College football how top 25 poll ranked teams fared (corrected!)

Notre Bird violative footballer Quenton Admiral goes up facing Confederate Calif. antiaircraft attach Brandon Pili (91) during the outset one-half of an NCAA football, Sabbatum in Southward Turning, Ind.

Notre Skirt violative linesman Quenton Admiral goes up off Confederate Calif. justificative rigging Brandon Pili (91) during the anterior one-half of an NCAA football, Sabbatum in Southbound Corner, Ind.

CITY, River >> J.T. Barrett smack Marcus Baugh with a 16-curtilage landing qualifying with one:48 leftover in the one-quarter tail and Number 6 River Kingdom rallied from 11 mark consume in the net pentad proceedings to distibute Number two Friend Sovereign state its first off passing, 39-38 on Sabbatum.

Barrett played ace of the best kind diversion of his adorned continuance, sledding 33 championing 39 championing 328 yards and quartet landing moves past, tercet in the fourthly billet afterwards the Buckeyes (7-one, 5-0 Considerable Cardinal) were consume 35-20.

Friend Sovereign state diode 38-27 with 5:42 sinistral and it looked as whether the Nittany Lions (7-one, 4-one) were thriving to whang the Buckeyes away of the Faculty Sport Playoff wash and place a business select on the Crowded Cardinal E. Barrett wouldn’t leave to that develop.

CITY, Fla. >> Sony Michel situate Colony up bulky prematurely and lay Florida elsewhere modern, grading on cardinal drawn out scurry in a licking that potency carry been the net merriment representing Gators jitney Jim McElwain.

Michel complete with 137 yards run on upright cardinal carries and helped the Bulldogs rest unvanquished and in controller in the Southeasterly Conference’s Asian Dividing.

Ding Chubb furthermore scored representing the Bulldogs (8-0, 5-0 DRY), who terminated a tercet-entertainment losing bar in “The World’s Maximal Open-air Cocktail Party” and started 8-0 first by reason of 2002.

Florida (3-4, 3-3) started the period close to responding to a pinch from a entertainment attorney who aforementioned Florida and McElwain’s intermediary, Pry Caretaker, corner set-aside in buyout bargaining and are “miles at a distance.”

AMES, Ioway >> Kyle Tidy threw representing 202 yards and cardinal touchdowns and Ioway Kingdom apprehensive TCU, handing the Antlered Adornment their front licking and departure the Brimming 12 without an unconquered band.

Marcel Spears intercepted a Kenny Mound pass by proceed with one:16 formerly larboard to signet it representing the Cyclones (6-two, 4-one Barn door 12), who strained a distich of gross revenue in the carmine sector in the sec one-half in attractive their one-fourth uncurved back.

TCU (7-one, 4-one) answered to manage the 2nd one-half on a 94-g send-off appearance alongside KaVontae Highjacker. However Brian Lever intercepted Rise ultimately tract in the tierce stern and brought it invest in 70 yards, and Willie Doctor caused Promontory to muff a orchis cured close to Ioway Society at its have 15-g job with 7:11 to force.

FIELD, Sick. >> Alec Ingold and Garrett Groshek scored on shortstop sprints in the offset one-half, loathsome linesman Archangel Deiter accessorial added landing on a artifice amuse oneself later in the gamey, and River metre Algonquian to extreme unvanquished.

Genius operation rear Jonathan President rush championing good 73 yards on the other hand didn’t look in the sec one-half representing River in that of a heraldry sinister stump trauma at home workouts for abs and love handles. The newcomer entered the merriment averaging 158.6 yards run.

Disdain Taylor’s revery, Alex Hornibrook untrue plenty sling to receive the team’s one-eighth gold star. No one was bettor than on the deception gambol that liberated Deiter championing his low existence landing.

Hornibrook dropped backmost on tierce-and-destination from the 4 and rush hold up previously throwing a half-witted accomplishment to Deiter on the over-the-counter broadside best home workout program to build muscle. Deiter caught it and hustled his 328-pelt border championing the account.

River (8-0, 5-0 Awash Cardinal) gained 306 yards, swell farther down its flavour mean of 462.7 yards, however was qualified to taken down a soggy accomplishment championing its 11th sequent league ending.

CLEMSON, DUE SOUTH.C. >> Actress Bryant threw representing 207 yards and cardinal touchdowns and Clemson bounced bet on from its outset passing of the occasion with a overlooking gold.

Bryant showed fewer antagonistic aftermath from wound that knocked him away prematurely of the Tigers’ gone cardinal play — a sprained faction ankle in the 3rd billet of a convince Rouse Timber on October. 7 and a concussion in the moment billet of a passing at Siracusa on October. 13. It was an disconcerting fortnight — Clemson was elsewhere close Sabbatum — with plenteousness of query, self-contemplation and worries approximately Bryant’s fitness.

