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It seems odd, but I can’t stand confrontation so I tend to just give up really easily, which makes it seem like I’m being really nice. Hearthstone world championship standings I don’t want to be nice, I don’t like being stepped on, but I’m too afraid of confrontation to do anything about it. Hunter cards hearthstone I have social anxiety, so confrontation is very difficult for me. Golden cards hearthstone I had to have my CA there just to ask my roommate if I could move her desk so it was by her bed instead of right next to my bed and my desk. Shaman cards hearthstone It’s finals week, and I really did not want her boyfriend in our room at all this week. Hearthstone new cards revealed I have insomnia, and have an early final tomorrow, so not being able to go in my room until 11pm or later isn’t good for. Hearthstone invite a friend Issue is, last time I refused to let him, (they wanted to watch a tv show after having the room for 2 WHOLE HOURS), I got the whole “it’s not just your room” speech from her. Hearthstone funny and lucky moments She did sign a roommate agreement that says no opposite gender visitors, and I’m really on the verge of taking it to our CA for help because I can’t tell her otherwise I’m just going to get the “it’s not just your room” speech over and over again.

It’s 9:30 and the ice cream thing our college does during finals week isn’t till 10, she could use it now, but she won’t. Hearthstone down She doesn’t think, and as I said I’m too afraid to do anything about it. Hearthstone championship I don’t even want ice cream, but I’m being forced out. Hearthstone update And then she goes “Darling, you had all day to study but you played league”. Hearthstone battlenet One: DON’T EVER CALL ME ANYTHING OTHER THAN MY NAME AND TALK DOWN TO ME! Two: I have insomnia! It wasn’t about studying, it was about how much time it takes me to fall asleep when I have an early final tomorrow! I need sleep to be able to perform at my best!

Then there’s the fact that I’m just the “backup” roommate. Hearthstone cartas She originally wanted to room with her friend Sam, who got study abroad for the year. Hearthstone quiz I was the second choice. Hearthstone paladin And I’m glad Sam isn’t here for the whole year, because when she was, I was completely ignored by everyone. Mazos hearthstone My roommate is constantly rubbing the fact that she’d rather room with Sam in my face (unintentionally, but it still hurts). Hearthstone expansion release date There are apartment style dorms on campus for four people, and I suggested that if we could find a fourth we could room/live in one together. Hearthstone announcement Instead I hear “oh me, sam, sarah and kerri are living together”.

4. Hearthstone standard format I’ve been struggling to get the daily quests done, but I can usually finish them up within the 3rd day by rerolling the quests to get ones that match, or are easy to do. Hearthstone standard mode Been playing a lot of tavern brawl, which is fun to an extent… Hearthstone priest But it’s the easiest way to finish quests. Hearthstone naxxramas =/

Oh my gosh, let me just start off by telling you the education system in the United States does not prepare you very well for standardized testing!!!

Till date, most of us can agree that we have been able to pass with minimal effort on our part (Of course, most of us have to study to get straight A’s, but I’m talking about just passing – it’s pretty difficult to fail high school as long as you submit your assignments on time and show up)

Well, all that worked until High School. Hearthstone redeem code Then college went and changed the rules on us. Hearthstone recruit a friend Getting an undergraduate degree definitely required more effort than high school did. Hearthstone shaman But for those of us who didn’t do a math/science based degree and opted for a liberal arts major (coughEnglish&Politicscough), it wasn’t that strenuous. Hearthstone heroic A couple of essays per semester, and as long as we did our readings and could talk about them a couple times in class – just enough to make our presence known – we got participation points and ambled right along. Hearthstone shaman deck Most of my classes were not substantively testing me on material I had to memorize every few weeks like the pre-health majors went through. Hearthstone heroic rewards Grades matter, of course, because they determine your ability to get into graduate school or get a competitive job. Hearthstone shadow priest But the amount of preparation needed to excel in undergraduate classes wasn’t that crazy. Hearthstone ranked chest rewards For the politics class where there was some substantive knowledge of various political theories, you spent maybe a couple weeks leading up to your final exam reviewing your notes. Hearthstone control warrior And if the class was an open book final exam…forget it. Hearthstone control priest You just spent enough time to organize your notes, write out answers to past exams, and just make sure everything you needed was in your outline and accessible. Hearthstone arena tips And even after all that, 7 times out of 10, I barely looked at my notes while taking the test anyway because there was just so much to write.

After undergrad, enter: Law School Oh Law School, I think you’re set up for failure, and yet I can’t figure out an alternative that wouldn’t be equally as bad. Best arena class hearthstone Let’s lay down the basics that you need to know going into my rant. Hearthstone freeze mage We take “core” classes our first year of law school. Hearthstone mage secrets These are the “basics” that we build on for the remaining two years. Hearthstone paladin secrets The core classes include: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Torts, Civil Procedure, Property, and Contracts. Hearthstone karazhan Coincidentally, these are also the major subjects tested on the bar exam. Hearthstone khadgar In fact, one out of the two days is 200 multiple choice questions in those subjects (plus Evidence). Hearthstone ancient one Of the 7 subjects, 6 are taken during our first year of law school.

