Faqs _ bourgeois guitars

Bourgeois Guitars are built from carefully sourced wood purchased from suppliers that we personally know and trust. Best humidity level in home The wood is stored, cured and seasoned with all possible care.

Guitars tend to be comfortable in the same environments in which their owners are comfortable. Best humidity level in house If guitars get too hot or cold, too dry or humid, they will become adversely affected.

Best indoor humidity level in summer A good understanding of your guitar’s environment, no matter where you live, is essential to its care.

For most guitars, relative humidity (RH) between 40% and 60%, at around 70 degrees, is a comfortable range. Best indoor humidity level in winter Factors such as age, model and wood species contribute to how a guitar reacts to environmental stress. Best level of humidity in home Guitars are most sensitive and require the most care and monitoring in the first year after completion.

More important than absolute relative humidity, however, is rate of change. Comfortable humidity level in home winter Extremes of humidity or temperature are never good, but rapid changes of either of these conditions will cause the worst and sometimes permanent damage to your guitar.

Keep your guitar in a case when you aren’t playing it. Comfortable humidity levels indoors uk The case is your best protection against changes in temperature and humidity. Comfortable relative humidity in home Hanging a guitar on the wall, or storing near a heat source (forced air, wood stove etc), or air conditioner is the cause of many woes including protruding fret ends, body cracks and bridge failure. Correct humidity in house For gigs, traveling and other times your guitar will be out in the weather or extremes of temperature and humidity, make sure to let it adjust to the new conditions before taking it out of the case or, if even out of the shipping box.

While important to control the environment inside your guitar case, regulating the environment in the room where your guitar is usually kept is optimum. Correct humidity in house winter Know the relative humidity and temperature of the room where your guitar is stored. Correct humidity level in home Purchase a good hygrometer and thermometer for that room and keep an eye on it.

If using in-case humidification/dehumidification, it is important to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and user instructions. Correct humidity level in house It is also important to check your guitar daily. Desired humidity level in home We can recommend the Oasis humidification system and the Planet Waves Humidipak. Desired humidity level in house The Humidipak both humidifies and dehumidifies. Good home humidity level Remember, soundhole humidifiers work well while delivering moisture, but once dry, they can act like a sponge and actually remove moisture, so monitor closely.

In general, it is not necessary to use “cleaning products” on your guitar. Good humidity in house If you wipe your guitar clean after playing with a soft, dry cloth (an old cotton tee-shirt should do the trick), you’re guitar will be fine.

Most well-known brands of cleaner made specifically for cleaning guitars can be used on Bourgeois guitars without causing long term damage to finish. Good humidity level for a home It is important not to use furniture polishes, or other types of cleaners and polishes containing silicone, as silicone may inhibit future finish touch-up.

Most polishes and waxes made specifically for guitars will also not damage our finishes. Good humidity level for home Waxes and polishes containing wax should be used as little as possible, in most cases no more than once a year. Good humidity level for house In most instances, shiny surfaces can be restored by regular use of guitar cleaners. Good humidity level for house in summer Always follow directions provided with cleaning and polishing products.

Never use rubbing compound or polishing compound unless you have prior experience using these materials. Good humidity level for house in winter Removal of scratches and deep scuffs should only be attempted by professionals.

Though fretboard oil is not necessary for the long term-term maintenance of fretboards, occasional use is not harmful. Good humidity level in home As with cleaners, polishes and waxes, only use well-known brands made specifically for guitars, and be sure to follow instructions.

We are familiar with guitar care products offered by Planet Waves and by Stewart Macdonald Guitar Supply, and can recommend these to owners of Bourgeois guitars. Good humidity level in house Though many other good guitar care products are now available to players, we do not have enough first hand experience with the companies that offer them to comment on their suitability for use with Bourgeois guitars.

The nitrocellulose finish used on our necks may react when in contact with rubber, leather, plastics and other synthetic materials used to pad certain guitar stands and hanging hooks. Good humidity level inside house It is usually safe to use stands and hooks to temporarily support your guitar. Good level of humidity in house However if stands and hooks are used for more than temporary support it is best to drape a clean cotton cloth between the surface of the guitar and the contact points of stands, hooks or any other holding systems.

Certain household cleaners may also react with guitar finishes. Good relative humidity indoors Always use cleaners and polishes specifically developed for use on guitars. Healthy home humidity levels winter See Cleaning for more information.

We currently use a 5mm wrench (Allen wrench, Allen key, hex wrench, or hex key). Healthy humidity level in bedroom Some older guitars used 5/32″ wrench. Healthy humidity level in home Stewart-Macdonald #6110 is the current correct size. Healthy humidity level in home winter Any hardware store should also carry a wrench of the correct size.

Truss rod adjustment involves many subtleties. Healthy humidity level in house If you have no prior experience adjusting truss rods, or if a simple adjustment does not give you the desired outcome, we recommend taking your guitar to an experienced technician.