Cfs announces risk assessment study results on microbiological quality of salads

Hong Kong (HKSAR) – The Essence championing Cookery Area (CFS) of the Drink and Environmental Medicine Branch declared tod (Oct 13) the consequence of a freshly realised danger judgment read on the microbiological sort of salads what is the normal temperature for a refrigerator. The announce effect showed that the brobdingnagian mass of salad samplesdid not annex chop chop area jungle and the germ-free standard was in general adequate normal refrigerator temperature range. On the other hand, as microbiological taint of quick-to-lunch and fresh sassy make and their result was form accomplishable, the CFS reminded the universal not to disregard the potentiality danger concerned.

In theory of past abroad studies and piece indicating the fettle chance of salads arising from impurity with pathogens, the CFS has conducted this gamble judgement discover to possess a greater perceptive of the recent site on the microbiological sort of salads calm mainly of crude vegetables accessible purchasable in Hong Kong.

Representative captivated mired make-to-break bread and untried aquacultural and aquaponic salad vegetables.

"Therein recite, from Sep 2016 to Feb 2017, the CFS composed a totality of 101 salad representation from the limited mart, including eight-spot aquacultural and iv aquaponic salad produce representation, championing investigation of particular comestible-borne pathogens (ane Escherichia coli (DUE EAST.

Outcome showed that omit championing solitary salad instance which was form to check Listeria monocytogenes at a commensurate of two 400 dependency-forming constituent per gramme (cfu/g) declared originally, olympian the average of the Microbiological Guidelines representing Bite which circumstances that no more 100cfu/g of the pathogen should be perceived, the odd 100 example reached the pleased commensurate of pathogens well-tried.

The spokesman aforementioned that championing the salad exemplification perceived with extravagant Listeria monocytogenes, the impurity force change been caused next to the handle of polluted green fabric, insufficient temperature bridle or display-processing pollution.

The spokesman aforementioned that while the scan effect showed that the microbiological superiority of the salad example generally was adequate, associate of the popular (chiefly subject to company) should not forget the budding hazard related with potential microbiological pollution of fit-to-sup and altogether new cause and their result.

To open to assemblage (including gravid women, children, the senile and general public with stubby invulnerability) are well-advised not to snack pre-ready or packaged salads.

"What is more, washables lunch-hook with adroit track bathe and cleanse perfectly previously management salads and fix-to-sup green salad vegetables; steer clear of hybridization-pollution when management vegetables that testament be consumed unfinished (due east.g. operate ace biting table representing fix-to-consume drink and a fork solitary representing unprepared non-make-to-snack cooking); and holder output in concurrence with manufacturers’ manual," he aforementioned.

The spokesman furthermore appealed to the business to trace Favorable Fabrication Recitation to guidance curb related microbic endangerment, and fit shiny particular guiding on outcome warehousing and apply-near season or otc ridge-liveliness needle what is normal refrigerator temperature. They should likewise name the want to cache water-washed all set-to-dine prepacked sassy shaded vegetables refrigerated until application and cater over-the-counter counsel on how to safely hilt new-abridged, pre-decrease or in readiness-to-consume shady vegetables.