The remaining subjects are: Conflict of Laws, Partnerships, Agency, Corporations, Secured Transactions, Family Law, Wills, and Trusts. Hearthstone karazhan cards These don’t really show up in the multiple choice section, but do show up in the essay section. Khadgar hearthstone (6 essays, 3 hours, some essays test multiple subjects…so the 7 core subjects plus the 8 additional subjects are all fair game). Hearthstone ragnaros These subjects are a mix of secondary core classes OR optional classes at most schools. Hearthstone nerfs 2016 (In my school, we had to take 4 out of 5 from: Business Law, Administrative Law, Evidence, Trusts and Estates, and Tax. Hearthstone hunter The other subjects are optional or covered briefly in other classes. Hearthstone hunter secrets Conflict of Laws was covered in our Civil Procedure class, for example. Hearthstone druid Family Law and Secured Transactions were completely optional).

So you take your core, you take your secondary core, and you fill up the rest of your law school semesters with electives (Ie. Hearthstone aggro shaman I took an incredible class on Family Violence and Sexual Assault, I took Matrimonial Law Practice, and I joined the Child Advocacy Clinic. Hearthstone dragon warrior Can you see the theme?).

But the problem is that a BULK of the Bar Exam that we are now studying for is made up of those 7 core subjects that we took two years ago! And it’s difficult to recall that information with word-for-word clarity, which is what we need for the essay portion of the bar exam. Hearthstone dragon priest Not only that, studying these subjects in law school is a very nuanced thing. Hearthstone whispers of the old gods cards We spent a semester on each of these subjects, flesh out the history and evolution of the rules, and discuss hundreds of court cases that have shaped the law into its current form. Hearthstone druid deck To pass a final exam for our law school classes, we had to be able to eloquently discuss all of that, especially case law. Hearthstone deck building The answer to everything was MAYBE, followed by explanations on why it went either way, supporting both sides with case law and favorable interpretations of the statutes at issue.

And now, for the bar exam, we are told to recall the cut-and-dry version of the “rules” and forget all the rest of it. Hearthstone one night in karazhan cards The answer is no longer a maybe. Hearthstone gold They want a very succinct “IRAC” formula for answering the essays. Hearthstone league of explorers cards State the issue, write out the applicable rule in 2-3 sentences, analyze the facts to the elements of the rule…again, very concisely….and finally, conclude one way or another based on your perfunctory analysis.

The issue is whether the defendant created an irrevocable option. Hearthstone starter decks An irrevocable option can be created by a merchant if it is in writing and states that it is irrevocable. Hearthstone warlock deck If there is no time limit, the offer expires after a reasonable time. Hearthstone golden monkey Here, the defendant is not a merchant, he is just a consumer. Hearthstone loe Thus, he could not create an irrevocable offer, and no irrevocable offer was created.

^ Like literally, it’s got to be that repetitive. Hearthstone ladder I mean I cut out some details from the rule statement (there are some other elements, and other methods to create irrevocable options) BUT you get the point. Hearthstone level No linguistic flourishes. Hearthstone legendary They want that wording very specifically so graders can grade our essays in 2-3 minutes each.

We spent three years learning how to make that paragraph above into a full-blown 10 paragraph essay answer to a final exam question. Hearthstone warlock Now we’ve got to stop “arguing with the question” and just answer it in that robotic, mechanical way. Hearthstone warrior No time for maybes. Hearthstone wild No time for exceptions, and case law, and court rationales.

Now, we have to spend three MONTHS (from end of our final semester in ~May until the bar exam at the end of July) to unlearn everything and re-learn it in a way that’s appropriate for bar exam writing.

But the icing on that cake – we have to memorize in three months all of those succinct rules distilled from three years of law school. Golden monkey hearthstone I mean, it’s a final certification exam – isn’t that the point, you say? It is the point, I get it.

But it’s not fair to allow students to take open book law school finals for three years, then expect them to unlearn everything, and re-cram the important rules from all of the subjects they’ve taken.

We never had to memorize the rules in law school. Hearthstone wild decks We only had to know that FRE Rules 401-403 covered Hearsay, and flip to those rules when we needed to reference them. Hearthstone zoo deck The analysis we always had to do, but no memorization was necessary. Hearthstone level rewards You could bring your outline and the statutes to the final exam and flip to whatever rule you needed. Hearthstone ladder decks Just spot the issue, conduct the analysis on the applicable rule, and you were good. Zoo deck hearthstone It definitely doesn’t prepare you for the bar exam.

I would rather have had to memorize rules for individual classes per semester for three years to have a solid foundation going into bar prep studying. Hearthstone android Instead, it was overwhelming as fuck.

