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Amusingly some SF streets are nasty with piss and human feces as well as homeless encampments, all because rich conservative (libertarian) shit bags refuse to provide proper care or give a shit about anyone but themselves and tie up the cops tattling on black kids selling water. The compact nature of the city makes this really obvious. You will go from dodging sidewalk poo and trying to cross at broken light intersections to clean sidewalks, beautification projects and cops patrolling houses because that block has money and doesn’t give a shit about their neighbors just one street over. (You can tell the streets that are old money by their lack of overhead powerlines). There’s been an ongoing problem on drug use in the streets and discarded needles all over the place, but it was conservatives who fought tooth and nail against opening up a safe injection site to reduce this problem, wanting instead to replace each drug user with a jack booted thug asking for papers and shouting move it along to anyone who lingers too long.

I do like conservatives treating SF like a liberal bastion because our cops are notoriously racist, not only sharing racist jokes but there have been multiple complex shakedown operations inside the SFPD where cops would go down rows of black apartments, kicking down doors, beating people up and then threatening them with drug arrests if they weren’t given money or jewellery. For awhile we didn’t have our own crime lab because it was found to be blatantly and systematically falsifying evidence. And well, if the liberal bastion of SF can be this racist, what hope do we have that police departments in the deep south aren’t one step away from klan hoods.

This has driven me crazy for a super-long time. People can just get up and tell the most ridiculous lies. Everyone knows they’re lies, including the media, but it seems rude I guess to point it out? Remember how Sarah Palin used to say just the most obviously untrue things, but they were usually kind of small and insignificant, and she seemed so weird and dumb and defensive I guess the media didn’t really address them? I mean, I’ve had that happen with people I know too, like they’re just depending on you being too polite to ask questions about their absurd claims. You’re supposed to approach it all gently, treating lies like they’re a difference of opinion. But they’re not. They’re lies, and the people telling them are liars.

Or how, whenever someone gets busted saying something stupid on the internet, they claim they got hacked? And then the head of the FCC, a government regulatory agency, said the same thing. They straight up lied about being DDOSed, everyone knew it, but unless you read tech blogs or god forbid, actually click through and read detailed articles, nobody called it out. Everyone knew, and now that it’s been confirmed it was a lie, everyone’s acting surprised.

As the late, much-lamented Molly Ivins once pointed out: If a newspaper runs an article suggesting that Hitler was a bad person, you can bet that — in the name of "fairness" — the article will include an interview with a Hitler fanboy who will insist that Hitler was actually a lovely person who has been unfairly maligned by history, a kind and decent person who loved all people ( especially those of the Jewish faith) and wanted nothing but peace and prosperity for all.

It’s precisely this determination to present "both sides" that has allowed the monstrous lie that climate change is a hoax to gain so much traction. By treating it as "controversial" and always bending over backwards to say that it’s a "controversial" issue and to go to such lengths to give "equal time" to "climate change skeptics," the mainstream media effectively spread the lie and gave it credibility. If the mainstream media had found the courage to tell the truth from the beginning — to say that climate-change "skeptics" were corporate-funded hacks who were ignoring the evidence at best and outright lying at worst — maybe we could have made a serious effort to do something about climate change before it was too late. *

I’m convinced that this is one reason why the GOP has so aggressively pushed the lie of the "Liberal-biased media" for decades now. By constantly attacking the "mainstream media" and pushing the monstrous lie that they have a "Liberal bias," Conservatives have motivated the mainstream media to go to ever-greater lengths to prove their "objectivity" by giving "equal time" to blatant lies (and thus giving them credibility) and treating even the most blatantly- and demonstrably-false right-wing claims as merely "controversial."