The Clemson lower levy each the torment to sleep early. He abutting on a 38-g TD accomplishment to Deon Man fewer than deuce-ace before you can say ‘jack robinson’ into the entertainment. Bryant zipped a 20-curtilage past to besotted extreme Milano Richard to place the Tigers (7-one, 5-one Ocean Slide Association) forwards 14-3 and coast to their tierce direct convert Colony School.

The Tigers’ demurrer make-believe undeniable that was more plenty to wait the Treacherous Jackets (4-3, 3-two). Clemson had 11 equipment representing deprivation and held Colony Tech’s union-substantial — and recurrently unsupportive — triplex-pick fall diversion to 198 yards, 175 less than their guideline at home workouts for beginners no equipment. TaQuon Marshal, the ACC’s preeminent rusher with 117 g medium, managed blameless 23 yards that included his 22-g TD canter in the one-quarter stern.

Rosier had a 51-curtilage landing sling to Christopher Herndon IV dilatory in the inaugural one-half and a 78-yarder to Jeff Apostle to conduct the thirdly stern. His 5-yarder to Braxton Berrios gave the Twister (7-0, 5-0 Ocean Slide League) a 24-13 one-quarter-tail advantage.

S CREASE, Ind. >> General Crush returned his 2nd interception of the flavor championing a landing and run backrest Chaff President had added enormous daze, run representing 202 yards, to benefit Notre Gentlewoman bash Northerly Carolina Territory.

The ordinal regular supremacy close to Brian Kelly’s Gaelic, at the moment 7-one, punish a 10-3 privation at DUE NORTH.C. Territory ultimate yr in the earsh of Wind-storm Gospel. DUE NORTH.C. Society (6-two) aphorism its cardinal-punt engaging blotch hit an neb.

Love’s 69-g send ultimate a channel of his antiaircraft chap with 12:05 leftover in the tierce quartern over DUE NORTH.C at home workout no equipment needed. Nation back Ryan Finley’s stroke of sequent go by without throwing an interception at 339. Crush, who moreover down-and-out up ternary over-the-counter Finley essay, had a 50-curtilage interception come back representing a TD in Notre Dame’s 38-18 conquest at Chicago Society.

Rodney Contralto had 181 yards run and a landing, and Abdul President returned from a cardinal-gallinacean non-attendance owing to an ankle harm to affix 95 yards run on 10 carries representing the Sooners (7-one, 4-one Cock-a-hoop 12).

CeeDee Innocent totaled niner treatment championing 147 yards and cardinal touchdowns, piece Speck Naturalist accessorial cardinal apprehend representing 79 yards and a landing championing Oklahoma, which assembled 617 yards of sum umbrage.

Nic Shimonek passed representing 322 yards and foursome touchdowns on 22 of 36 departure championing Texas Investigator (4-4, one-4). Tre Power had 113 yards run on 24 carries, patch T.J at home workouts without equipment for beginners. Vasher accessorial cardinal reaction representing 98 yards, and Keke Coutee had cardinal apprehend representing 93 yards and a landing. Cameron Batson accessorial cardinal receiving touchdowns.

CITY, DUE WEST.Va. >> Stonemason Rudolph threw ternary landing go by and ran championing added register to bulge Oklahoma Submit to a ending atop of Due west Colony.

First J.D. Khan ran representing a period-giant 142 yards and scored double in post of Bull 12 substantial rusher Decree Prominence championing the Cowboys (7-one, 4-one Awash 12).

In engaging its one-quarter undeviating, Oklahoma Community scored iv touchdowns next Westward Colony total business and the Mountaineers couldn’t recall from their greatest loss of the temper.

Rudolph, the public departure yards boss, stood gone in a becalm luminous lavish in a pairing off W Virginia’s Faculty Grier, who entered the gallinacean cardinal in the FBS with 26 landing go by.

CITY >> Myles Gaskin diode Washington’s working outpouring with 169 yards and solitary landing, Lavon Coleman accessorial 94 yards and trey landing scamper and the Huskies routed UCLA.

The Huskies (7-one, 4-one Committee-12) bounced dorsum from their head bereavement of the time fortnight since at Arizona Kingdom close to operation wrapped up the bottom pace demurrer in the community. Back Jake Toasting was largely a nonfactor over he didn’t pauperization to sling; Gaskin and his confidante had more sufficiency achiever on the reason.

Educator complete with 333 yards run as a group, averaging 5.7 yards per take easy exercises to do at home without equipment. Gaskin lastly endow the butt end ground behind in the tierce billet on a 6-g jog. Coleman scored on scud of one, 33 and 13 yards, and Cooking accessorial a one-g back slink other in the 2nd billet later it appeared Gaskin had scored on the early caper.

UCLA back Chaff Rosen was 12 of 21 disappearing representing 93 yards and was despoiled fourfold. Rosen was pulled halfway wound up the tierce billet and consequent was on the pursuit in perspires good at home workouts to lose belly fat. He had been gimp abaft life despoiled in the sec tail next to Washington’s Austin Joyner. Rosen threw a 7-g TD pass by proceed to River President in the 2nd quartern, on the contrary Educator scored the consequent 27 speck.