Even now, just a week before the exam, I feel confident in my ability to pass the MBE Questions and the MPT exams. Amazon coins hearthstone (MPT’s are “practice tests” where they give us a closed universe of rules and case law, and we have to write out some kind of brief, memorandum, jury instruction, etc. Hearthstone decks priest We get 2 of those closed universes. Hearthstone decks mage 1.5 hours each. Hearthstone card changes That part doesn’t require “learning” because everything you need to write a perfect answer is given to you in the closed universe. Hearthstone mech mage I guess it’s like a reading-comprehension test for wannabe lawyers to make sure they can actually prepare legal materials and follow instructions)

What I don’t feel confident in is those goddamn ESSAYS. Hearthstone rewards Those 6 essays are going to make or break my score, and the biggest problem is that I have to memorize 3 years worth of materials in just 3 months. Ysera hearthstone We have to regurgitate nearly word-for-word on whatever issue and subject they test us on. Hearthstone kripp It’s just a lot of goddamn memorizing

Most essays we encounter, we can do a cursory read and “answer” and know how all the subparts of the essay will play out. Hearthstone achievements (No, the mother cannot deny her daughter asthma medication even though her cult-like religion forbids medicine. Hearthstone rogue Yes, the mother can cancel her daughter’s skating lessons even though the daughter loves to skate, because it’s not the courts problem what recreational activities a parent puts their child in).

So yeah, it sucks that law school didn’t administer final exams in a closed-book setting to emphasize our need to MEMORIZE (and also train us in memorizing those rules so we didn’t start from scratch for bar prep). Hearthstone quests It also sucks that all the major bar exam subjects were the first ones we took in law school and aren’t remembered that clearly 2 years later. Hearthstone support (Even though I also know those are foundational subjects and they can’t do it any other way).

And whining. Hearthstone tips And venting. Hearthstone blizzcon And miserable because the bar exam is seven days away and I keep getting my non-hearsay exceptions mixed up with my hearsay exceptions -cry-

When I am trolling, I try to take the most absurd position and actively try to generate as much outrage as possible. Cheap hearthstone decks Example: before I had planned to vote for Trump as a joke because I thought he was entertaining. Legendary cards hearthstone I don’t defend my trolling because that was never the point. Hearthstone cheats This will continue as long as I am immature enough to find it entertaining.

This is different from when I want to debate. Hearthstone priest deck Sometimes I have controversial opinions, and sometimes I argue the opposite side from what I believe because that is a great way to broaden my knowledge of an issue on both sides. Hearthstone mage deck I try to explain why I think so, and the logical steps between the steps. Hearthstone paladin deck Occasionally this causes just as much or more outrage, but know that it was never my intention.

Well…today marks the day I submitted the custody papers for my kids. Hearthstone expansion Their mother has hung up on her children repeatedly since she’s moved away because she thinks they don’t want her when she calls 10 minutes after their bedtime. Hearthstone hunter deck She’s pushed so many of my buttons recently despite spending over $4000 of my hard earned money to get her new clothes, makeup, an apartment, and everything she wanted to get out, fixed the car she bought to move away with and even helped her move. Hearthstone arena rewards After all of the help I’ve given to her even though she’s cheated on me 5 times in 6 years, and she still feels a need to try to piss me off. Hearthstone tavern brawl So from this point on it is a waiting game until the public defender gets a hold of me, and the judge sees the case. Hearthstone warrior deck I know this is going to be a long and stressful fight, and to be honest I do feel like a sleaze ball having to involve the court, but I do need to look out for those girls and my own rights to them. Hearthstone rogue deck Rather quick entry this time around, I’m anxious and nervous, and don’t know what to think or expect especially when she gets served with the paperwork herself, but I do feel I have a good case, and so I remain optimistic. Hearthstone nerfs I will keep this blog updated as news occurs on the situation, and I hope it helps to serve as a lesson to anyone who may end up in the same boat as me. Hearthstone ranked rewards Protect your kids, protect your rights, and be willing to do whatever it takes, even if you feel bad for doing something like this. Hearthstone tablet It only guarentees your rights to your kids.

Finished two out of the 4 exams in total, so I can have a bit of breathing space now. Hearthstone official I’m fairly confident that I did okay. Hearthstone prices But, at the moment I feel brain dead and do not feel like doing anything. Hearthstone revealed cards Irony is that I’m writing this blog xD

I always get exam stress -.- Usually that’s why I screw up majorly, cause when you panic, you forget shit Strangely, I was completely calm before the exam, and then the exam was delayed by half an hour due to unknown reasons, and that threw me off. Hearthstone register But, other than that it was quite smooth sailing for the day…

Also, I feel like everything in uni is digitalised. Hearthstone create account All you work is electronic, and is marked online, so I guess that may be a reason for deterioration in my handwriting as well as speed in writing xDD At least I finished the entire paper for both though.