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In any situation involving the submersion or splashing of an electronic device in any liquid, the first step is to disconnect any power source as soon as this is safely possible.

• Pay attention to your personal safety first! Use caution when disconnecting any device from household current or any other source. How to clean a clogged drain with vinegar If you are standing in water or your clothes are wet please remove yourself from any potential shock hazard before even thinking about retrieving a submerged or soaked electronic device.

• If the electronic device is still submerged and is connected to an external power source, find a safe way to disconnect it. How to fix clogged kitchen sink with disposal If possible find a circuit breaker or switch for that source of power.

How to unclog clogged sink Use caution if you choose to remove a plug or power adapter from an outlet that has not been switched off.

• Retrieving a submerged or soaked electronic device that contains a battery presents its own dangers. How to open clogged kitchen sink A shorted battery may be a fire and/or chemical hazard. How to unclog a garbage disposal potato peels If you see or feel any heat, smoke, steam, bubbling, bulging, or melting avoid handling the electronic device.

• If possible, disassemble the device to allow any remaining liquid to drain and to begin cleaning the internal components. How to unclog a garbage disposal pipe This is particularly important with acidic liquids such as fruit juice or alkaline liquids such as laundry water.

• Completely disassemble your device removing all cables and opening all connectors. How to unclog a garbage disposal line To displace any remaining liquid around or under any components of the logic board submerge it completely in a suitably sized container filled with isopropyl alcohol. How to unclog a garbage disposal with plunger Ideally use a 90% or higher concentration available from a pharmacist or drug store. How to unclog a garbage disposal with baking soda You can use distilled or deionized water as an alternative cleaning fluid, although this will take longer to dry. How to unclog drain with garbage disposal Avoid solvents such as ketone, acetone, or naphtha.

• Use a toothbrush, small paint brush, or other soft brush to clean the logic board of any debris or deposits from the offending liquid. How to unclog double sink with garbage disposal Use caution as you clean to avoid damaging or accidentally knocking off components of the logic board. How to unclog a clogged sink drain Pay particular attention to the connectors and ends of ribbon cables to prevent corrosion of their contact surfaces.

• Once you are satisfied that the logic board is clean and free of corrosion you may use a hairdryer on its cold setting and dry the logic board. How to unclog a bathroom sink baking soda Alternatively, the logic board may placed under a desk lamp to gently warm it and dry out the cleaning fluid.

• Reassemble your device with a new battery or one that you are confident is in good working order. How do i fix my dishwasher clogged drain If your device has been submerged it is likely that you will need a new battery. How to unclog a kitchen garbage disposal Lithium and other types of rechargeable batteries do not tolerate submersion well. How to unclog a completely clogged bathtub drain Again, any sign of bubbling, bulging, melting, or discoloration on the battery indicates that it is toast. How to unclog a completely clogged drain Dispose of it only at a battery recycling facility.

• Once you have your device assembled, the real work of evaluating the damage begins. How to fix a clogged kitchen sink with garbage disposal Look for what is working and replace parts in an organized fashion, not all at once. How to unclog a garbage disposal carrot peels The likely order of failure in a smaller electronic device is typically:

Once the unit is away from its power source, way away, take it outside in a ventillated area and pour isopropyl alcohol through the device, letting it displace the water as much as humanly possible. How to unclog a garbage disposal with a plunger If its a camera try not to overdo it as to screw up the optics, If the optics are already contaminated, the alcohol thing might help but you still need to get the optics serviced.

for non-optical, keep the alcohol rinse/flush going a couple times and let the device either sit out and dry, blow a fan through it, or do the rice trick. How to unclog a garbage disposal youtube The objective is to remove the bad ionization and water from the device. How to unclog a garbage disposal without a plunger Alcohol dries quickly and mixes with the water. How to clean drain with garbage disposal It should leave it very dry inside. How to clear drain with garbage disposal If its salty salty salt water, your gonna get limited use of the device after this procedure and it would be advised to get all data out of the device asap (say if its a phone). How do i unclog my air conditioner drain pipe The ocean salt water will have already done damage and is nearly impossible if not totally impossible to recover from fully

I have a Sony Xperia U which worked fine before I stepped into ocean with it in my pocket. How to unclog my ac drain pipe It got switched off on its own at that moment. How to unclog a clogged drain When I at last opened it by myself after 2-3 days of its exposure to sea water, I regretted not cleaning (using isopropanol as I know now) and drying the logic board within hours of its exposure when I observed that some smd components and EMI shields caught rust by that time because of which one very small smd resistor, in the attempt to clean the rust surrounding it that it caught, got chipped off. How to unclog a grease clogged drain After that, I used hair blower in hot mode to dry off the board for long hours. How to unclog a really clogged drain After this much,the mobile stopped charging,for a while,using supplied charger(so I bought a cheap ‘battery’ charger to indirectly charge the battery).Interestingly,the mobile used to switch on(even with the res chipped off!)but yes,it used to take touch input intermittently even when I didn’t provided any. How to unclog a severely clogged drain power button acted as if pressed even when I didn’t press it. How to clean garbage disposal drain line Now its not switching on at all

Now, even with the res chipped off, the mobile, with battery connected, shows the SONY logo and then the blank screen after that (earlier, it used to show a charging battery) when I try to charge it using the supplied charger. How to fix clogged kitchen sink with garbage disposal So, now, I’m not able to switch on the phone at all using the power button but ‘some’ part of its electronics circuit appears to be intact as it shows SONY logo while charging it. How to clear clogged sink with baking soda It may be because that part of logic board is ‘misbehaving’ which takes input from power button or that the power button (mechanically) itself is not working as I don’t hear the low tic-tic sound that usually comes when power or volume up-down or camera buttons are depressed, partially to fully.

Well, one thing that I learned from this episode is that one should not postpone the process of cleaning and then drying the electronics just after its exposure to any liquid.