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The first year after having mine running in our new house. Ideal home humidity level in winter My humidity was around 40% Once This year, I did need a humidifier during the very cold days as it would dip down to around 15%. Ideal home humidity level winter canada At the beginning of this heating season I still did not have my electric back-up working. Ideal humidity in home during summer After a week of subzero -40 windchill I decided it was time. Ideal humidity in your home Once that was installed and operating, between the bitter cold and the electric toaster, my house was again very dry. Ideal humidity level for home in summer The heat pump itself without electric backup will not dry the air out. Ideal humidity level in a home The electric backup will.

Ideal humidity level in a house The conditions outside contribute more to dry air than anything. Ideal humidity level in home I also use my fireplace a lot which will of course contribute. Ideal humidity level in home canada With the price of Propane dropping, I have been using my Hot Water backup a lot more, but we all know how unstable petroleum is and that will soon change. Ideal humidity level in home during summer Hope this helps. Ideal humidity level in home during winter Good luck.

I live in Western Iowa on a farm. Ideal humidity level in home in summer My propane costs last winter were $550 a month. Ideal humidity level in home in winter I made the decision to free myself of combustibles and had an earth energy system with electric heat pump backup installed.

My electric bill for December was $505! Apparently I am getting no benefit from the geothermal and am utilizing the electric source. Ideal humidity level in home nz I keep my large renovated home modestly heated at 66 nights and 69 days.

I have contacted the contractor. Ideal humidity level in home uk There was some spillage on the mechanical room floor of the glycol and water. Ideal humidity level in house He did not fully tighten the cap because he wanted any air to be able to be expelled. Ideal humidity level in house canada Three days ago, he tightened the cap firmly and said no spillage will occur. Ideal humidity level in house during summer However, since then I see that I am running on electric.

His concern was that the five wells were drilled on a ridge at a higher elevation than my house (I live on a sidehill). Ideal humidity level in house during winter He has never made an installation where that was the case. Ideal humidity level in house in winter He phoned the well driller, who also said he had never done this before. Ideal humidity level in your home (Why did they choose ME to do this experiment?) I assume they thought it would not matter. Ideal humidity level indoors Now they are concerned because the system was placed October 1st and that any air should have purged, that there was spillage may be because of the gravitational pressure? Have you any wisdom to share about that?

Second question: I had a humidifier on my furnace. Ideal humidity level outside It was a propane high-efficiency furnace with an electric heat pump for emergency heat, which in cold Western Iowa, was used considerably. Ideal humidity levels in the home Early in December I got a serious cold…have not had a cold for 7 years. Ideal indoor humidity in summer Finally required a visit to the doctor and antibiotics, followed by a second session of antibiotics. Ideal indoor humidity level chart I spoke with the doctor; she suggested I need to have a humidifier on the furnace again.

When the geo was installed, I spoke with two contractors who said the air would be less dry and that they had never installed a humidifier on a geothermal. Ideal indoor humidity level florida I was glad; one less expense, as the geothermal cost exceeded $20,000. Ideal relative humidity in a home The contractor is willing to install a humidifier if I want one, at a total cost of $631 for a GeneralAire Model 1042. Ideal relative humidity in house I have a humidistat and it reads 38-40. Ideal room humidity level for babies From my internet research, it appears the optimal is 45. Normal house humidity level I have a large (about 3000 SF) house which is two-story. Normal humidity in a house in summer I would rather make the investment of $631 than have colds and medical expenses, as I am otherwise healthy. Normal humidity in house during summer Nostrils, eyes, lips, hands feel somewhat drier than what I am accustomed to.

Please advise. Normal humidity level in a home I would also appreciate knowing whether $631 is an excessive cost. Normal humidity level in a house As I look at humidifiers on the internet, the cost seems a great deal less. Normal humidity level in home People have told me about $250 would be the normal expectation.