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Why gender equality is good for men part one

Women’s empowerment has been portrayed as a link to all that men have lost, whether its perceived loss of professional opportunities or loss of the privilege of not having to deal with housework or childcare. There is a fear that

Why do women ditch me for other men , ask dr. nerdlove uexpress

I took a girl swing dancing a few weeks ago as a first date. We had a really fun first hour or two dancing, then this guy (who was a much more experienced dancer than me, swing has a steep

Who is that poster girl rotary voices

One of the first misconceptions that confronted me as a handicapped child was that people – children, adults, everyone – would often say, “I saw your picture on the March of Dimes poster!!” The March of Dimes was a campaign

Which game will be most critical in the third quarter of the redskins season – hogs haven

The Redskins get no rest in the 3rd quarter of the season after coming off a tough first half. The team will go up against two division rivals including the reigning Super Bowl winners and two tough matchups outside of

Where there’s a wax – there’s a way! – bellezza spa

Within the last few years, waxing has grown to become a very common–and widely used—service that is available at salons and spas. From eyebrows, armpit, upper lips or even those intimate areas; a lot of people prefer waxing for the

When you go out as an israelite warrior the ugly truth

ed note–posted in response to those pieces of ill-researched commentary received here yesterday from all the usual suspects that today’s Jews and the Judaism they follow have no connection whatsoever with that ‘old time religion’ as codified within the pages,

What you need to know about self tanners –

Self-tanners are excellent solutions to that beautiful glow without the risk the sun poses. However, there are many ways where applying a self-tanner could turn out not looking so great. Here we will walk you through some valuable tips about

8 Tips for creating a brand identity with your logo design

Finding a way to create a competitive edge for your business is essential. Operational business success majorly depends on the company’s brand identity towards the target audience. Customers usually tend to buy products that are easy to remember, and unquestionably

What thyroid brain fog feels like and how you can treat it – first for women

Can thyroid problems cause brain fog? Absolutely. In fact, thyroid brain fog is a common symptom of hypothyroidism and may even be one of the first clues that your thyroid isn’t functioning as it should be. If this is the

What is filipina beauty in the digital age

There was a time when transferring a photo from a real camera to post on Instagram would have been considered cheating. It’s not an accurate representation of life, we said. This was until editing apps such as VSCO, Afterlight, Snapseed,

We go hands-on with devil may cry 5 – game informer

My demo had me playing as Nero, the young protagonist of DMC4 who’s now several years the wiser but no less the wisecracker. The first thing I notice as I start moving around (with the trademark dash that kicks in after

Wc.w yes,the period belongs there. – page 3 – grey dog software

I’ve been getting the itch to do some more dynasty stuff, and I remembered this goofy little project. So rather than start all over again anew, I decided to jump right back into this. The details are spotty in my

Ways of resistance

I began to realize the enormity of my addiction to whiteness when I spent the summer in Lubbock, Texas. I was 20 years-old and still getting used to my new west Texas surroundings. My older brother ran a sales office in town and offered

Wasted outrage by david montgomery

Throw into the mix the fact that a settlement was reached under the Trump administration allowing publication of computer code for programming a 3D printer to make an all-plastic gun, and the pot boils over. Not only are reporters and

Wandering, not lost

During my year of college in England in the early 1970s I hitchhiked as often as I could. The roads were less crowded then, I dare say it was safer, too, and students wearing their college colors could almost always – tougebunny – touge inspired 82 cabriolet

I first fell in love with Touge when I was living in Montana for my first years in college. I was sort of familiar with the concept of Touge from super street and the Video Option DVDs and had always