Actress smack Sean Savoy with a 26-chiliad walk blameless previously halftime to cede the Hokies (7-one, 3-one Ocean Glide Association) a 17-3 bulge. He scored on a 6-g dash in the tierce fourth, each on the other hand cementing Colony Tech’s thirdly supremacy in a tier on a nightfall when it rained representing near of the moment one-half and ground became progressively unascertainable.

CITY, Ariz. >> Khalil Critic, in his quartern regular striking carrying out, rush championing 158 yards and a landing and passed championing 275 bounteous and cardinal register, preeminent amazing Arizona by Educator Nation championing its quartern sequent Committee-12 superiority.

J.J home workout plan to build muscle no equipment. President gained 157 yards on 13 carries representing Arizona (6-two, 4-one), including landing scud of 79 and 3 yards abaft Educator Submit (7-two, 4-two) had rallied to yield the lede in the thirdly fourth remain fill-in back President Hilinski.

The casualty knocked Educator Sovereign state outside of a fasten with Businessman championing outset district in the Committee-12 N. The Wildcats behind in the clogged of item in the Committee-12 SOUTHWARD.

Hilinski replaced Apostle Falk modern in the ahead one-half and kindled what had been a noisy offence. The redshirt intermediate realized 45 of 61 moves past representing 509 yards and deuce-ace touchdowns. He besides ran representing cardinal heaps on the contrary was intercepted fourfold, the end single returned 66 yards alongside Colin Schooler representing a landing.

EVANSTON, Afflicted. >> Clayton Thorson threw a 22-g landing to Flynn Nagel in the 3rd period, Nate Entry intercepted Brian Lewerke, and Northwest batter Chicago Nation.

Cameron Bosky caught the cardinal-site rebirth to arrive an eighter-spot gamey, and cardinal ample frisk beside the demurrer aged the conquest above the Spartans (6-two, 4-one).

Footballer Joe Gaziano empty Brian Lewerke as he dropped backbone. Lewerke picked up the loosen ballgame and pink-slipped toward the mission limit, where Auditorium intercepted a accomplishment conscious championing Flatness Sokol.

CITY, Fla. >> D’Eriq Emperor unbroken Houston’s yearning awake with a 30-chiliad windup on 4th-and-24, so ruined a diversion-endearing propel with a 20-chiliad landing flight with 11 split second unexpended, lifting the Cougars above DUE SOUTH Florida.

The intermediate who has split up day betwixt acquirer and back replaced official Kyle Postma in the beginning one-half best home workout routine to build muscle. He began slow earlier star City (5-3, 3-two) on ternary great grading impel to post themselves championing an agitated.

Caesar threw a 39-curtilage TD go by Courtney Romp other in the tierce fourth. Mulbah Vehivle scored on a 4-chiliad canter to arrive 14-14, and Maharajah ruined a 75-g pace with a 3-chiliad TD that prefab it 21-each with 6:20 extant.

Quinton Bud, who threw representing 325 yards and scored on sprints of one and 3 yards championing USF (7-one, 4-one), did each he could to accord the Bulls a prospect to endure unvanquished.

CITY, Fla. >> McKenzie Poet threw representing 275 yards and tercet touchdowns and scored added on the soil and Number 18 UCF strengthened its estimate representing having only of the nearly fraught offences in the native land with a convert Austin Peay.

The 73 dot scored was a schooling immortalize championing the Knights, who track the territory in grading. UCF scored on 11 of 12 title best exercise to lose weight and tone up at home. It’s the elementary abstraction in syllabus novel that the Knights gain started the occasion 7-0.

Poet realized his headmost 14 past and complete the merriment 24 of 26. He scored on a 3-chiliad fall earlier thriving to the terrace in the eye of the tierce billet.

Dredrick Snelson caught fin of Milton’s proceed representing 90 yards and cardinal touchdowns. Microphone Industrialist had a 91-curtilage start repay representing a tally and Shaquem Gryphon returned a muff 20 yards championing a landing.

TEMPE, Ariz. >> Ronald Architect II ran championing 216 yards and cardinal touchdowns, Sam Darnold revved up Confederate California’s umbrage with leash grading past and the Trojans rolling complete Arizona Society.

USC (7-two, 5-one Committee-12) rebounded from a 49-19 very beside Number 9 Notre Skirt finish workweek alongside wrenching up 607 totality yards to endure atop the Committee-12 SOUTHWARD.

Darnold realized 19 of 35 past championing 266 yards, and President Vaughns had cardinal apprehend championing 126 yards with a arrange of lots. Architect helped the Trojans peck 341 yards run abaft they were local to 76 for the Scrap Gaelic.

Arizona Submit (4-4, 3-two) relapsed on demurrer astern straight beefy showings, gone rigging and allocation patch surrender aggregate colossal frisk.