tries to pass these videos off as a form of pwnage despite having no rapping talents and only serving to make a huge fool of himself. Chicago animal shelter volunteer His first and more popular rap was Atheists Owned, which was played shortly after the peasants discovered G Man following the Religion Debate.

• G Man has stated that he usually makes most of the beats to his raps, if he has the time to do. Austin animal shelter lost and found The peasants commented that his beats are actually pretty fucking great and that he should pursue that instead of rapping.

• G Man is by far the most formidable threat and long lasting to The Drunken Peasants, having defeated them every time he has appeared on the show and refuting their arguments with little hesitation.

• Despite formerly being a member of Brett’s posse and an antagonist, G Man now regularly appears on the show and is more of a friendly rival or pet lemur than a foe. Westside animal shelter in albuquerque Update: Nope, back to being Brett’s underling and hating the Peasants.

• G Man uses an unregistered version of “Wondershare” to make his rap videos. How to volunteer at a animal shelter He doesn’t need to waste his money on this when he has more important things to consider, like destroying atheism! G Man mentioned in one of his raps that he loves the program.

• G Man claims that he became a Christian when he was 22-years-old, after deciding between Christianity or Islam, because his parents were Muslims.

• G Man is actually a pretty cool guy. Irvine animal shelter ԀP and Paul’s Ego are quite amicable towards G Man and say that he would probably be a friend of theirs in real life.

• G Man has said on air that he “would like to try homosexual intercourse with Scotty”. Animal shelter names Scotty reluctantly accepted the offer, although many fans are suspicious about Scotty’s reservations. Webster animal shelter madison ms Scotty and G Man were married in Burlington, Vermont, in December 2014.

• He has admitted that there is nothing wrong with slavery and that its ok as long as the slaves masters aren’t treating the slaves cruelly and provide them with compensation.

• G Man is subscribed to the FunToyzCollector YouTube channel, which mainly reviews such toys as Barbie dolls, Frozen dolls, My Little Pony toys and Hello Kitty toys.

• He recently took on who he calls Racism is Unstoppable. Northeast animal shelter salem The belligerent marsupial’s rebuttal was naturally filled with nothing but personal insults. North central animal shelter los angeles ca Once again using his skin color as an adjective in his insults against a non white person, just like Tim Black and Cenk Uygur, imagine that.

• He has a very bizarre habit of thinking sarcasm and facetious tones are 100% true, which can possibly be a very disturbing implication if he’s not trolling.