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How to upgrade your flight with delta skymiles

Many travelers who earn frequent flyer miles aren’t always interested in booking an award ticket. Instead, they want to use their miles to upgrade a ticket they’ve already bought with cash. Upgrades and award travel have a lot in common,

What should catholics know about jehovah’s witnesses

2) Adventism: A religious movement in the 1800s that focused on a date for the second coming of Jesus. The Mormons (1830), Seventh Day Adventist (1831), and the Jehovah Witnesses all began as Adventist religions. These three religions all initially

5 Ways to avoid burnout in your full-time job

Time for some real talk about the real world. College does not prepare you for your future full-time job. There, I said it. College can prepare you for your future field or for the projects you’ll take on, the responsibilities

Skin care for face with essential oils

One of my favourite oils usage is topically. There is much to say about the skin and what can affect it. The skin is our biggest organ and, as such, reflects everything that happens inside our organism: hormones, food habits,

Beagleboard hackaday

The BeagleBone has long been a favorite for real-time I/O, and now with the release of the PocketBone — the tiny key fob-sized BeagleBone — there are ever increasing uses for this tiny little programmable real-time Linux module. The Bela

D.c. short-term rentals in apartment buildings are they legal – curbed dc

On Wednesday, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine sent letters requesting information about short-term rental practices from 19 owners and managers of 33 multifamily buildings in the city suspected of running hotel-type operations. In a release, Racine’s office does not specify

Oconee on the fly –

It’s getting close to the best time of year on Lake Oconee for the fly fisherman; that is from late June through late October! The pump back bite, when Georgia Power pumps water up from Lake Sinclair (usually from 6:00

Money love and myself money matters but so does your life!

If you look at ‘dream’ kitchens in home decor mags , it’s often too simple to be lured by particular styles; the beautiful tiles, luxurious looking cabinets etc . You may get swept away by the look and forget to

Gilkes today beetham, tomorrow…; residents were wrong but there’s a lesson worth learning here – wired868

It was bound to happen. What happened to Minister Fitzgerald Hinds in the Beetham was unfortunate, illegal and disrespectful. But it was all but inevitable, given a whole range of things including our society’s religious refusal to examine ourselves and

6 Ways to get the musty smell out of clothes and towels

My eldest son love wearing gym shorts shorts made with synthetic fabric. After a while, they get a musty smell that just won’t come out. (Until last week.) He also showers in the basement bathroom – and doesn’t swap out

The ultimate bucket list of things to do in new zealand

Hey loved this list! I live here in NZ and thought you really captured a good overall glimpse of our country 🙂 definitely had a smile when you mentioned Rotorua! Just for those planning their trip here I thought of

Essential oils safety for cats

After writing my original blog posts on the subject of cats and essential oils, I still get a lot of questions and they continue to be some of my highest ranked pages/blog posts on my website to date. Some information

Saratoga weekend preview week 2 capital otb online horse betting and handicapping

The weather was spectacular for Saratoga’s opening weekend, but Mother Nature followed up with wet, wet and wet. Handicapping races replete with shippers, horses making surface or distance changes, and juvenile races is tough enough. Add anticipated or sudden decisions

Zandalar – wowpedia – your wiki guide to the world of warcraft

Zandalar (or Zandalar Isle) [1] is an island [2] located in the South Seas that serves as the homeland of the Zandalari race of trolls, having once acted as the cradle and birthplace of all troll civilization on Azeroth. Originally

3 Best home remedies for sinus infection – without complications

Since winter of 2013, i have been boosting my immune system with magnesium, zinc, echinea and goldseal extract, and Norweigian Fish Cod Oil (all cheaply bought from Walmart). Also, i use a Neti pot to flush my sinuses, eat garlic

Best way to unclog a drain

If you are dealing with clogged drain issues, you have most certainly noticed that it can take a toll on your family. It does make a difference if the clog is in the kitchen, bathroom, or the laundry room. But