Crabs vs. ringtails and rooting for the other guy news blog

No. 37 played well but was of only minimal help as the Ringtails tallied more errors than hits (five and four respectively) and the Crabs cruised to a 25-0 victory in the first of a two-game series. Our crustaceans scored in seven of eight innings in which they hit, scoring a game-high seven runs in both the fifth and seventh innings, and another six in the fourth.

McCarthy Tatum went 4-6 at the plate, hit a truly gratuitous grand slam (for four of his nine RBIs) and was one double away from hitting for the cycle. Wesley Ghan-Gibson, too, was hot Tuesday night. He went 3-6 and clocked four RBIs of his own. On the other side of the ball, Alex Trautner pitched seven strong innings, striking out 10 batters and only allowing four hits and one walk.

His ERA sits at a tidy 1.67. Santiago Cantu came in for the final two innings and secured the shutout.

If I had to pick a synecdoche to describe the game, it would be Bronson Grubbs beating out a pickle in the first inning. He drew a lead-off walk and got stuck between first and second when Koko Figueiredo grounded out to the shortstop. It’s exceedingly rare to see someone beat a pickle at any level past little league. Like an inside-the-park home run, something has to go wrong for it to happen. And

The bleachers were filling up quickly and I realized I hadn’t eaten all day, nor did I have a way to save my seat. Thank goodness for Jeff and Wendy (parents of Crabs superfan Henry, champion of the “HARDER! FASTER!” cheer), who made about 15 signs for our favorite Ringtail, Chuck Matthey. I got two and saved seats for myself and my buddy, then waded through the sea of superheroes (best theme night participation all season!) towards a delicious 7 p.m. breakfast burger.

The Ringtails were fully loaded Wednesday, the rest of their team having successfully traversed State Route 36 and made it to the ballpark ready to play. Though the Crabs struck first, taking a 1-0 lead in the first inning, it was Redding’s game to lose. They took a commanding 5-1 lead in the third inning which became 6-2 an inning later. (This pretty much put an end to the fans brief but passionate love affair with Ringtail Chuck. Signs were put away, returned and ripped up. Cries of betrayal rather than adoration echoed out each time he stepped into the box.) Their defense was stifling, their offense timely and efficient, and through the seventh inning it looked like the Crabs had been cracked. Conservation of Greatness is a real thing, folks.

Or it can be. After the Ringtails put another run on the board our boys sought the aid of relief pitcher Justin Berry. It’s always been strange to me that momentum carries over from defense to offense (and vice versa) in baseball, since the two are so segregated, but it does. And tonight it did. Berry came in with two outs and fanned his man to close the inning. The Crabbies came up and put together two hits for the first time since the fourth inning. It was to no effect, but every avalanche begins with a single snowflake.

Berry took to the mound again in the seventh and made quick work of the Ringtails, and up came the Crabbies. Connor Blair got plunked to start things off, and the scalding hot McCarthy Tatum hit an RBI double to cut the lead 7-3. Wesley Ghan-Gibson followed him up with a single and would advance to second on a throwing error by the second baseman. Tatum scored. 7-4 Crabs.